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Found 11 results

  1. I Would like to breed my apistos in a separate breeding tank but all I have is a 5.5 gallon can I keep them in there for 1-2 months at most. Their eggs are getting eaten by the other fish. If I can't do that could I put the rams that are bullying them in the 5 gallon and have them breed?
  2. Hello , could this be male and female ? They do fight , head bumb etc.
  3. Water parameters all good. Been doing frequent water changes. This is my second round with Gold Rams, first batch had fungus ended up culling them. This batch a couple have this white spot on fins or tails, this one is by far the worst in this batch. Varys with One spot or maybe up to three much smaller spots. I’ve Ich X them, currently using Maracyn on them in another day or two I’ll paraguard them. Had these Rams about 2 weeks. These fish must be acceptable to disease?? Everything I read on them is their hardy but couldn’t prove that by me. Anyone have any suggestions? If I cull this batch out I’m going with Appistos.
  4. Bob V

    Unknown lump

    Can anyone identify the lump on my gold ram. It's the right side near his tail. Started to notice the fish tilting to one side at times but remains active and is eating well. He lives in a seasoned 30gal community tank. (About 2 years) pH 7.2 zero ammonia and nitrite. 40ppm nitrate, kh 120 gh ~100. Temp 78 degrees. Planted tank with 10 neons, 4 platys 3cory and 5 amano shrimp. No new additions for last year. Any ideas? Should I quarantine? Meds?
  5. I would like to do a 20 gallon ram tank. How many could go in there? And is it the female that has no blue specs in the black spot or is it the male?
  6. Always have had a soft spot for GBR's but scared to try with having ph lvls at around 8 living in Wisconsin. Am I just wasting money if I get them? If not would they ever breed? I keep my tank at 79 degrees.
  7. I have a forty breeder with 5 Cory cats, 5 blood fin tetras, and 1 baby bristlenose. Planted with a big amazon sword, a 7 inch java fern, and scarlet temple. Would it be okay to add 5 German Gold Rams. Temps 72-74 degrees. @Dean’s Fishroom
  8. Thought someone working on breeding might be interested in seeing a method for spawning and raising Golden Opal Rams (Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi). We've tried many times to allow our adult Rams to raise their own fry without pulling eggs, but every time ended unsuccessfully. This way definitely can work, even if it's not the most natural. Hope someone finds it helpful!
  9. Hi Forums, I had this idea to setup a new 55 gallon "cichlid" tank, with these fish in the tank: Panda Cory - 12 Amano Shrimp - 2 Dwarf Cockatoo Apistogramma - 2 Blue King Tetra - 24 Bolivian Ram - 6 Marble Angelfish - 2 It's not 100% cichlid, more of a community tank, but the majority of fish are cichlids, so I'm calling a "cichlid" community tank. Could you give me some insight on if this tank seems suitable on paper, because obviously cichlids are SO unpredictable. Thanks!
  10. What are some common fish you find at your LFS that beginners probably shouldn't get? I'm thinking less about the species that get bigger than you think, get aggressive, etc. -- more so, the overbred, high-turnover species (or those inherently fragile) where the deathclock countdown has begun by the time they make it to the LFS, or just those species that have a higher chance of success in an established tank (e.g., neocardina). I've witnessed friends and neighbors giving up the hobby immediately after losing their first purchase of neons, cardinals, fancy guppies, etc. It's often difficult to figure out what to avoid when a google search gives you a list of common beginner fish -- and often the prevalence of that fish is the very reason you're more likely to get bad stock. Just from personal (and limited) experience and subsequent conversations with employees at my LFS, the tough ones around here include: - Line-bred fancy guppies - Neon tetra - Cardinal tetra - Rummynose tetra - Rams - Dwarf Gourami What else would you add to the list??
  11. Hey there community I’m sharing a couple images of my rams that I’m currently breeding both indoors and outside. Also be sure to check me out on YouTube and Instagram at Dammiguessaqua
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