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About Me

  1. We need a utility thread to share templates, stream-capture photos, green-screen items, meme requests, and more. Paging @TheDukeAnumber1 and others!
  2. I'm a veteran tropical fish aquariumist who's out of a job. I thought getting a job with the city would be quick and easy. The Water Treatment Dept said I was over qualified.
  3. Share some of the funniest moments you had when keeping fish! I just looked at my 5.5 gallon betta tank and my nerite snail is trying to escape. It is out of the water, and I have no idea why it is trying to escape. Should I pluck it back in the water? Once, one of my pygmy corydoras were sleeping diagonally with its head in the water and its tail on the gravel.
  4. My spouse: "So when you're on the forum talking to other people, are you schooling?"
  5. Maybe I failed math as a kid, but I'm a little confused LOL.
  6. I just saw this aquarium decoration at Petco and I couldn’t help but wanna post it.
  7. I watched my Cory cats lay eggs yesterday and this morning I notice that a snail has 4/5 Cory eggs stuck to it's she'll. Has anyone else ever have this happen??
  8. Reading this book as we begin our gardening season here in FL. I came across this & thought, "Hey! that's what Nerms do at their aquariums! " So... what should Garden nerds be called? Because, I think I might be one of those too!
  9. I noticed my convict chiclid likes to “play” a lot and I was wondering if I could buy some toys or something like that for her
  10. The struggle is real...but also entertaining:
  11. @Cory, I was showing a co-worker Murphy and singing the praises of the Co-Op. He was quick to point out that y'all are based right where "a lot of the bigfoots live." He wanted to know how many times you've seen Sasquatch, or how many times he's been to the store.
  12. The air coming up one sponge filter lift tube could not even clear the surface due to the duckweed. I have no doubt it was effecting the oxygen level in the tank. The fish were all hovering around the one filter that had a bit of space still left around it at the surface. I had no idea until I removed the lid from the back of the tank. The moral of this story: A little duckweed goes a long way. Slow and steady wins the race to cover the water surface. A duckweed in the hand is worth a million in the tank. Necessity is the mother of a hair pick for tank upkeep. Duckweed goes before destruction. Duckweed of a feather flock together. Every man (or woman) should be content to mind his own duckweed. Don't count your duckweed until it's... Well, good gracious! Don't try to count it at all. Just keep it under control! 😆😆😆
  13. 1. Get home and go upstairs 2. Stare at fish for 10 minutes 3. Feed fish 4. Stare at fish more 5. Go downstairs 6. Find what's in the photos on the island 7. Go back upstairs 8. Stare at fish
  14. Love the Monday livestreams! Go Coop and Steenfott!
  15. Sloppyscaping: instead of separating micro culture plants and painstakingly gridding them out in ADA soil, you grab handfuls of guppy grass, slap a rock on the bottom part, anchor some in pool sand, and call the hair moss intentional. It will not win awards, but your husband won’t divorce you for spending more money on Anubias than you do on food. And it leads to some cute moments like this one: This is just meant to be sort of a picture journal of experiments and failures in aquarium keeping. New to the hobby so if you see me try something that will result in complete disaster please do intervene! the Sloppyscape, A Gupster’s Paradise. I am not sure how many mutts are in here but there are also Corydoras julii, MTS and ramshorn snails, and pond snails that feed other fish. 40g with a canister filter, trying to figure out what else could go into it. I am playing with the idea of trying to do some kind of Pandaria themed tank with panda guppies, and potentially panda corys? I have a variety of 5-20 gallon tanks I could use, but am not sure where to start with stones or plants. I have a 12 gallon rimless nano with an integrated back sump that I would like to use, but I’m not yet sure how intense the flow on the pump is or if it can be adjusted.
  16. Me on YouTube: “All the fish in this community tank get along GREAT!” Threadfin Acara: “🐟💭” Me the next day: “Now where are those tetras?” Experienced Aquarist: 😂 —————————— 🧙‍♂️“... if it can fit in the mouth, it will eventually go there!”
  17. I saw a random tweet about how sea urchins like to use shells and rocks as "hats" for cover. Apparently an aquarist came up with a cute and totally Nermy idea...
  18. Have others seen guppies bubble surfing? This a first for me. I am moving fish from one aquarium to another and have a bunch of guppies in a 5 gallon bucket with an airstone this morning, and I noticed them chasing the bubbles and leaping. If I take the airstone out they just lollygag around.
  19. I have a laser dot that my dogs chase. I also have a temperature gun that has a red dot. I was checking the accuracy of my thermometer with it an all 10 of my neon tetras started chasing the dot, just like the dogs. Laughed so hard I cried.
  20. When pulling water for a test from a fry tank always look closely in the test tube. Never know what might have gotten in
  21. the new kitten enjoys watching the goldfish, do your pets like watching your fish? one of my dogs loves to chase them around when he can (terrier problems 😂). not an issue when the tank is up high but he would really get a workout in when i had tanks on racks and eye-level to him. share your pets watching your fish photos and videos! id love to see your cute furballs.
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