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Found 6 results

  1. So my black Friday purchase was this husky shelving unit Model #426007 I need more tanks and this unit with the center bracing and 1000lbs per shelf seemed to be the best option. The unit is 48"x24"x78". Now my dilemma is when I set it up how many inches should there be between the lip of the tank and the bottom of the shelf above it? I was thinking about some 10g and 20g tall tanks, don't think 20long will fit unless I place them sideways. If anyone has any other suggestions and or advice please don't hesitate to share.
  2. I have some fluval stratum that I used for a tank. And after that I put it in a bag and I did not throw it away and it was in a gallon size bag for 3 months. Do you think I can dry it out and store it dry? Or is it to late and i have to throw it away. #fluval stratum
  3. I would love to slightly streamline my fertilizing process by mixing my general fertilizer with my potassium fert (and maybe a calcium supplement too) and storing them together so I only have to pipette one thing. Has anyone done this, or does anyone know of a reason it wouldn’t work? I know things *might* react and become less useable by the plants, but does anyone know for sure? Or almost sure 😉
  4. I ran three outdoor tubs this summer, with Walstad-style substrate layers. I planted a variety of stuff to make them look attractive and run like my organic soil indoor aquariums. When I broke them down, I transplanted everything into a new tank except for the substrate. Rather than let them sit outside inactive, I set them up on a rack in the basement, and will use them for low-effort breeding until spring, probably shrimp, since I can only visit them once a week Now I am picking plants again, but with different goals. I want to keep my soil active, and I want to be able to catch things without too much hassle. I am trying to focus on narrow-leaf plants that don’t grow too tall, and may propagate with runners. My cart currently has: Dwarf Sagittaria Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Cryptocoryne Lucens Cryptocoryne Parva I already keep and love all of these plants, and I will also have Salvinia Minima. I may get some Guppy Grass from a friend, but I have not used it before, and I mostly see it in tubs with no bottom plants. I would appreciate any comments on these plants and others for this purpose. Thanks, Jason
  5. So, I made a purchase from the Co-Op for a tank I'm setting up over Thanksgiving weekend, and I put a dwarf aquarium lily bulb in my cart to show my wife at a different time (it's easier to get her to look when she doesn't have to search), with the intention of taking it out before making the purchase. Then I got distracted, filled up the cart, and made the purchase; bulb and all. Long story short, I am hoping that because it's a bulb, I can store it out of water until the end of the month. I know next to nothing about bulb plants, so I don't have any idea if that is even possible...but I figured this would be the best place to ask. Is this something that is possible, and if so, what should be my next steps?
  6. I've reached a point in my planted tanks where a lot of my trimmings/runners need to be removed since I'm out of room. I'd like to be able to trade them in at my LFS once I've accumulated enough -- right now, mostly runners from vals and trimmed hygrophila, ludwigia, and bacopa. What's a cheap way to store them for -- say -- a month or two (and ideally let the stems sprout new roots)? A desk lamp over a bucket? Does the water need regular changes, circulation, heat?
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