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  1. Congratulations to all the members that received a care package you all deserve it .. I am so tickled happy that you are getting spoiled . i love this forum I do not get in here as much as I want .. but I come here and Aquarium-Co- op first if i need advice or fish products .. plus ...there is no one or fish club or fish store near me it is nice to have this forum to come talk fish and tanks . I have had a tank29 gallon and fake plants for 14 years but upgradesd to a bigger tank added live plants this forum and members and Aquarium a co-op team has been allot of help to me while I am setting up my new tank and new plants .. so a big thank you to the members for all the help Thank You Aquarium Co-Op team for the Care Packages to the members of the forum very thoughtful ,, you guys are the best
  2. update Want to thank everyone for the advice my algae is lots better I am adding a few more plants .... i put my lights on a timer 8 hours a day i have my lights on 60% and that is helping i feed my fish every other day .. i added Seachem Flourite Black Sand under my regular sand that seems to help too ..I watch my nitrates too ...plus i am going next week ,, to get a few snails 🐌 to help my bristolnose pelco
  3. a update on my anubias I lost it after the leaves turn black they died not a leaf left the rinezone even turn to mush I tried potassium and a few other things that people recommend but nothing helped ... i guess anubias and i do not work well together or something was wrong with it ... ...my java fern and banana plants and amazon frogbit are still ok my frogbit is multiplying ,,,i even just got a few more new low light plants plants
  4. @mustang_easThank you .... I have turn my light intensity down to 60% i even did a blackout on the tank and still have the problem with the black leaves no matter what i do with the light ..i ask a you tube person who was doing plant deficiency videos... he said something was off i do not have allot of plants yet ( working on that ) I sent him the photo and my plant , light and tank info .. he thinks it is a potassium deficiency he said anubias and java fern likes lots of potassium..He said if they do not get it enough potassium the leaves can turns black or brown and collects a algae and can gets holes too ..I thought i would start there and get some potassium and see if that helps . ..if not i might try the phosphate and etc .. I might have to keep playing till i get it right i am not sure if i can raise the Easy Green any more or not ... i am already doing it twice a week since i have a high plant light i might have to ask allot of questions here till i get it right
  5. Hello everyone , i have a 55 gallon and i have Black. Diamond Sand ,, before i added plants most of my plants I have goes on rock except for my banana plants & amazon frogbit I love the anubias and the java ferns mostly I have Finnex Alc 24/7 and i am only using it 8 hours a day Had a algae problem but the algae is getting lots better plants look lots better since i added floating plant my nitrate is 20 with the fertilizer, i am using Easy Green All Fertilizer twice a week and Easy Green root tabs under my 2 banana plants and i was using Easy Carbon till i got my frogbit I cut down my carbon after i added floating plant and all my plants are looking better except my anubias barteri it is turning black the leaves turning black but the roots and rhizone looks healthy It is not Algae it will not rub off i accidentally rub a hole in one of the leaves ... i even did a peroxide dip I thought it was algae and that did not help it is still there .. does any body know what it is and what to do for it i Do need more carbon or less carbon .. or do i need add iron or potassium .. i Got the iron for backup but have not used the iron yet i tried to take a picture of it it is not the best photo & i hope i made sense
  6. thanks @Cory for the info I will keep a eye on the shop ...i also was wondering would the Crinum be too big for 55 gallon if it is used for a centerpiece?
  7. i had gravel and wanted black sand I am using Black Diamond and i love it and it is not hurting the fish and i have a pelco and cories ... and they are doing fine with it .. Since i had fish and did not want to hurt them i did the tank in sections i put the old gravel in panty hose ( for easy removal later ) ,, left them in the tank then i added the sand a little at a time 1/4 i did not put all at one time ... .. most people clean it wrong .. you have to use very hot water and instead of cold .. the hotter the water the better .. it cleans better with hot water i watched this guy below how to clean it and i kept cleaning till it was clear i even re-wash in hot water it after it was clear if you let the water over flow in the bucket it gets the junk out faster you get a small film at the top but it does not hurt the fish it goes away after a couple water changes i left the old gravel in panty hose tell the sand was cycled then pulled the gravel out .. only drawback with Black Diamond some people might not like ( which i do not mind it ) has brown specks in it i think it looks like specs of dirt looks more like natural ps i did not find any medal in mine when cleaning
  8. hi i was not sure where to ask this question when will you be getting new plants in for online store specially the rare ones? i am holding off on a plant order for two plants and waiting on no snow & no cold days .. and want to buy from Co-Op first because they have the best plants and i trust them .. and Cory .... these two plants have been even out since my first plant order in November i was hoping they would be back up after the major lock down but those two plants still not up can you give me more info on these two plants i am looking at are Crinum Calamistrarum & Brucephalandra Green Wavy the Crinum Calamistratum is is hard to find anywhere (i just googled the plant )
  9. My cory catfsh and bristolnose pelco is funny eaters .. i feed them at night before bedtime ..they like vegetables more then fish food ,, i feed New Life Flakes, BugBites and Algae Wafers .. neither pelco or cories will not touch Rapashy .at all. my tetra love the rapahy though even though i bought for bottom feeders Good idea ... Might try the bloodworms in the Rapashy to see if that works i am thinking of trying the Xtreme foods to see if they like that brand better my Cories will eat the flake and Bug Bits if that is all there is and they are real hungry ...they will not touch the algae wafer at all my pelco will not eat the flake or bug bit pallets he will eat the waffles if that is only thing plus have wood in there too i am having a small algae problem with new plants right now my Pelco loves that Algae Vegetables i tried blanched the vegetables but they like it raw bettetb.. it might take a few hours to soften The Cory love green beans but my Pelco only likes Zucchini and Cabbage i tried almost all vegetables even cauliflower , lettuce ,carrot , cucumber ,broccoli green peas i heard they like pumpkin too i buy extra zucchini each week for my pelco and i have green beans and cabbage on regular bases i feed them twice a week vegetables to make sure they eat
  10. @Some_sugar thank you very much I will try that for sure ,, I have went 24 hours with no light before trying to lower light but never covered the tank and no light for more then 24. hours will try 2-3 days .. it is the green algae .... i have been doing 2 water changes per week instead of one and cleaning spot with a credit card when i see them ,, do not have razor blade .. also been cleaning sponge filter when i do water change it seems algae growing on that too .. i might have to boil sponge filter or replace it does not get better ( hate to boil it since it is cycled and came from old tank when i upgraded tank in Sept) i have a canister filter too along with the sponge filter , my bristolnose pelco loves hanging on sponge .. i know the Algae it is probably balancing my tank with light , fertilizer , and new plants , and feeding the fish ,,been feeding fish every other day instead of everyday plus i do have allot of water movement on top from both filters i also got Easy Green Carbon for a back up if needed later but trying to balance naturally first before using the a carbon I was waiting to order plants but ordered some Amazon frogbit heard floating plants it helps with algae and balance the tank ,, but only ordered the Frogbit right now it was on my plant list along a couple more Java Fern and anubis plants
  11. hello i am new to plants in my aquarium never had problems with Algae before with fake plants and bristolnose pelco .. but i am having Algae with my live plants in low tech no c2o tank i have 2 Windelov" Java Fern and 2 Banana plant and 1 Anubias Barteri and i have all in one Easy Green Fertilizer my plants specially Banana plants have the algae bad on them and also Banana Plants have holes in the leaves.. i have clean and do water changes and it still comes back been doing this for 3 months and the Algae is getting worse specially on the plants .. do i need the Easy green Carbon and Iron too? will that help ? i use sand and the Java and Anubias is on rocks .. Banana plant on top of sand i have a planted light and have adjusted the light schedule down to only 8 hours a day but the aquarium sits with no lights or windows near it except aquarium lights .. i also adjusted the food on my fish feeding to lower the waste i was thinking of getting the Easy root tabs for the banana plants .. if i get the algae under control i was going to get a few root plants too thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated
  12. hello everyone @MichelleN i have a styrofoam cooler that i use and pack the bags of fish in and i use air during the summer and hand heat packs warmers for winter i always make sure the fish shop is my last stop before heading home I also make sure no light hits the cooler if i carry them in first thing i have no problems so far @DemonHunter77 i live in Ravenswood i go to Belpre Aquarium in Belpre Ohio they are a very small older shop but they know their fish .. and sell very healthy fish .. i was recommended to them when i started out with my first aquarium been going to them ever since if i look for a certain fish they will help get it for me Brian is the owner’s son he is very good
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