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  1. Beth could be acting this way for several reasons. First of all, she might be stressed, so that she stays in one place and doesn't move as much. If you're other fish in the tank are peaceful and not aggressive, I don't think this could be the case. Another cause could be stress from fluctuating water parameters/temperature, so I would check those as well just in case. Another reason why Beth might be acting like this is because she may have some sort of disease/parasite. My pearl gourami stayed still for an entire day and did not eat or interact at all with me when he had internal parasites. A day later, he showed signs of eating and interaction a lot more, so you might want to treat them with API General Cure or something similar if you find something is wrong (if you see parasites, fish doesn't eat, fish is flashing/rubbing against the sides/gravel, etc.). I am a newer fishkeeper, so I don't really know too much about what could be causing this. Honestly, it could really be any disease or illness, so I would wait for a more experienced hobbyist to come around this post. Anyway, I hope my advice could help, and I hope Beth gets better!
  2. @Yari Nice looking tank! What kinds of fish do you have?
  3. @DCT Welcome to the forum! Nice tanks you have! Though I did have one question: What kind of bottom dwellers are you referring to?
  4. Okay then I think that you could add the peppered cories in any time to be honest, as long as they are healthy. Also, I don't quarantine either, which led to an ich outbreak in my first aquarium, killing everyone. Then again, the fish was from an unreliable PetSmart, and since I have bought fish from my LFS instead. I haven't done it yet, but I plan on setting up quarantine soon once I get more fish. So given that I don't have any experience with quarantine, I don't really have an answer to your last two questions, so if I were you, I'd check with other, more experienced nerms. But in my opinion, I would just watch them to see how they do. Deworming would be a good idea though, because I think that might be common in cories (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck!
  5. It really depends on how many you want, and how many you can fit. Albinos, bronzes, and peppered cories, although certainly not the largest Corydoras species, are fairly large, the females reaching almost three inches, and really wide as well. Below is a picture of a fully grown (pregnant) female, compared to the fully grown male, with some juvenile guppies as well. The female is about two-and-a-half to three inches long, and the male is about two inches long. So I would recommend (assuming your tank doesn't have any other fishes yet) around three or four of each species. This means three to four albinos/bronze, and three to four peppered cories. The reason for the lower number is again, because the females of these species get larger than expected by most aquarists. If you get a good mix of males and females of each type, there is the possibility of breeding them and producing more babies, which it is very fun to raise them and watch them grow. Of course, the other levels of the aquarium would not be impacted much by the amount of cories you choose, so you could still probably fit in a school of guppies, tetras, rasboras, or something similar if you wanted to. With live plants and good filtration it makes this stocking a lot easier. Hope this helps.
  6. Corydoras Question: It is not an issue at all with mixing different Corydoras species. Although I do agree that they need the company of others of the same species. Peppered cories are likely going to be coming into the shop sooner or later, as they are very common in the trade/hobby, so I think it would be fine if you put it into the tank you have right now. It will get used to the other albino and bronze cories as friends as well. They won't school much together, but they definitely will provide each other company. Also, I think the bronze cory would be fine to add into the tank too. I also saw an albino cory in that picture you posted, behind a lot of the other fish, so I would consider adding/buying that one as well if you can't seem to get ahold of cories. My Experience: I have two adult peppered cories (they bred so now there are 6), two female albino cories, a male venzuelan cory, and five pygmy cories in my 29 gallon. They are all very peaceful with one another. The reason I have only a few of each type is because my LFS I bought from usually doesn't carry many cories, similar to yours, so I got as many as I could each time I went. I plan on getting more albinos and venzuelans later on. Sorry if my explanations were a little confusing. If you need to I can reword it. Hope this helps, and good luck! PS Pea Puffers: Sorry, I don't know anything about pea puffers.
  7. This obviously does not include enough faces, so those of you who would like to add something/someone who would fit, feel free to download a copy of this and post it as well.
  8. When I was around three or maybe four, and my family would keep a betta fish in a large-ish vase (we didn't know anything about fish keeping). He was an orange/red one that we named Bubbles. When he died after three years or so, I was really sad and I got really upset when my dad flushed the body down the toilet. We got a couple more bettas (Rainbow and Rainbow Jr., one at a time of course) for the vase later on, but we stopped keeping them after those ones died (maybe three or four more years later). When I got back into the hobby recently, my first and favorite fish are the cory cats.
  9. I second @WhitecloudDynasty and @ererer on rehoming the fish if you don't want them.
  10. Hey everyone, I feel like it would be a pain to manage many different posts of questions I had, so I figured that I would just ask them all on the same thread. Has anybody had any experience with Thick-Lipped Gouramis (Colisa labiosa/Trichogaster labiosa)? If so, are they peaceful? What are good tankmates for them? The reason for this is because I found one amongst some honey gouramis at my LFS, and I was considering getting one. I've also seen them in some of Cory's videos, specifically the store tours. How easy are Rosy Barbs to breed? Can they be bred/kept outside during the summer in tubs? Can white cloud mountain minnows and endlers be kept together where they both breed? Do they prey on each other's fry? How about platies? Schooling fish recommendations for a 29 gallon aquariums with endlers and cories? I am looking for something that 1) doesn't get too big, and can live happily in a 29 gallon tank, 2) won't prey too much on the endler babies, and 3) that doesn't fin nip or is food aggressive. Bonus if they are easy to breed and easy to raise their fry. I was at first considering cardinal tetras, but now I am overwhelmed with many other great looking fish my LFS carries. I need to narrow down from this list: cardinal tetra, cherry barb, rosy tetra, lemon tetra, Cochu's blue tetra, black neon tetra, black skirt tetra, glowlight danio, dwarf neon rainbow, white cloud mountain minnow, diamond tetra, emperor tetra, phoenix rasbora, penguin tetra. How much do plants affect filtration/stocking? Like the number of plants in relation to the amount of fish and size of tank. Plant recommendations. I need them to be tall, really easy to keep, low-medium light (I have a Nicrew 30 inch light on my 29, not sure if it is low light or high light), and preferably not a stem plant. I already have water sprite, vallisneria, crypt wendtii, Java fern, dwarf lily, amazon sword, and dwarf hairgrass in the tank, but I want something different. If not, then I'll just do more water sprite. I'd appreciate the advice and answers. Thanks guys.
  11. Those are definitely a type of barb. I would say a color variation of the tinfoil barbs.
  12. Not really anything so far. I only keep really hardy fish like corydoras, endlers, snails, and gouramis. Though I would say anything from PetSmart I can't keep alive for very long. Stuff from my local stores never have any disease and are always very healthy though. So my choice is not a fish, but a plant. I never can keep Cabomba from slowly disintegrating.
  13. Yeah if they do it a lot it is probably a sign, especially if they are doing it and rubbing their body on the substrate at the same time.
  14. Same here! I've checked out pretty much the entire freshwater aquarium section a couple times over!
  15. Update: I treated the fish, with one packet of API General Cure per 10 gallons. Is it okay if I feed the fish while the medication is active?
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