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  1. Could try turning the temperature up a degree or so and adding daphnia or seed shrimp. I found with my guppies if the water was cold (lower 70s-74F~)they didn't wanna do the deed. I also just have mutt guppies that i add in new blood every so often so they arent to finicky. What are the water parameters looking like?
  2. @Griznatch Well you've peaked my curiosity. How do you make fish food out of it? I know Carp/GoldFish/Bala sharks will eat it but now im curious if youre letting it dry and then crushing it into a powder/flake.
  3. All my tanks have at least one sponge filter in them (some have more just so I always have a cycled sponge if someone needs one and usually a hang on back for better water circulation and to add polishing pads to). But I usually run an air ring or air bar in them as well. I tend to make mini volcanos (out of lava rocks) around the bubble rings for the aesthetic and shrimp seem to love to feed off the stuff that grows on them.
  4. @colu I would say it is. Three red flame swords. and amazon sword. crypts that have started carpeting. octowhatever its called in multiple places and money wort. Along with Duckweed up top. I cant remember the red plants they stem and have about 1 inch broad red leaves. along with some grass thing
  5. @Colu Nitrates from tap are non existent. I dont have any issues in my other tanks just this one. And ive stopped dosing to see if that would bring them down but it hasnt (coop brand ferts when i did dose)
  6. I have had a constant battle with nitrates in my 45 gallon. Sitting roughly over 80 ppm nitrates. I have graveled vacced everything (substrate is about 4 inches deep) ive cleaned the sponges in the filter along with the large aquarium coop sponge and i still am testing high nitrates. I have performed multiple 30% water changes. Stocking is 6 golden rams and a bristle nose. Could rotting plants be the issue? I have had a stem plants that keeps sending out roots but is mushy and doesnt grow. could this be the issue?
  7. I have found success by spot treating it with a pipet or turkey baster.
  8. you can spot treat with peroxide or dose excel or co-ops easy crabon once a day or once every two days and it will start to kill it off. I would also suggest adding a phosphate absorber to stop it from coming back. I wouldnt tear a tank down for either. Right now im dealing with Black Spot algae which i thought was bba but technically isnt and its proving to be a bit more troublesome.
  9. Nope was running fine yesterday and this morning. Heard a thud and thought my fish hit the lid but went to check and the diffuser had blown its top.
  10. From the CO2 tank it reads ~50 psi and to aquarium it’s ~30 psi
  11. So my neo diffuser just blew its top.... literally the disc just rocketed and hit the top of my tank. I have had the diffuser for 6 months and it had worked fine. Did I miss some maintenance on it I wasn’t aware of? It had some algae on the disc but wasn’t covered. does anyone have any recommendations for a new diffuser? Or should I just buy a new neo one.
  12. Does your tank have a ton of flow to it? You may also want to test your waters TDS and you may need to add equilibrium to boost it for the plants.
  13. @Streetwise Ive never thought to look in the reptile section for scaping supplies. They usually have a ton of fake rocks that would look great in tanks.
  14. Im pro snail. Also if you let them breed up you can crush them for your betta to eat or start keeping small puffer fish.
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