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Found 4 results

  1. 1) Can I keep upside down catfish and neon tetras? 2) I am looking for a center piece for my 125 gallon, red gravel (a planted Martian scape is my vision). I have Long Fin Tetra's, Serpae Tetra's, and Silvertip Tetra's. Plus two small (for now) Albino High Fin Redeye Plecos, and two Red Rainbow's. I was going to look in to keeping Discus with the smaller fish, but temperament alone may prevent that. Haven't even looked at parameter differences yet. I thought I'd check the success/fail rate first. So, what (preferably larger) centerpiece would you add? Thanks for reading [edit] I am placing my plant order this week. I am looking at Anubius Petite, Monte Carlo, Valisneria (possibly), and I would like to try the Scarlet Temple again, but failed last time in getting it to live.
  2. I got these upside down catfish from my lfs a little more then a week ago. They havent eaten once. The guy at the LFS said they will anything. But mine wont even come out for feeding, I have tried feeding them at night, and they still wont even take a nibble. I have tried frozen blood worms both at night and during the day, but they dont even awknowlodge that there is any food in the tank. Any tips to get these guys to eat?
  3. I've had these upside down catfish for almost a week. In my experiance fish will skip out in the first few meals (one or two). But thesee upside down catfish, havent been coming out for food. I started feeding them when the lights were out, and still no luck. How do I get these guys to eat? Do they take awhile to get adjusted to their new home? Thanks for any help!
  4. Well, I went to the fish store and bought a fish I had only heard of but never really thought of keeping it! I went to the fish store to get corydoras and came out with upsidedown catfish. They annoy my angelfish a bit, but hopefully this will change overtime. These guys are super fat, and eat EVERYTHING! Does anyone have any experiance owning the upsidedown catfish? I don't usaully impulse buy, but... the guy at my fish store seemed very knowledgeable and I know their policy is "fish first". So far I have loved seeing these guys swim, and scare me because I think their dead.
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