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  1. I had a friend that would unroll larger balls and adhere them to the bottom of terracotta pots on their sides and it would function as a carpet. So it will work it will just grow super slooow. it looks pretty from what I’ve seen.
  2. @Will Billy It just so happens i have 13 good sized moss bowls sitting in a glass fish bowl right now... maybe it was meant to be
  3. Hello, I have recently made walls , tunnel hides (for plecos), volcanos décor with lava rock. I am looking for a good plant that can hide some of the ugly adhesion spots. I have anubias hiding some spots and Java moss in one tank. In my other tank I want a different plant/moss to cover the ugly. Does anyone have any good recommendations for this? The lava rock is maroon (i soaked and washed and washed the rocks forever) I am not an artist at all so some of the glue spots are noticeable and thats why im looking for a plant to cover them.
  4. It looks like a bacteria bloom. Did you wait inbetween fish added or were they all added at once?
  5. I feel as if BBA is low light, low flow, low co2 and high poshpates. Is you can avoid these your should be good. However if you get the spores in the tank due to transferring from another source you’ll have to manually treat with hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Hello, I am wanting to bond/glue lava rock together to make a hide/cover for my sponge filter and maybe a mountain for my shrimp. What would be the best way to do this and will normal lava rock work bought from any landscaping store? I was thinking hot glue to hold the rocks together but I was checking to see if it would be safe for the fish and inverts. I was also thinking maybe superglue but this would be somewhat messier than the hotglue. Also i was going to use the superglue to attach plants to the rock. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you,
  7. I was wondering what everyone uses to make mats for mosses to cling to. I check the coop website to see if they sold mats and sadly they don’t or I didn’t see it please correct me if I’m wrong. (probably not worth the cost unless it was a kit that could attach to the sides, bottom, and tank lip) So wise fish people what mesh do y’all use to keep your unruly moss in check? I was thinking about window screen mesh but I don’t know if it would rust or not.
  8. So i've treated multiple ways. Staghorn (which some call BBA) I use excel or easy carbon (direct dose with syringe). Now for actual BBA hydrogen peroxide is the best way i have found besides just cutting out the BBA and throwing it away. Ive treated with hydrogen peroxide in the tank but ive found that dosage that treats BBA the best will kill beneficial bacteria and crash the cycle and kill invertebrates. Also certain plants dont fair well with hydrogen peroxide (usually your thinner more delicate leaf plants these i tend just to prune the BBA off then lightly mist the peroxide instead of heavy dosing them)
  9. @Jennifer V oh the tank temp is def too high (78F) which i had known but they where fine until i had to start treating for BBA and thats when i damaged them. Since a moss ball is an algae treating for algae isnt really healthy for the ball.
  10. Update. I have mine outside (North Alabama so its not below freezing) I put them in a small glass fish bowl and added dechlorinated water and ferts and sat them so they get morning sun. This has seemed to have helped rejuvenate them.
  11. Hello, After what shouldve been less than thrity minutes (may have taken me 6 hours... was a real kick to the ego) I managed to make my CO2 regulator work and now have CO2 pumping into the tank. I have a few questions. I have one of those glass bulb CO2 checkers. What color should it be and how long should it take to turn that color once CO2 is being pumped into the tank. (if it doesnt get to the right color , which i think is green correct me if im wrong) do i just up the bubble counter? Also i have the neo diffuser that aquarium coop sales. I also have one bought off of amazon that my 20L is using with a DIY kit. THe neo diffuser in my opinion looks better and is easier to hide and also doesnt grow algae on it as bad. If i dont run a canister filter is the normal diffuser the only one i can use or is their more options that may diffuse co2 better? Thank you!
  12. @Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics so I went googling and did some reasearch. To fix browning it can be a lack of light. So I will vacation mine in the fridge for a day then move them into a bowl in the sun and raise the salinity of them and maybe this will fix them
  13. Hello, I have a few moss balls(Marimo. Named the largest Dan after Dan Marino) that have started browning in spots. I read that i can vacation them in the fridge to help this. (Tank is at 78F) do I only leave them in there for 24h or can I leave them longer. Also is there any fertilizer that they like. Besides temperature and light (they are mostly shaded within the tank) is there any other reasons for them to be browning. I have stopped using excel and liquid carbon with them in the tank (I think it hurts them but I could be wrong I don’t actually know). any guidance would be wonderful!
  14. Hello, I was wondering what type of aluminum tank I would need to use for my CO2 setup. The store closest to me sales a low pressure and a high pressure 20lb CO2 tank. I was wondering if it matters if its high pressure or low pressure and if I should aim for a smaller CO2 tank? Thank you!
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