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  1. So I have a community tank 75gal with 6 Angelfish, 8 neon tetra and 6 corydoras, and a bristlenose and 2 of my angelfish layer eggs and have raised to free swimmers idk what to do because they are being extremely aggressive towards the other fish can I take the pair and their fry out and put in another cycled tank or will they just eat the fry? What should I do?
  2. They arrived today pretty cold no heat pack. Most everythings fine. Pearl weed is a little shrivled up and Scarlet temple a little squished but i think everything will make it. But nothing againsy aquarium coop but i think in the future i wont be ordering plants anymore. Just buy them locally i think the extra couple dollars is worth plants not being beat up and taking too long in the mail.
  3. Yes this covid stuff is getting old. I have no doubt in u guys and ur customer service is top notch. Jusy this usps is a pain
  4. So i ordered some plants, food, and easy green the 24th and was mailed out from the coop the same day my question is its the 1st and i still havent recieved them and tracking says running late. Should my plants be ok? Its only been like 40 here and tracking isnt telling me where its at. It has nothing to do with Aquarium Co op im super impressed with them my order was sent out 4 hours after i ordered it its just USPS
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