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  1. I have a 20 gallon with: 8 or 10 neons (I can't remember the exact number) 2 black neons 2 glo tetras 1 bristlenose pleco The neons seem to always be hiding towards the bottom, except for feeding time. Could this be because the lack of plant coverage? The pogo use to over run the tank until it melted back after I had the lights off to control and algae issue.
  2. @lefty o That's what I was thinking. I was hoping I'd still have some room after I add bracing and shelf to put a 5.5 gallon under.
  3. I just got a 26 gallon bow front tank and stand combo from an old neighbor. The tank was made in 2005, so I assume the stand is just as old. I just resealed the tank. I was thinking about screwing in some 2×4s on the inside of the stand to help stabilize it a little more. Do you guys think this will work to stabilize it more or should I leave it be?
  4. @s1_ so you were able to do an entire 125 with one tube? I have a small 26 gallon bow, one should be enough?
  5. What BLACK silicone have you guys used to reseal your tanks?
  6. How do you all disinfect your nets? I am doing some "fall cleaning" and want just want to give my nets a good cleaning to kill any bacterial or diseases living on them.
  7. Do you guys have suggestions on where to buy line bred guppies?
  8. I don't necessarily need to breed this specific strain. Was just wanting to try it out and maybe sell to my local store, just was wanting to know for sure what kind of guppies they were. I guess they can be sold as a "mix breed".
  9. I am new to breeding fish. So, I am going to get some of these delta guppies. What kind of females do I get? Petsmart has the fancy blue, silver, and yellow. They don't have female delta guppies. Would any of these be okay? Also is the ratio 1:3 male female a good rule of thumb?
  10. What are these red spots on my guppy? Just noticed them today. pH 8.0 Nitrates 10 Hardness 150 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 180 Water Temperature 78
  11. Here's a little update. I got some hornwort and duckweed put in the pond. Also got a couple of orange male guppies and 4 females, so hopefully I'll start seeing some babies in a couple of weeks. I also have some pond snails and ramshorn snails. One of the ramshorn can be seen on the left side, upside-down on the duckweed.
  12. @KeegIs there a way to remove these from my plants before I move them to the mini pond. I want to keep them indoors over winter, but don't want the bugs. I removed the plant for now to try and get rid of whats left of them in the mini pond. Anything that will kill them? I'm actually not convinced they are Mosquitoes. I had a few little bugs flying around the mini pond.
  13. @Brandon p yours looks good! Yeah it was definitely a trick getting it just right, but worth the trouble.
  14. what are these tiny little jumping bugs. They are kinda hard to see. They appear to be brown.
  15. Well unfortunately, one of the two fish is not gonna make it. It now has some ich and is breathing heavy and kinda floating around. The second fish is still doing okay. No sign of ich, but I dosed some ich x and will keep him in quarantine.
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