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  1. Hi I have a flu Al flex 15 g tank (I neglected it for a while but I’m getting back into the hobby) with 2 white skirt tetras , 1 neon tetra, and a 2-2.5 in green fish with red fins (not sure what it is) I would like to get 4 more white skirt tetras, 5 more neon tetras, a cleanup crew, 6 white cloud minnows, and lots of plants. I am currently using a mixture of sand and fluval stratum for substrate. Will I be able to fit the white cloud minnows? Any substrate suggestions? Any recommendations for cleanup crew? Any plant suggestions? Thanks, Jack
  2. I have a 20 gallon with: 8 or 10 neons (I can't remember the exact number) 2 black neons 2 glo tetras 1 bristlenose pleco The neons seem to always be hiding towards the bottom, except for feeding time. Could this be because the lack of plant coverage? The pogo use to over run the tank until it melted back after I had the lights off to control and algae issue.
  3. Ok so apologies for the rubbish pics, I am not good at taking them and they didn't make it easy! I have a couple neon tetras who I'm worried about how bulging their bellies are, one in particular. The photos might not do it justice but tried to capture it. It definitely seems worse after feeding but might just be that's when I notice it? Fish are swimming and eating well, in fact the biggest one is probably the feistiest out of them all. Anyway here's the pics: Most of them are reasonably streamlined but a couple look really bloated, am I worrying over nothing? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi I noticed one of my Neon Tetras had part of it's tail fin missing and it was white in that spot. Then I noticed 2 other Neons with white spots on their mouths and one with a big lump. I thought the white spots might be cotton mouth. I have no idea about the lump which looks like it covers the whole mouth. Tank has 11 Neons, 1 Betta, 1 Ottocynlis and 2 Corydoras. My quarantine tank is currently in use with some fish I bought a week ago. Currently searching seems to favour using Kanaplex but I'm in Australia and orders from eBay/Amazon look like it will take 3-5 weeks. Would separation using a fry box in the same tank be ok (if it's just passed via contact)? Would love to know what the 2 issues are - the white around the mouth and the lump around mouth. I hope the photo is clear. BTW, one of the Neons with a white mouth seemed a little aggressive towards the others, swimming fast up to them like it was trying to chase them away. Should I order the Kanaplex? What do I do in the meantime. Also need to ensure whatever I try doesn't hurt the Betta. I was thinking of API Melafix which is available in store here but someone posted a review saying they found out the hard way that it kills Bettas. Any advice appreciated. TIA
  5. Any idea what this is and how to treat it. It's only affecting one of my neon tetras. Other than this the fish is behaving and feeding normally.
  6. I’m retired ex Military so I’m home alot more so I watch the fish often. Is it my imagination or is Neon Tetra colored stripe kinda tied to their emotions. Like for instance they were schooling, one got lost and his blue looked lighter, found the group back to normal? I know they talk of NTD and color issues and that’s not what I mean at all? First time with this nano fish in a big enough school. I know totally noob…it’s just a Tetra.
  7. Planning out my tank build. Thanks to Co-op plants will be added Thursday. Next step is going to be fish adding... Current plant is a group of 6-8 small schooling fish and a Betta. Question is add the schooling fish or betta first? Tank is 8 gallons....
  8. Hi everyone, I have a community tank with 10 neon tetras. I noticed one of them has half of the tailfin covered in white with a part seeming to miss. I caught him and tried to take a good picture. I noticed another one with a tiny white part at it's side and a bloated belly and caught it as well, I placed both in another empty tank. I watched a few videos and just ordered General cure online. Any idea what it might be? If so, any kind of advice would be much appreciated! It's the first time they have any issue, the tank has amano and neoc. shrimp, Kuhli and Hillstream loaches, Otos, a pea puffer, danios. I added 6 pigmy corys on the weekend and think it might be the reason? Only thing I changed recently as well is feeding baby brine shrimp once a week. Temperature is always around 84, the tank has a lot of plants. I use CO2 as well. Ammonia at 0, N03 ~ 15, N02 at 0, GH between 6-8, KH at 3, PH ~6.5.
  9. I discovered one of my neon tetras bloated and barely swimming about a 2 weeks ago. I moved him to a 10 gal, and salted the tank. The swelling started to go down but he was still swimming vertical like a pencil fish and not a neon. I went to my LFS and picked up MetroPlex. Dosed the tank and within an hour he was swimming better. The swelling is completely gone but there is a brown spot in his belly that looks like a bruise. I dosed every other day for a total of 3 doses. Should I put him back in the tank this weekend? Will the bruise/spot go away?
  10. Edit: inserted better photos into post. Hey everybody! First time fish keeper here. I am two weeks into a new aquarium set up. Long story short, a few days after purchasing a few Neon tetras to begin my tank, I noticed a small white colored dot on two of their mouths/lips. My original research led me to believe that this could be either columnaris or some form of fungus. Just to rule out my options first, I treated the tank with Pimafix and Melafix and added a small amount of salt to the tank about a week ago in hopes that it might clear up. So far, there has been no change that I can determine. I have not noticed the white dot grow and the fish do not appear to be showing any signs of sickness or abnormality that I am aware of. I am doing fish-in cycling, so my water parameters have not been very consistent (though I did use API QuickStart, as well as using some beneficial bacteria provided my LFS). I have done lots of internet research, but am very new to the hobby and could use some friendly advice for how to treat my Neons and determine what might be going on. There’s A LOT of conflicting information out there. If there is any more info that I can share that might help diagnose the issue, I am happy to share. Right now, I am just a bit worried about the little guys. Thanks!
  11. 1) Can I keep upside down catfish and neon tetras? 2) I am looking for a center piece for my 125 gallon, red gravel (a planted Martian scape is my vision). I have Long Fin Tetra's, Serpae Tetra's, and Silvertip Tetra's. Plus two small (for now) Albino High Fin Redeye Plecos, and two Red Rainbow's. I was going to look in to keeping Discus with the smaller fish, but temperament alone may prevent that. Haven't even looked at parameter differences yet. I thought I'd check the success/fail rate first. So, what (preferably larger) centerpiece would you add? Thanks for reading [edit] I am placing my plant order this week. I am looking at Anubius Petite, Monte Carlo, Valisneria (possibly), and I would like to try the Scarlet Temple again, but failed last time in getting it to live.
  12. My Angelfish, after eating 13 Neon Tetras was moved back into my 20 high. I am wondering what would be a suitable tank mate for him/her. Would a Betta work or would they be prone to fighting?
  13. 🤔 lesson learned. My Angelfish isn't such an angel. He's eaten 13 of 14 Neon Tetras :( If I do get some more I'll set up a 10 gallon tank as a grow out tank and raise them until they're big enough to go in with him. He hasn't bothered the Cardinal Tetras at all. They're roughly twice the size as the Neons were.
  14. Greetings! 2-3 of my green neon tetras has tiny white patch on their tails It doesn’t look like ich. They are swimming normally. Dunno if they are pooping, never seen one do so. They used to eat everything now they only accept frozen/live food (spoiled brats!!!) I was wondering what it could be and how to treat it if needed? Tank is planted, temp about 75, ph 7.6, kh 4, gh 11, 0/0/30. WC every week or 2 weeks depending.
  15. One of my neons that appears preggo is at the surface this morning. Breathing quickly, “resting” on some vegetation. Is this normal? All other fish including neons look healthy.
  16. I was wondering, what is the white stuff and how to treat it. I have 2, 55 gallon tanks with this problem on several of the neons at different stages. They are both maturely planted tanks, one two years old and the other about 6 months. They get consistent water changes to run at (On AC Test strips),NO3-10,NO2-0, GH-250,KH-40/80,PH-6.8, CHLORINE-0, they run at approximately 80 degrees. The 2 year tank has, one platinum angel, 2 Siamese algae eaters, 1 golden Chinese algea eater, 3 tiger Barbs, 2 green Barbs, 2 clown loach and a variety of snails. The 6 months has, 35 neon Tetras, 2 Angel fish, a Twig Catfish, 10 Kuli Loaches, 8 seg(sp?) Cory and a variety of snails. All that to ask should I catch out the fish with visible illness or medicate both complete tanks? I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank but all the fish would seem to be to crowded. Sorry my explanation is so long. Thanks for any help.
  17. Hi! I'm new here. I have a question. And one of my neon tetras in a school of 7 in a 10 gallon tank with 1 nerite snail has some fin rot. I don't know why. I immediately tested my water, and it came out 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, ~30 ppm nitrate. I do 25% water changes each week, and I have cryptocorynes, and some vallisneria. I had this tank setup for about two years. Anyone have some ideas?
  18. Hi, I want to set up a 20 gallon community tank in the future that will have neon tetras or green neon tetras. I like green neon tetras more but I'm not sure if they are harder to take care of than neon tetras (also they are more expensive). I was wondering if it is better to get them online or at my local pet store. I'm not sure about getting them from petco because it seems like people who got neon tetras there had them die pretty quickly. I'm also wondering if I should use a mix or RO water and tap water for the tank, because my tap water is really hard and has a ph of 8.2.
  19. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 nitrate < 20 I have 9 neon tetras. 3 of them have swollen bellies as of the last few days. Is this a disease or could they be pregnant? Other ones look ok. One of the bigger ones is in the back leftof the photo
  20. Hello, I'm establishing a small school of neon tetras and would like to get away with not using a heater. It's a rimless tank & without a lid is runs around 66f during the day and perhaps slightly colder during the night. I've acclimated them and after about a week they seem to be getting along just fine. They are active, hungry, and showing good color. My question to the group is for those who have more experience with these fish. Is this an acceptable temperature long-term? Thanks!
  21. I saw two neon tetras swimming through some baby tears and as they came out side by side I saw the large one drop at least a half dozen tiny eggs which were immediately gobbled up by dwarf rainbowfish within 2 seconds. I'm wondering if I can replicate this in a species only tank to try to breed them. I've never purposefully bred tetras before. I may give it a try this summer when I move tanks around. I see the males sparring alot. I always figured they were breeding I had just never observed it before in this tank.
  22. I have 7 neon tetras (well 8 actually, but one is currently being treated for god knows what) They seem to be constantly fighting and chasing each other around. It doesn't really seem like it's one particular one either. They all seem to end up chasing each other around across the tank or chasing each other/fighting in a tight circle. I was hoping that moving them from a 10 gallon to a 20 would make things better. They were initially more chill as they acclimated, but are now back to the same behavior. I wasn't able to catch them circling, but you can kind see what I mean here: Anybody ever seen this before?
  23. I’m pretty sure cardinal/neon tetras aren’t supposed to be this... round. 😆 Any advice on putting fish on a weight loss program? One problem is I have yo-yo loaches, who prefer to eat over the course of ~30 minutes. So after eating their hikari micro pellets, the tetras and gouramis go nibble on the loach pellets and gobble up any mess the loaches spew as they’re eating. The two tetras pictured here are my only full size ones. There are also eight smaller, newer tetras that I just added about a month ago, and for a while I was loading them up on bbs because they were so skinny. Now those guys are already starting to get little tummies so I’m not so worried about them starving. They’re still probably just 1/3 the size of the big ones though. Should I start fasting them every other or third day? Should I give the loaches fewer pellets while I’m trying to get the tetras to lose some chub? Or should I just let them feast their little hearts out and not worry about it?
  24. Hey all, so I am currently keeping 17 neon tetras in a 20g long with a large MTS and a huge recent bloom in bladder snails. I've had the neons for about 2 weeks. I haven't lost a single one and they are fattening up pretty nicely, I want to go ahead and add a male/female pair of Dwarf Mexican CPO Crayfish, I absolutely love how cute and small they are and have heard they are very peaceful but sometimes act out. I have a planted aquarium and some of my plants have decent growth, the others are still getting settled in, but it will be densely planted eventually. I just really don't want anything to happen to my sweet little neons and I want to add some cardinals and possibly a betta. Has anyone had any experience keeping CPO's with neons or other small peaceful mid-lower dwelling fish? P.S. my filter is a marina slim S20 HOB filled to the brim with bio balls and some sponge media and cheese cloth.
  25. I just added 7 neon tetras to my 20 gal community tank after quarantining them for 3 weeks and using the three meds that Cory recommends before adding fish to your tanks. I noticed that the largest one is looking pretty fat. He/she does seem to always find things to eat so I am not sure if he/she is just a pig and eating a ton or if maybe he's sick? Or maybe they just look like this? This is my first time keeping Neon's so I am new to them. I have attached a picture for reference. Thank you!!
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