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Found 17 results

  1. Hi friends! I'm trying to love stem plants...and, I thought I'd give scarlet temple another go. 🤞 It's going in the highest light portion of my tank - smack dab in the middle of driftwood island. Should I let it float or stay in the planter for a while before I actually stick it in the substrate? Or, any other tips for the low techie? I've got the entire Easy line...so I could increase any of those ferts pretty easily! Or even increase lighting.
  2. My scarlet temple are melting at the base of the stems. Left them in the pot for 2 weeks, planted into eco complete with easy root tabs, easy green, seachem potassium & iron once a week. water is liquid rock. pH 7.8, NH 0ppm, NO2 0ppm, NO3 5ppm, PO4 0ppm, KH 240ppm, GH 180ppm
  3. Hello all, I had ordered a Scarlett temple and it had 4 stems in it. I had 3 that looked great at the stems. I noticed one of them had a black rot that is creeping up the stem. The second picture is attempting to show the dark part. I figure i did something wrong and was wondering if someone could help me identify what it was. Also my monte carlo is having trouble getting out of the pot. It's slowly breaking apart and floating and the main kernel is getting smaller. Is that normal? Additional information: the scarlett temple Even when wasting away is making tiny leaves. Also two of them became translucent at the base and one broke off. As in the first picture. I did get a little hair on the plants but turned the lights down and it has not progressed. Ph=7.8, nitrate=20, temp 74, easy green 1.5 squirt per week. 4 weeks old.
  4. Hoping I can get some advice for getting Scarlet Temple to redden up. I know it's considered a finicky plant by many and I can see why. When I first added it and during the weeks after, it was doing super well - sending out roots, showing nice colour, new growth (see photo), however now, it has become more brown colour, not growing as much. Some changes happened brown-algae phase in which it could have suffered from added more light (a second Nicrew SkyLED Plus) added more plants added more fish (6 endlers and 3 guppies) added more root tabs & dosing EZ green trimming Parameters: Temp = 77 +/- 1 pH = ~7.4 Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrates = 10 -15 ish Hardness measured at Petsmart, and all they told me was it was mid range (suggestions for good hardness test kit?) I don't do CO2 so I'm sure that could be part of the reason, but there is good surface agitation (2 HOBs and 2 sponge filters). Before & Now
  5. First planted aquarium. I clearly didn't buy enough plants for the 60. Got some rocks I found along the road for decor. (tested safe) Hoping they all survive. Got some dwarf baby tears and water sprite coming soon. Anubias will be planted in an easy planter.
  6. Can I treat scarlet temple like Java fern and glue its roots to driftwood? Do I have to plant the roots into substrate? It seems to be a water column feeding plant primarily like Java fern.
  7. So my fist round of scarlett temple failed miserably. Fish kept up rooting it and ied find it floating in the tank so I tried putting more of the stems in the substrate. Everything melted and died. That time I didnt have any ferts. This time I have all the easy line and root tabs. How should I go about planting the new stems when they get here to avoid this happening again? Everything is on it's way in the mail now.
  8. So as I've admitted, I'm new to plants. This the Scarlet Temple I purchased from PetSmart on March 6 (almost 2 weeks ago). They have since grown these white runners. I want to assume this growth is a good sign, but I'd like to check in with some more knowledgeable plant folks. 33 gallon Swapped out Nicrew G2 light (no red) for Nicrew SkyLED Plus (on for about a week) No CO2 Were planted during cycling process. Had very high nitrites and nitrates (off chart for nitrites now 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 5 nitrates so I added corydoras last night - you can see them in background).
  9. On two occasions I have tried my luck on Scarlet Temple. The first try with dechlorinated city water. It was a failure. Everything melted and never came back. After moving to a home with well water I attempted and again failed. Crinum failed with well water as well. Please give me some advice. I have well water and other plants thrive. Jungle Val, All kinds of crypts, dwarf sag, Bacopa C, pogostemon octo to name most. The temp is between 75-78 and the ph is 7.5-7.8. I use two Fluval plant nano lights in a 40 breeder at 40% strength on planted mode. No co2. Two sponge filters.
  10. The top growth of some of my scarlet temple plants have been taken over by what appears to be a green hair algae? None of my other plants, including the slow growing java ferns, anubias, or crypts are having this issue. The other temples seem ok. What should I do? (Excuse the guppies. They are camera hogs)
  11. I have a Scarlet Temple I purchased from the CoOp some months ago and has taken off . It’s almost to the top of the water line and want to trim it and replant the trimming. My question is will the original plant continue to grow where I trimmed it? And is there a better spot to trim it?
  12. Picking the hive mind here. My first planted tank, three days old. my scarlet temple from the co-op is growing some white fuzz. Is this melt or are the stems rotting and should be removed? they came in pretty sparse on leaves but looked pretty healthy to me other wise. Figured it was due to transit in winter and acclimation. But today they grew a fuz. any advice for a novice would help. thank you all 😊
  13. My scarlet temple I received on 12/25 has nearly melted all the leaves. My other plants I received have melted some as well but they are doing substantially better than the scarlet temple. Any advice? Tank Parameters: pH:7 Ammonia <.25ppm Nitrite: 0 Nitrate:0
  14. I have Scarlet Temple and moneywort. Can I trim them and replant the trimmings? I’m thinking I can but looking for verification. Thank you in advance
  15. I apologize if this was addressed somewhere else I did a search and couldn't find anything on it. But my co-op Scarlet temple has started melting away. Should I trim away at it or let it go on its own? I inserted the basket into the easy planter with root tabs. I'm also using the easy green/iron. I added some pictures any suggestions would be appreciated.
  16. The care info for this plant says that it needs Easy Green and Easy Iron. Will dosing Easy Iron affect any of my other plants? Here's what I currently have: Anubias Nana Petite, Crypt Wendtii Green, Crypt Parva, Rosette Sword, Bacopa Caroliniana, Anubias Frazeri, Crypt Lutea, Banana Plant, Red Dwarf Lily.
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