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  1. I have clumps of pearl weed that have grown from a sample I bought years ago. I cannot for the life of me keep it rooted in the substrate. Part of this is because I have a bratty corydora who keep insisting that it shouldn't be in the gravel and she likes to pick through it. She knows she's a brat.
  2. So my fist round of scarlett temple failed miserably. Fish kept up rooting it and ied find it floating in the tank so I tried putting more of the stems in the substrate. Everything melted and died. That time I didnt have any ferts. This time I have all the easy line and root tabs. How should I go about planting the new stems when they get here to avoid this happening again? Everything is on it's way in the mail now.
  3. So I'm setting up my first planted tank, have kept tanks for years, but never got into live plants, have done saltwater for a while (currently have a 37 gallon saltwater tank) and decided to try a small freshwater plated tank. I got a good deal on a 14 Gallon frameless cube tank. Here is a pic of the tank so far. The light is just an Aqueon Clip On plant light (may upgrade later) Currently this is what I have in my cart: They all seem to be fairly easy. My other question is, will one of each be enough? How much can I split them up into separate plants? Or is it better to just plant it the way it comes out of the pot? Monte Carlo - For foreground ground cover Anubias Golden - Maybe in between the pieces of driftwood Water Sprite - Background/midground Scarlet Temple - Background/midground
  4. Months ago I started a thread about beginner low-tech plants. But the more I researched, I was discouraged and just ignored plants. Now that I have a chance to rebuild my 10 gallon, and try using anoxic filtration, I thought trying plants might be a good experiment. But I have very big limitations... I have one of the old hoods with incandescent bulbs. I don't want to replace that with a clear lid. And I don't want to run incandescents that much. There is some ambient light on one side of the tank when the blinds are open. But the room itself doesn't get direct sunlight. I could however turn on an LED desk lamp in the room for more light. I wouldn't mind getting one of those cheap submersible LED lights but I know that's not meant for plants. I'm really trying to keep this as low budget as possible. Are there any low light and low tech plants (other than anubias) that can grow in this environment? For experimental purposes, I want to try root feeders, if any options exist. Plants I've been researching but can't find the answer I'm looking for: moneywort, valisneria, Amazon sword. I have seen someone say saggi-something (sorry) kept growing after he abandoned the tank and never turned on the lights. But I'm not sure what that was. I prefer plants I can find in tubes so I don't have to worry about snails, but since I plan on doing a fishless cycle, if snails are there, they might just die off. I'm planning to keep a cold water tank (between 65-75 degrees depending on room temperature, but 72 is the average). Occupied by white cloud minnows (even the fish will be cheap).
  5. 55 gallons, will house catfish and Gouramis and possibly keyhole cichlids. Looking for easy to grow plants to evoke a riverbed in Southeast Asia, but I’m not strict about making a biotope. I want to plant about 50% or more of the scape with floaters. I know I want crypts … but how many and what type??? HM. how many plants would you purchase for this tank, knowing my wants? Which varieties? I’m tentatively keeping this tank low tech but no promises since I inject CO2 into my 29 Gallon. I’d really love to have a low maintenance setup though…
  6. My wife suggested we take all our moss balls (about 15) and make a small tank for our coffee table. We’ll use either a three gallon cube or a 1.5 gal cylinder. It’ll be just plants and snails and have no electric light or filter. What else can we add? I’m thinking floaters, and maybe a red tiger lotus. Ideas? Here is the table
  7. Hello everyone today i got some new aquarium plants and i was wondering if i should keep them in the pot for a while or just plant them directly because ive heard both
  8. I recieved some vallisneria and pogostemon stellatus octopus. can i leave them in the pots for a few days before i plant? i'm soaking some driftwood and want to wait to plant the plants til i get the driftwood in the tank. thanks for any feedback
  9. I am wanting to add some different plants into my 10 gallon. I have a lot of Val, a couple crypts and a couple nana. My Val grows like crazy and I have to trim and stop more from growing. I’d like to find more plants as fun as those. Maybe some floating. All ideas are welcome. Thanks!
  10. In my 36 gal tank I’m looking to as something to float on top. But can’t decide on what. I have two Java moss balls floating mid level, dwarf hair grass as slight carpet. Amazon sword as background. Only have albino corydoras and nerite snails. Will eventually have loaches and neocardinia shrimps is my goal. So hit me with ideas. Pic of my tank
  11. Hi everyone! I have been keeping fish for a while, but I am still quite a newbie when it comes to aquarium plants. I ordered two plants from the Aquarium Co-Op website, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green and Jungle Vallisneria. (I picked these two because it said on the site they are easy to care for) They both came in pots, which I expected, but now that I have them I am not sure if they are supposed to stay in the pot or if they should be removed and planted directly in the substrate? And if they should be removed, is there a specific process to go though to get them planted? Also, are you supposed to use both liquid fertilizer (like Easy Green) AND root tabs, or only one or the other? For reference, my aquarium has plain gravel and low-medium light. Any advice is much appreciated!
  12. Looking for some help with our current plants. This is my first planted tank, and we are working on getting things changed up to a more natural environment. The plants in the tank are a java fern attached to a piece of driftwood, a scarlett temple, and an amazon sword. The java fern has been in the tank the longest. I have the sword in one of the planters bought from aquarium co op website, the scarlet temple and the sword were both bought from aquarium co op website as well. Are these plants meant to just be placed in the tank in the black buckets they come in or should I separate them and place them in different areas? I figure the planter was meant to just have the black bucket placed into it. I dose with Seachum Flourish twice a week. When I added the plants I made a hole in the gravel where the plants are going and put fluval stratum around them, I added a bit into the bottom of the planter as well. I heard that Flourish is not the greatest all around. But what should I accommodate with. I chose plants that did not require Co2. I currently have blue gravel, but want to change the substrate to use Fluval Stratum and crushed coral, as I want a more plant friendly and more natural looking environment now. Currently my sword appears to melting. We were going through a cycle when these plants were added , and have done a couple of big water changes when our nitrites were high. Water added to tank is tap water dosed with prime, water from tap is hard water. We added the natural plants to help w/ tank overall, which they did help to get through an initial cycle. Our nitrites broke down and nitrates lowered, and seemed we were finally completely our first cycle. However now this morning, things are back up. We have been feeding minimal food. We also got through an ick infection a couple of weeks ago. Lots of learning has gone one, and now I just want to get these plants going in the right direction, and complete a a seemingly second cycle coming on. No real changes have happened since adding the plants and water changes. I only added a media bag with crushed coral to the back as we were having some issues with no KH and ph drop. Crushed coral bag did fix this to some extent. Here is a photo with the plants. My molly is constantly pecking at them, is she pecking bacteria on them or is she trying to eat them? This girl does nothing but try to eat all day. LOL Tank is a tall 10 gallon w/ a 20 gallon Aqua Clear filtration running. We have 3 fish in it. An albino pleco, male platy and a female gold panda molly. *Yes future bigger tank options are in the plan. 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/C7zcfQkQzakeR3jP8 Current water parameters: Tested w/ API Freshwater Kit (two days ago the nitrites had finally seemed to be breaking and the color in the tube was a very very light purple with more of a blue tinge. Nothing has changed in the tank since then. And fish have only been fed a small amount of flake and a half an algae wafer. Which was all eaten up in less than an hour. PH: 7.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0.50 ppm Nitrates: 5.0 ppm Temp: 74-75
  13. I am going to go to Aquarium Co-op, which is a 30 minutes drive, and I was going to pick up some pygmy corydoras, and I want to plant it more heavily. What plants do you recommend in a 5.5 gallon tank with a betta and 6 pygmy corydoras? Currently, I have a dwarf chain sword, anubias nana, crypt tropica, and a LOT of water lettuce. Thanks!
  14. I’m in the process of setting up my first planted aquarium. The plan is have either a single species of tetras or a bunch of similar sized tetras in different colors. Maybe flame tetras, lemon tetras, or Columbia blue tetras as examples. The tank is appx 40 gal and is 20w x 18d x 25 tall. So not a large footprint, but I have height. I’m a visual person and, as I’ve never done plants before, I’m having a hard time deciding on what plants to order and where to put them when they arrive. Is there such a thing as a “blueprint” that I could look at examples and the just follow the “recipe”?
  15. Hi guys! Trying my hand at live plants for the first time in a 3 gallon Betta tank. I need help on the best low-light easy to grow options. I’d like to fit a good number of plants if possible. The tank is 10 x 10 and it has a gravel substrate. Thanks for any advice or help you can share.
  16. I am going to redo my 55 and I was shopping for plants and I’ve noticed some say that plecos are likely to eat the leaves so I want to know what I could put the tank has 2 large co-op sponge filters and is kept at 86 degrees everything else is change able this is the stocking 2(I might be getting a 3rd) 1 angelfish 1 rope fish 1 hill stream loach also for the plants you recommend what light and substrate would you recommend
  17. I am new to the hobby and have just started my first low tech 20g long freshwater tank. Fishless cycling with a hardscape is going well (using Stability and Brightwell's Quick Cycl Ammonia additive). I am also using Eco-Complete as the substrate. I am planning to add live plants before any fish. So do I do this once the tank is fully cycled? How do I keep the tank cycled while the plants are settling in to their new environment (no fish, so no ammonia... is that right?) I would really appreciate some tips and advice in this area. Thank you!
  18. Can’t add the photo since it’s more than the uploaded allows(?), but it’s a decently sized water sprite I got last week, and since I’ve been dosing easy green, it’s growing pretty well. Think I remember a video by Bentley Pascoe saying he lets the plant in the pot grow out, and then when it develops air roots he snips it. But the water spite I have has roots in the bottom and coming from the bottom of the stalks. Ok- point is- this is my first potted plant, and I’m afraid to take it out of the rock wool damage the roots. Can I just bury the whole thing like half an inch deep or do I have to take it out? oh and I can upload it, just not for the thumbnail!
  19. Why do I murder floating plants???? I’ve been trying to have some floating plants for the guppies to have fry in. I’ve killed them all! I’ve tried water sprite 3 different times. Hornswort , guppy grass. All my non-floating plants seem to be doing ok. What am I doing wrong??
  20. I just started with planted aquariums. One tank, that I have had fish in for years but no plants, is doing great everything is alive, taking off and almost taking over. But the other is just dying. The tank that is struggling is small 3 gallons and new, I started it in March after a class beta fish came home in a sad glass fish bowl. I first planted it with some Java Fern in September and the plant just got a bunch of brown holes. At that time I wasn’t adding nutrients. In January, I bought more Java Fern and Christmas tree moss bridge and started adding nutrients but still everything is dying. Began testing water nutrients were low but I have been dosing with EasyGreen. Now nutrients are up but my plants are still dying. HELP !
  21. I'm new and just got a tank, and set it all up correctly. I just have a question about live plants. I see in the pictures of those they sell here that they are in a container that holds the roots. I was just wondering if I'm suppose to take them out of that container and if so, how would go about planting them in my tank. I have all stones and river rocks in my tank if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
  22. So now that my shrimp (neos) are having babies I wanted to take some to work for fun. I'm thinking of a tiny cube, like ≤3gallons. My thinking was something minimal like a rock, on substrate with a slope back to front, 3 mariomo that I've had in a jar since January (not from petco) and maybe a poof of moss, some floaters like salvia and just enough light to keep the salvia and moss growing and taking nitrogen. With covid, I'm not at work every day so I'd probably aim for minimal water changes. I have RO to top off. I can add automatic feeding if needed. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Are there other considerations I'm missing? What's a good tank to buy for this project? What about heater yes or no (office 68-72F)? Can I go filterless & airless?
  23. Looking to get some more plants. The first round of mostly died or is melting back? im not sure. Instead of fighting my water parameters im looking for plants will survive (most likely) in my hard water. I have liquid rock well water lots of iron, and a tap water softener. I started with just conditioned tap water. NOT GOOD. no minerals. added equilibrium that helped. Now im mixing in the well water with water changes. My lily bulbs took off. Like inches per day its crazy. . So what other plants will thrive in almost liquid rock?
  24. I could use some advice on a freshly planted 15 inch cube (~15 gal) and my first real aquascaping attempt after a long time fish keeping and a short time keeping live plants beyond the occasional low maintenance one that managed to survive my ignorance. It's a low tech tank that I'm not planning on heating planted with anubias (barteri and petite), crypt wendtii, java fern, ludwigia deep red, rotala nanjenshan, and salvinias. I've grown all of the plants in other tanks, but the stem plants are new to me. My hope is that they'll grow faster and thus help consume excess nutrients, keeping things balanced and filtered in such a small tank. This is assuming I can keep them alive! I have them in the back corner of the tank and though the tank is 15 inches deep, I raised the substrate in the back so that they are in ~8-10 inches of water and directly beneath the light (Nicrew Reef 30). The crypts and the anubias are in deeper water and more shaded areas. Substrate in the back is Fluval Stratum with a thin top of natural gravel. I dose with Easy Green and Seachem Potassium. I have the Easy Root Tabs too but wasn't planning on using them with the Stratum substrate. I have one of Cory's small sponge filters that I had running in another tank to get it "cycled" and I added some beneficial bacteria, but beyond that the tank is brand new. Aside from one ramshorn snail, there's no livestock and I don't plan on adding any until I'm sure I've gotten the plants well established. I'm a little worried that I planted the rotala too densely (see photos). Should they be thinned out or spread out more to allow the light to penetrate and provide more circulation? Too be honest, I was going to go with only ludwigia in the back and had only researched that. The owner of my LFS talked me into the rotala as a nice contrasting plant, but now that I'm looking into it, I'm concerned that it might not be the best fit for my aquarium since my water is hard, my pH is high, and I wasn't planning on heating the tank. I explained all of this when buying and in general, they have never steered me wrong and have always sold me super healthy plants and fish so fingers crossed. That said, any advice to help me give these plants the best chance at survival is appreciated.
  25. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone has any advice. I have a 36 gallon with 1 betta, 12 neons, 5 pygmy cory's, 2 Myers hillstream loaches and 3 assassin snails plus pest snails that are slowly going away. Something keeps digging up any plant I put into one particular corner. They'll leave the other plants alone but for some reason my fish don't want plants in that corner. Any advice?
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