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  1. Mega necro thread hehe I've been told in another forum that the person that was rude to Cory was the newly recruited social media spokesperson for NLS, a young woman. I don't know what the hell she was thinking by saying such things but for the looks of it, the actual owner of NLS would not say such things (at least I was told that by a person who claims to know the owner of NLS (Pablo tepoot). He said he called him on the spot about the incident and pablo confirmed it wasn't him that was rude to Cory, but that newly hired girl. He also said Cory was selling their foods for very very low, to the point of going below the MAP price (Minimum advertised price) that they specified. MAP prices are supossed to protect a product's reputation by setting a minimum price someone can sell your product. Well at least this is what he said, taht NLS wasn't happy with Cory selling their stuff for super cheap (below MAP). @Cory I can send you the forum thread if you want, but really it sounded like the whole of NLS was very bad when it appears it was just one inexperienced person? Did the ownder actually scream at you back then? 😮
  2. Waiting for the popular ones to resume like Attack on Titan and Re:Zero. But most of all, Demon Slayer, it's gonna be incredible!
  3. Albino oscar and a juvenile T-bar cichlid. Eh I got lazy this time and left all the specks lol, they were kicking up a storm thinking I was going to feed them lol.
  4. Absolute fave is potatoes with franks, onions and jalapenos. 2 over easy's on top of it and I'm good! Super filling and delicious. Gotta have that runny yolk so it pours over the potatoes on the bottom. YUM.
  5. If you need to dechlorinate your water, use Continuum Aquatics Fraction D powdered dechlorinator. It is incredibly concentrated, only 1 gram is needed per 240 gallons... So make the math, for a 40 gallon breeder for example, you will only need 166 milligrams, That's literally a lentil-sized amount of powder to dechlorinate the whole tank. a bottle will last you AGES! Their biggest size is a 4 kiloggram bucket, for just $100. That bucket will probably dechlorinate a lifetime of the hobby. Hope I don't get banned for suggesting another product, but here's their page: https://www.continuumaquatics.com/marine_wc/fraction-d.php
  6. Oh wow do you think my fish are in danger? The smallest I have are harlequin rasboras, everything else is fairly chunky (red eye tetras, angelfish, electric blue acaras, etc.)
  7. Local fish shop told me it was a ghost shrimp... but he's massive. Close to 4 inches. Do ghost shrimp really get that big? It was sold cheap, for just $2 so I'm guessing it's nothing special, but still, I had never seen such massive shrimps in the hobby, outside of saltwater!
  8. I was wondering if it would be possible to filter a 10 foot long, 350g tank with just sponge filters. I don't think I've seen a tank above 100g filtered with just sponges, so I was wondering if it was doable. Thee tank will have about 4 oscars and 4 viejas. Sponges seem to be the best bio filtration there is, according to an experiment I read somewhere in the past (will try to find it again to post it here). The person managed to remove a gigantic amount of ppm of ammonia in a day, with just a sponge filter. Much more than canister, I think it was a crazy number like 70ppm. The internet dictates that for such a big tank, I need a big sump to filter it. But I wonder, if I put, perhaps, 4-6 big sponges all supplied by a big air pump, and a couple powerheads to circulate the water, would that be enough to process the ammonia? The idea of a sponge only monster tank seems really cool to me. Thoughts?
  9. Been listening to electronic/nu-disco/house recently, particularly Satin Jackets, his style is so refreshing, groovy and feel good-y music, all good vibes.
  10. So I'm about to acquire a 10ft long, 350g tank that I plan to stock with viejas, mainly melanura, zonatus and bifasciatas. My water is rock hard and I've been told they will thirve in it. I just wanted to ask for any suggestions/advice any experienced vieja keepers have, like what have you discovered with keeping vieja, perhaps breeding ease, feeding the right food, substrate/decor/plant prefferences, etc. Thanks!
  11. I've read that the rule is to make the stand be able to take 4 times the weight of your tank filled with water... Just to be sure in case a eartquake or a kid bumping on it. I always construct my stands with 4x2s. I do not trust at all the compressed wood material commercials stands are made of. They might hold the tank withotu a problem but they don't give me peace of mind. a 4x2 apparently can hold 1000 pounds vertically, when 8 feet long. Obviously I'm not making an 8' tall stand, so I'm not sure how the capacity if affected when you cut it. But I haven't had any problems, my stands are rock solid, with triple 4x2s at the 4 corners, and doubles on the center of the stand. Pretty sure they can hold several times the weight of the aquarium.
  12. The Imperial Valley is my neighbor! I live in Mexicali, just crossing the border. Yes, Salton Sea deteriorates with each passing year, hopefully the plans for rehabilitating it are successful, there are so many animals that depend of that body of water now, as filthy as it might be hehe.
  13. Glad to see these gyus mentioned! They got a pond of these little guys in Arizona, I've seen them, cool little dudes. I wish I could keep a few... They would be the perfect pond fish in my city, as they're ridicolously hardy according to science, since they live in the desert. My temperature is regularly at 110F-130F in the summer! Even more on the peak of summer. The desert pupfish has evolved to live in such high temperature, oxygen deprived water. It is even the image of our ultra local, very small fish club! The fish can also be found in Mexico, it was the perfect candidate to our club that contains people from both USA's California and Mexico's California, hence the name of the club! (Literally fishkeeping of the californias)
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