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  1. Some tips that I’d definitely recommend doing is that the second I see my grow outs pairing up I put them in there own tank set up how dean does. ( you will actually be surprised at how young they can start pairing off and breeding)Using the terra cotta pot bottoms definitely helps. I try to get the tank heavily planted and freed frozen food twice a day. Water Parameters: I have all my heaters set to 86-89(even my outdoor tanks and tubs that I use to breed Rams which I do keep shaded). I use ro water from a water store that has been slightly remineralized I add 15 Indian almond leaves per 5 gallons and let it sit over night before using. My pH ranges in the mid 6‘s.* However I do not do water changes i only top of using the water which I just explained therefore over time my tds does raise and I do currently have a ram breeding tank that have a tds of over 900 that being said the I do make sure to keep the pH on check I must also say that one of the reasons to which I believe I am able to pull off no water changes is because I do keep theses tanks heavily stocked with plants*
  2. @H.C. Aqua did a great video on how to treat for camallanus worms you can buy treatment at https://hawaiianhillbillyproducts.com/products/hawaiian-hillbilly-2-in-1-liquid-wormer
  3. Sounds good to hear that other people also keep black rams and medakas in there fish room. What type of rice fish do you have??
  4. I would definitely want to see and purchase L134,L046,Ram, or even a meadaka rice fish with egg decal sticker.
  5. Here I’ll be sharing some pictures of my PRL Crystal Red Shrimp. Let me know what you think and if you all have any questions?
  6. I’ve yet to have have a crash that takes on more than 35% of my shrimp (knock on wood) but just in cause I do ever have a crash I also try sprinkling a couple of my PRLCR shrimp around my other tanks for back up, I also keep the higher grade ones on those hang on Breeder boxes for selectively breeding as well as for back ups, lastly I also give some to my younger brother to throw in his tanks. I would definitely recommend spreading them out in other tanks when you establish your colony back up as well as giving some to friends or family so they can possibly get there own colony going and is you ever crash they’ll be there with some shrimp. But also to prevent crashes I’d recommend testing your water every now and then and be on the look out for temp swings especially now during the summer. Good luck with your Neos.
  7. Feel free to ask questions about my setups and how I condition to spawn. I’ll most likely be giving a backstory to how I started breeding Rams
  8. https://www.ourfishcollective.com/fish Tell peter, that Cristopher from Dammiguessaqua recommended him.
  9. Look up peter at guppy guru and quite possibly the waterfront I believe it is called if your close by. Also check out wel don tanks
  10. Great fish Dean, I had never kept Rams before and after watching your videos I’ve been cranking them out to the point where I don’t have space for them, good but bad problem to have.
  11. Hey there community I’m sharing a couple images of my rams that I’m currently breeding both indoors and outside. Also be sure to check me out on YouTube and Instagram at Dammiguessaqua
  12. Thanks a lot I’ve been having a lot of fun keeping them outside in tubs on my balcony.
  13. Hey there everybody, greetings from Southern California. Check out my instagram and YouTube channel Dammiguessaqua. Some of the species that I’m currently keeping are: 5 different color morphs of medaka rice fish, Dark knight rams, shell dwellers multies, CPD’s, pseudomugil luminatus, crystal red shrimp, guppies, and more...... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCGkZm8evDzF1MRR3B9xkA
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