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  1. I am wondering what kind of salt everyone uses to hatch brine shrimp. I have been using kosher salt with a pinch of baking soda but I was interested to see what everyone else uses and wondering if the salt I am using negatively affects the hatch. Thanks for any input!
  2. I haven't even used this hatchery yet but I could see I wasn't going to like the stand. I was watching an old video of @cory talking about brine shrimp and he had this huge upside down pyramid shaped hatchery and he'd built a stand for it out of PCV pipe. I thought, that's a good idea and I'm sure I can do that. So here it is.
  3. I ordered two cans of the brine shrimp eggs and have had almost 0 success hatching them out. I've never had problems before with other brands and am confused why I'm having zero success. The eggs are rich and colorful which impressed me. I really like that they all float to the surface which has always been a pain separating the eggs from the shrimp with other brands. I have a Ziss hatchery from here which is great and ranks right up there with a Python as far as great products. I keep the eggs in a refrigerator and they're only a few weeks from having ordered them. My water conditions are soft mountain water with low GH and KH. Neutral PH. Even with these conditions I haven't had problems before. I have a light shining on the hatchery and temperature is about 80. Used one scoop of eggs per test. 1. Kosher Salt with some added baking soda and Epsom salt - Checked at 24 hours 36 and 48 hours - Most shrimp I saw were about 50. 2. Marine Salt - Added some Epsom salt - Better maybe a couple hundred shrimp hatched out. 3. Marine Salt with Chloram-X - wondered if maybe chloramines in water were causing a problem so I tried with Chloram-X. Maybe couple hundred after 36 hours. Did I get a bad batch or is there something special about these eggs that I've missed? Anyone else having a similar problem? I really want to like these eggs because of the good separation, but if there's no shrimp it's kind of irrelevant.
  4. Anyone recommend a heater for the ziss brine shrimp hatchery? My fish room gets in the 60s in the winter and I'm already starting to see hatch decrease as the temp starts to fade.
  5. Looking into what lights everyone uses for their hatchery. I’ve seen so many used and would like to know what is tried and true for everyone. This will be my first attempt at brine shrimp hatching. I got my hatchery and eggs coming from the coop. I’m excited to feed good quality live brine with my other food combos
  6. I made a DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery that only costed me 86cents! Items needed: Pop Bottle (I used a 1 Liter bottle) Airline Tubing Air Valve Tape The only item I didnt have was the pop bottle, which costed me 86cents. (Tip, go to the dollar store and get the pop bottle there) Steps included: Drill a hole in the bottles lid. (Make sure the lid is the same size of the airline tubing) Insert the airline tubing through the hole. (I had to use super glue because I made the hole too big) Cut the Pop bottle into two. Make sure that the top of the pop bottle is taller then the bottom of the pop bottle. The top is what will be holding your baby brine shrimp. Then drill a hole into the bottom of the pop bottle. Make sure that its nearest to the bottom of the bottle as possible. I had to make three different holes because two of them were too high. The bottom most hole is the one I used. The size of the hole does not matter just as long as your airline tubing can fit through. Screw the cap of the bottle that has the airline tubing back onto the bottle. Then place the top of the bottle with the cap into the bottom half of the bottle. Pull the airline tubing through your hole, and attacth an air valve. The airvalve will maintain the baby brine shrimp not escpaing through the tubbing. When its harvest time turn the airvalve open and it will start pooring out. If when cutting the bottle and the cut was not straight, you may need to tape it into place. I have not hatched any brine shrimp yet, but I'm excited to start! I'm going to order some brine shrimp eggs off amazon and I willl update this thread when I get a hatch. The hardest part is finding trustworthy eggs. I live in canada so i cant do the co-op eggs. Any suggestions? The Sanfranciso Bay ones seem to come in such a small conatiner, thoughts?
  7. I've seen several comments about creating a tight seal with this hatchery. Is there a trick, or are they just flukes? I currently have no need for the space consumption of a Ziss. Thank you, Patrick
  8. Anyone else put their brine shrimp to bed? (lullaby songs playing) LOL
  9. I like the design of the Ziss hatchery, but it just seems huge for my application. I have currently 2 pair of GBR that I am hoping to breed. I searched the forum and faq. I'd really like more information on how much to BBS to feed, and how often. I'm thinking maybe I should get the San Francisco hatchery kit (or two) and put 20 ounce bottle(s), sort of a micro brewery setup, but I'd like to see what others have to say. So, how many brine shrimp are you making for a small breeding application, or are to pair of GBR large enough to make use of the Ziss hatchery?
  10. Aloha everyone, I had a quick question about bbs, for a hatchery I’m just doing a simple liter bottle method, I’ve already harvested some of my hatchlings to feed my tanks, but I was wondering can you keep adding small amounts of eggs into the hatchery to get a constant supply of bbs? Sorry if this is a stupid question I was just thinking that the unhatched eggs will hatch soon then by adding more, in another day I’ll have another colony of hatched bbs that’ll just increase my amount I am able to harvest? Any ideas or thoughts on this?
  11. I thought I'd share my DIY brine hatchery. It's a standard inverted water bottle design but I wanted to make sure it had light and temperature control all in a standalone package. I definitely didn't need to make it this fancy but I had fun doing it and now I know I'll have a very consistent setup. I've got a 4watt LED strip light on the side providing hatch inducing light and a ring of LEDs on the very bottom to encourage the bbs to swim to the outlet at harvest time. I also couldn't find a small 12W heater anywhere so I made one from nichrome wire, sand, and a 12mmx100mm test tube. I also added a temperature probe and a controller to keep it at 27C/81F All totaled I think I spend about 10$ worth of parts that I already had laying around.
  12. Just purchased the Ziss brine shrimp hatchery and looking forward to getting started. Anyone with experience or someone from co-op have any recommendations for an inexpensive nano heater that will work with the lid on this? Not sure that I will need one, but these things are usually pretty cheap and would like to get one that I know it will fit through the hole that’s built into the lid for this.
  13. Hi I got my hatchery today from here and am wondering if this would work for daphnia, as well. Will buy two more, if so. Ty!
  14. I was looking into getting a brine shrimp hatchery since I have some fish that only want to eat brine shrimp and I want to know what the best one is
  15. 1st time working with brine shrimp. Got a great hatch with the Ziss hatchery. A little confused on what to do next. They are so tiny, can I strain them with a brine shrimp net to go in my grow out tank? How do I get them in there with out taking all the nasty Ziss water with them?
  16. I hatching my 4th batch of BBS and my first using Aquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp Eggs. I'm about to drain them, but I've never seen such a thick layer at the top before. Are those all of the shells?
  17. I’ve wanted to hatch live baby brine for a while now, so that is my project for this holiday weekend. I wanted to use supplies on hand and only bought the eggs and salt. This old glass drink dispenser seemed perfect for a hatchery. I used a nail and hammer to perforate the metal lid, punched the hole out, then hammered the edges to smooth it out a bit. I added a little over 1.5 gallons warm tap water, 1/3 cup marine salt, and half a teaspoon of eggs. I installed the heater and air stone, then put the dispenser on a hot pad to help retain heat. Initial thoughts: The edges of the hole on the lid could be smoother, and I wonder if I should be covering it to help with heat. I am also concerned there is not enough air; it’s sharing a USB nano air pump with the tank to the left. I do have an extra pump, but I’ll wait and see what things look like tomorrow. 😛
  18. I too like others got tired of using the Ziss hatcher on the stand it comes with. I wanted something to hold them higher, be easy to use, and easy to get them in/out of. I also needed somewhere to mount the inkbird controllers, for the heaters, I want to use. I layed out all the equipment to get an idea of what to make. Someone on the forum mentioned 3/4" pvc tees fit perfectly over the hatchery handle. I can confirm that. I used 3/4" plywood and a kreg pocket screw jig to make a simple three sided frame to mount everything on. I drilled a hole in each side to run the power cords out of using some desk grommets for a clean look. To hold the light bulb in the center I drilled a 1-1/2" hole and mounted it also with pocket screws. I also used a router to smooth the sharp edges. To mount the pvc tees I drilled an 1/8" hole through. Then drilled out the outside hole to 1/4" to allow a screwdriver clearance to tighten the screws. I spray painted the pvc tees with Krylon Fusion. I painted the stand with semi gloss black latex paint. I mounted a power strip on the outside for everything to plug into. I added a switch to each heater to allow easy shut off for cleaning without having to unplug anything. The air pump hangs above on a hook out of the way. I run the air up through outlet as others have done. I use a piece of black corrugated plastic to block the light bulb so I'm not blinded. Underneath them I have dish drying mat to catch any water. What I like about this station is that I only have to unplug the power strip to be able to move the whole unit wherever I want.
  19. Here is mine based off the Dean design. However I use a fishing mouth spreader to hang it.
  20. Hello everyone, I figured I’d give the brine shrimp hatchery a go I whipped up something from thingyverse on the 3D printer and made a little light fixture. I was wondering if you guys could help with some proportions. I can hold about 15oz of water. How much salt/ brine shrimp/ baking soda should I use and do I need to rinse them after I was thinking of using a coffee filter of some sort. Thank you all in advance!!
  21. I found that 3/4 inch pvc tee fits on the brine shrimp Hatcher perfectly.😊
  22. The scoop that comes with the 4lbs repashy is perfect for getting salt for hatching brine shrimp. If you can’t find a non metal spoon this works perfectly.
  23. Found a new use for some old heaters I had from back in the day. This is a test run to see how it works. I do have a eheim 50watt that does fit down the opening in the top, but with following Cory's directions, the water would be down a ways from the minimum recommended water level indicated on the heater, so I wasn't brave enough to see if it would still work without cracking the heater.
  24. Hey Fish Friends, Last week I received my first order from Aquarium Co-Op, which included a Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery. I'm on my second batch of BBS hatched out of this thing, and the results have been outstanding. My current "recipe" is the suggested TWO liters of water (I use lukewarm to slightly hot so as to dissolve the salt and buffer quicker), FOUR tablespoons of rock salt, ONE teaspoon of Epsom salt, ONE teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and TWO teaspoons of BBS eggs. I add the BBS eggs a bit after the mix gets going and the water cools off a little. Presto.......live BBS in about 18 hours. I have around 600 assorted angelfish fry and around 400 Parachromis motaguensis "Red Tiger Motaguense) growing up and need a lot of live BBS on hand. This unit is working perfectly for me so far. Looking forward to ordering a second unit to supply some other breeding fishes I'm working with. Cheers, --Brian
  25. The noise from the air going into the brine shrimp hatcheries is really getting on my nerves. I’m drawing blanks on how to quiet them down short of putting them into a cabinet. I’m to the point of only running them a few times a week so that I can enjoy being in the fish room, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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