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  1. Probably only around five at most. I had four for keeping Malaysian trumpet snails in check in a 10 gallon, and at first they were WAY too slow at eating snails so the number of trumpet snails went up and up (they were in the hundreds). But then, slowly, the tides turned when the assassin snails started to lay eggs in the substrate. Even the tiny baby assassins were effective! Pretty soon (maybe around three months), there were a ton of assassin snails and little to no trumpet snails left. For your situation, maybe only a couple more assassins will be fine.
  2. It is a snakeskin barb, or Desmopuntius rhomboocellatus.
  3. Great looking tanks! Your fish preferences seem to be very similar to mine as well. I look forward to seeing how your experience in the hobby progresses!
  4. Water sprite grows very fast. I got a small bit around two or three months ago, and it is huge now. The tank when I first put it in: The tank after a week or so: The tank now: Keep in mind that this is is pool filter sand with no added fertilizer, so it is a very hardy and easy-to-grow plant.
  5. All the males cories in the tank seemed to want to start the spawning process again, but she didn't accept. Sadly, she passed around a week or two ago of unknown reasons. I was going to update my journal on this, but I simply haven't had time due to school.
  6. I not too good with names, so I don't have any suggestions here. Maybe a pond or bladder snail? Looks like it could be a ramshorn snail too. 5 gallons would probably be sufficient for two snails, especially those as small as the nerite and ramshorn snails (bladder and pond snails are even smaller). Just keep in mind the ramshorns, bladders, and pond snails can all grow their populations from just one individual.
  7. I got them easily from my local fish store, and I'm assuming Aquarium Co-Op carries them as well. I've seen them in some unboxing episodes, as well as store tours. I think they might be in the nano tank section near the other snail tanks.
  8. I looked up white mouth on Corydoras, but I couldn't find anything yet. I will continue my search and hopefully come up with a solution to your problem.
  9. You could try assassin snails. They are great for snail control.
  10. I am no expert when it comes to substrate, but the diamond blasting sand might be the cause. As @SWilson suggested, a layer of very fine sand may help to combat the problem. It just might instead be a disease or sickness of some sort, but I can't be certain, as I have seen nothing similar. About the lethargy: what kinds of symptoms are they showing? Do they seem stressed? Are they coming out to eat? I found that with many cories, they like to sit and sleep/hide during a large portion of the day, and come out to feed, play, or school mostly during dawn or dusk (though they are a little active throughout the day as well). You might want to. Corydoras are pretty social, and enjoy the company of others. It might help with his stress and ease the recovery process.
  11. Great looking aquarium! I always enjoy the look of many tiny livebearers swimming everywhere. What size is the tank and how many cories do you have?
  12. Welcome to the forum! They are definitely not cherry barbs. They are serpae tetras it looks to me. Once they get comfortable though, they will get a really nice red color with black fins.
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