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  1. How long have you had the shrimp before the die off? Is your water always that high in nitrate? Have you done anything new to the tank..i.e. new additives, change food, medications etc.
  2. Opps! Time to start again! LOL
  3. So the light isn't the best ....but..... Anubias and cyrpts can get by on less light. Is the light in the link one you think of getting?
  4. How big is your tank.....gallons and dimensions. What type of plants are you growing?This goes a long way in deciding which light is right for you.
  5. Nope. I work in Little Rock and get off at 6 pm , the drive from there is around 2 hours so it doesn't fit my schedule. I also don't have weekends off to attend any of the auctions. Very well aware of gsas just too far for me. Thanks for the invite anyway!
  6. Curious to know what your breeding set up consists of? Size tank,decor,water parameters?
  7. Hello! Good to meet you. I am in the South Sound area too....Tacoma. There isn't any fish group/gathering in the area that i am aware of. Many years ago there used to be a fish swap every few months in the Auburn area but it faded out long ago.
  8. My thoughts......most shrimp can't tolerate iron in the water. Typically, iron is a product found in various plant fertilizers. Make sure the ferts that you are using are free of iron.
  9. With plants I would do the same depth you had before.
  10. All 4 are males. This is what a female bosemani looks like. FEMALE
  11. Since you never fed the tank black worms before, my guess is detritus worm. They can be white or brown. Detritus worm
  12. Yes this is ICH there are several medications that can be used ,also a high temperature cure(you would have to google to find it.) I use Kordon Ich attack with much success.
  13. Yes........i use the 2 lb test stuff.
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