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  1. If that was the only way I could keep my breeding fish, I can imagine doing it. This will take the convo to a whole new level, but: I would intentionally net out and cull fish with genetic problems before they had a chance to breed... while all of my children have special needs. Animals and humans are 100% different in value. I have come to have no qualms about my opposite stances between animals and humans, but I do think about it. I mean... how could you not in my position, right?
  2. Now that I've googled "entropy," I am definitely siding with your wife.
  3. C'mon, @Daniel. There's gotta be *something* about you that's boring.
  4. Hornwort practically exploded in my tanks. Certainly the fastest-growing of the now ~13 plant species I've tried.
  5. I have a male endler with a very flat belly, like he's loosing weight. He's eating well, so I'm guessing an intestinal parasite. I think it'd be proactive to treat all my endlers, but that includes gravid females, and an African Dwarf Frog. So, anybody seen the effects of ParaCleanse on pregnant livebearers and/or on frogs? TIA
  6. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, so I'm glad somebody brought up the topic. Almost a decade ago, I let my guppies breed to the point that I couldn't keep up with their water quality. Over time, I had hundreds get sick and die younger than they should've. I was even trying to keep boys and girls separate. It would've been more humane to cull, but I didn't understand that at the time. A few years ago, I had the same problem after buying a single molly that was forever having fry. With my life being too difficult to handle them, I did my research to find a species of fish that I would definitely enjoy, definitely eat fry, and live a fairly long time. I bought 1 angelfish to put in with the mollies, and that solved it. Now, I draw the line at "gulp, gone." If a fish will vanish in a non-gruesome gulp, that's fine. But I don't want a fish to be torn up, or relentlessly chased around, being terrified. I'm okay with a fry obliviously swimming and then *gulp* it's gone.
  7. Any two ramshorns can breed with each other... though I don't understand if the result is one laying eggs, or both laying eggs. I hope putting Mr. Eggy back works out!
  8. Something I just recently discovered is that ramshorn snails *tear* through algae. Their antennae aren't as worm-like as a mystery snail's (I think), so it might be worth considering.
  9. Hmm. Were they sharing the same water, or just had tanks side-by-side?
  10. Super interesting. Did you notice whether the boys could still recognize her among the cory crowd?
  11. I would definitely put magnets on the fridge. I enjoy getting the stickers, but I just collect them because I don't have anything to (permanently) put them on. I think magnets would cost a lot more to make than stickers, but it'd be cool if that was something like a 10th order treat. It's a mild bummer that I can't actually use the stickers.
  12. The livebearer idea has potential. With endlers, you have to make sure the adults won't fit in its mouth though. I think guppies would be too small to reliably eat the fry. Swordtails might be big enough to chomp the adults. I'd consider platies first and mollies second - just because platies are smaller.
  13. I think you said it would be hard to catch fish out of this main tank. Could you maybe let the girls stay, and try to catch the boys out? Even if you could only catch 1 to get it away from her, that's better than 0! All the boys you can possibly catch could just live in your quarantine tank for now... or even permanently, but that could be decided later. If they're super hard to catch, one idea is to put the net in the water, then use your other hand to put the boys' favorite food right in front of the net.
  14. If you're not already, I'd suggest keeping the lights dim until she's acting healthy. It will help her feel like she's safely hidden, and being calm is a benefit to health. Sorry I don't have more ideas. She's a pretty little fish.
  15. Sounds good. My only other suggestion would be to feed them now so they're a bit less likely to nom-nom on each other. Super cool about having babies on Mother's Day too!
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