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  1. I agree. I always feel the enthusiasm and joy in @Betsy’s updates and posts! Great positive energy.
  2. Looking real good! The frogbit looks really pretty. Glad to hear it’s growing well for you.
  3. Congratulations to @Aubrey, @H.K.Luterman, and @Kirsten!!! They are three active, awesome members! Hope you guys get some needed goodies.
  4. Looking really good! I’d say your first two attempts are going well. I like that massive stone you are using in the first tank.
  5. Cool looking little tank! That app is cool. Looks like you have a great vision for what you want. Good luck with it.
  6. That is a really beautiful betta! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Looks like he glows almost.
  7. Beautiful tanks. Your rams and paradise fish are beauties!
  8. @Betsy My water lettuce all melted as well. I thought it had a chance, but it may not like my water or something. I might try to order it again in late spring or go with another floater. I’m surprised the anubias didn’t make it. They are usually so tough. 😞 I’m glad there is another person out there who digs buce as much as I do! 🙂
  9. Wow, great job on the move! That picture really shows how huge that room is.
  10. That looks like quite a big order of plants! Hope they do well for you and you got them all planted all right.
  11. Congratulations on the new breeding! I definitely think picking up some “essence of Dean” while you guys were hanging out is the #1 reason they began spawning after all this time. 😛
  12. I really like what you did for the hardscape. It looks great! Your plants still look good after being in the dark for a while. Now that they have a Fluval light on them, I hope they explode with growth. I hope you try some stem plants again in the future and you are successful with them. I feel like with your light, sky’s the limit. I’m liking DBF. Rolls of the tongue easier. 🙂
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