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  1. Straight white vinegar breaks up soap residue. Just rub the vinegar on well, rinse well, and you're good. There are different kinds of soaps. Some really do rinse well on their own with hot water and rubbing. Others, like dishwasher detergent, leave residue (which is not always visible). That's where the vinegar comes in.
  2. I heard @Cory mention in an old video that guppies are his "desert island fish" - the species he'd keep if he could only keep one. Since sustainable joy is high priority to me, I've been thinking about which one single species I'd keep if I could only ever have that one for the rest of my life. I'm currently thinking endlers, but I'm not certain. And I think my "desert island plant" might be vallisneria. To keep it joyful, let's assume you'll never have to resort to eating your choice. Do you know what your "desert island" fish or plant might be? 🙂
  3. I must learn from you, Obi-Wan! I very much dislike messing with root tabs. Do you have "heavy root feeders?" If so, do they get much fish poo? I'm intrigued!
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't worry at all for probably a month. Catch is, I'm looking at ~3 more months that the plants will have to stay potted.
  5. It was recent that I was still at the "betta in a bowl" level of knowledge, so I've kinda bought 1-2 each of a very wide variety of items, trying to get my fishkeeping healthy and stable. Plants are the most fun of the purchases though.
  6. @Mmiller2001 @Koi @Keeg Check me on this idea, please. I could get plastic baskets with a lot of holes (such as those commonly used in bathrooms or for packing strawberries.) I re-plant my val and sword into them, in gravel, with root tabs in the middle. From then on, I cross my fingers that nutrients from the water column will come through the holes and be enough to keep the val and sword in decent health. Can y'all think of any red flags about that idea?
  7. When I'm doing anything more than about 3 steps, I write out step-by-step instructions to myself first, and set it where I can look at it while I work. That catches goofs before I make them, and it makes the actual activity much smoother - and smoother means less time, energy, and stress spent. Win win win. As for stressing the critters, I net the most spazzy ones into a bucket for a few hours - or longer with an airstone. If the container is clear, it can be set inside a paper bag, or surrounded with something, to keep them from being startled.
  8. I love Star Trek, particularly Voyager. I really relate to the character of Janeway, as if she's who I would turn out to be in very different life circumstances. The catch with sci-fi is that it easily leads to nightmares, so that limits what I watch.
  9. I appreciate hearing this about the moss. My first-ever moss is currently en route to me. What's darkstart? The happy success story is good to hear. Makes me smile. ❤️
  10. Forgot to add that I also crush a tiny bit of a chlorella tablet in the pill crusher, along with crushing the high protein and high fat food, and keeping a piece of cuttlebone on the bottom of the tank. So: They need green food, a lot of protein, (I think) some fat, and a lot of Calcium (from both food and GH). They also eat bacteria, algaes, biofilm, and other such tiny living things. It's massively helpful to have snails in their tank. The snails can eat leftover food, so you don't have to be too concerned about overfeeding, and the shrimplets eat snail poop!
  11. I took the little container of water they were in, and drizzled the water (not shrimp) into another cup. That way, if a shrimp swooshed in, I'd still have it safely in water. When I got the container of shrimplets down to very little water in it, I set it in the tank and tipped it, letting them gently fall out. (Then I'd use the now-empty container to drizzle water again until I could get the cup back down to shrimp and very little water. Same process.) I'd be concerned about using cloth due to it likely having at least a little detergent on it.
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