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  1. It is definitely damage from the peroxide. I had the same thing happen. I was doing it as an experiment of how much peroxide the anubias can take. I soaked the BBA covered leaves in 3% peroxide. I was devastating to the anubias.
  2. I'm more about trying to breed fish and distributing it in the area! For example most of the super red plecos in the area came from my fish room. Also most of the Ancitrus sp. "Rio Paraguay". Right now I'm working on a few guppy's and Medaka rice fish to spread in the area. I'm not really interested in one of the "one fish I must have" idea, more so how can I find a fish that is missing in this area and try to fill this gap. There are some fish that I would love to crack the breeding to, such as panda garras, or the Nigerian red kribensis. I know I have a problem dreeding Kribs go figure.... How far in the Artic are you?
  3. Well the fish keep changing in the fish room, as I strive to bring in new species of fish to the area every year or so. Right now I have several strains of fancy guppies, a few color morphs of Medaka rice fish, high coverage red angels. However I think my favorite tank is my river tank. I have reticulated hill stream loaches, Borneo tiger hill stream loaches, Borneo spotted hill stream loaches, panda garra, and long fin white cloud mountain minnows. Also have six rock shrimp in there as well!
  4. Yes it was. It is titled Canadian Presidents Fish Room. It has been a while since than, things changed a bit. Thank you! It is hard to get out of there sometimes. Specially when the weather gets colder as I have a fireplace down there too!
  5. Hello Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, as I have been lurking on the Aquarium Co-Op channels, and website for a while! My name is Gabor Rac-Sabo (Gabe for short) and I have over 20 years of continuous fish keeping experience. However I have kept aquariums on and off for 35+ years. Currently I am looking after 20 planted aquariums in my fish room, and also the president of the Windsor Aquarium Society.
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