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  1. ...perfect form and no splash were not enough for Olympic diving team hopeful. Rip Rainbow
  2. My Nerites travel everywhere within the boundaries of the tank, including under the UGF. They have never gone above the rim except for a single safari to the waterfall on the HOB They will briefly travel to or just above the waterline, and have spent spent as much as 2 days high and dry under the rim. I'm guessing that they can't or won't maneuver over the narrow edge on the inside of the rim, preferring to use an escape route with a lot more surface area.
  3. Background stuff allows us to time travel to the time and place we need to be. Sometimes they just set the scene, and sometimes they hint of things to come in the movie and in real life. There was a lot of product placement in ET, Mars Candies will forever regret not letting ET eat M&Ms . I stopped watching the Good Doctor after the first season, so the fishbowl was probably needed for plot development. I'm guessing Hubert was the fish and it did not end well for Hubert? The YT video of the Marlin exploding in the MRI chamber was fun to watch. (season 3)
  4. I'll check into it. Part of the fun is comparing real and imaginary tech. from yesterday and today's movies. For me, the bad part usually comes from obvious production errors, some of which are intentional, but we weren't supposed to notice...
  5. Had to look that one up. A plant based zombie movie with several remakes. I'm in!
  6. Watching really bad old movies, mostly sci-fi. For those of you in cicada country, listen to the synchronized pulsing of the brood in the evening or after cutting the grass, and then watch an old movie involving a flying saucer... the invasion has begun.
  7. The tile is a 12x4 glazed clay drain tile commonly used for weep holes in retaining walls etc. A building supply store should have them. I can't speak to aquarium safety, except to say that I used them for over a decade without issues. Any unglazed terracotta tube, pot, etc... is believed to be aquarium safe
  8. Where you watching Zoombies before bedtime?
  9. I'm in month 9 with my DIY 65w. (6500k) LED mounted horizontally inside a 7oz. fish food can. The pictured bulb is an ECOSMART from Home Depot, running just over 8 hours a day. It's kind of ugly, seen from this angle, but the the only expense was the bulb. The vintage fixture would be better.
  10. The chrome/stainless lights usually found on the 10 gallon size. They also came in a full hood version, and were hot enough to burn you or at least keep your coffee warm. They would be perfect with todays LED bulbs
  11. Looks like it is coming along nicely. What is planted at the base of the wood? Just out of curiosity, have you tried holding the camera upside down? 🙃 Its been said that this seems to be an iphone issue.
  12. The linked article eventually got around to saying that plants prefer a finer nutrient rich substrate. Environmental conditions in each of my tanks vary enough to make drawing one conclusion impossible. Plants in the UGF/gravel tanks are doing better than the plants in the gravel only tank. Pea gravel that has been rinsed to remove only the dust seems to retain more detritus, and I have occasionally found fine gravel stuck in the screen protecting the powerhead. for that reason alone, sand is out of the question for me.
  13. I've been using the same UGF for 30+ years in my 29. Yes, there is a lot of "gunk" under there, but now there are also plant roots feeding off of the gunk. My Nerites would vacation underneath until I added a piece of mesh to the lift tube. If I get curious about what is underneath, I either do a water change through the lift tube, or thread a small dia. tube under the plate and syphon some material out. I have the Lee's product in the link. I think I paid about $36. but that was almost 10 years ago. Blame it on Covid. After the last big aquarium move I got lazy and cleaned underneath only one of the plates. When the powerheads came back online, everything in the aquarium disappeared in a thick brown cloud. In 3 hours the aquarium was mostly clear, and by end of day the water was completely clear. The non-UGF aquarium took 2 days to return to normal. I like the UGF because: it works, it is inexpensive, I don't have to look at it, it will last almost forever, and except for adding a powerhead there is nothing else to buy. The only downside is that for best performance, you are limited to a gravel substrate.
  14. I consider almost all fish to be potential jumpers. The "egg crate" light panels sold at home improvement stores might be an inexpensive alternative to a glass lid. Light, water and food will pass thru easily, and one $15 (USD) panel will provide material for 4 lids, or other projects.
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