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  1. Here are some pictures. My light is just a basic hygger. There is almost no algae so I could try the double dosing after I increase it to around 10 per week. Just in case. Jungle val is new, just put in yesterday, looks beat up from shipping.
  2. I’m dosing 8 pumps weekly for my 75 gallon. It’s definitely K problem, Nitrates are as expected 20-25PPM.
  3. Thanks again for the info! I’ll also check the video out as well
  4. I’m starting to get little holes in my Hygrophila. Low tech tank and I’m dosing Easy Green along with seachem root tabs. I was reading that is usually a K problem. I’m no expert, but I don’t see that on easy green? Or I’m misinformed on the label. If it doesn’t provide it, what can I get that has it?
  5. Even that small! Perfect! The parents are on top of this to like I mentioned earlier it’s so cool to watch.
  6. I knew your name was familiar, I subbed a few months ago. Pretty cool! I’ll check it out. Thanks!
  7. I’m familiar with baby brine so I’m good to go with that and definitely not worried about over feeding this tank it’s 125 gallons what’s left will be taken care of. Next time when I move them to a holder ill keep an eye on it for sure. when should I switch to bbs?
  8. Pretty excited! The next batch will for sure be in a grow out I have everything was just surprised. As for food where would I look for infusoria? Tank has been up for months. It’s pretty adorable to see the baby fish run off from the location and the dad runs up and takes them back lol
  9. Hard to tell from picture, but they had babies within 2 weeks or less since introducing them. I didn’t know they had eggs so I’m not as prepared. I have Hikari first bites, are those small enough to feed if I let them dissolve in a syringe and water? I had a whole set up coming to take eggs out when that time comes but they hid them.
  10. I can’t find anything, so if you have have links or info let me know! I was curious to know if fish travel far in the wild or if they stick to a location? Always curious and felt kinda bad keeping fish in a smaller tank, do they get bored kinda thing? Unless their not developed to think like that. I got a 125 gallon, but I miss my 75 and thinking of downgrading back. Curious what you fine folks thoughts are? I promise I’m not weird, I’ve been home for 2 weeks so maybe I’m going crazy lol
  11. @Robert Do you guys have any apisto. borelli "Blue" left? How much do they cost? Looking for a pair maybe. Is it possible to keep a breeding pair in my 125 with another pair of GBR? It’s heavily planted. Thanks
  12. It’s called Hygrophila Siamensis. great plant I love it
  13. 1st picture is the one I can’t tell. Thought it was a male, but there is color in the spot it looks like. Though it’s much bigger than the 2 for others I have which are female in the 2nd pic. Also it doesn’t have the pink belly so I’m confused lol.
  14. I was just looking at that on AquaticArts.com they have a nice selection of rainbows Ivantoffs blue eye, pacific blue eye but Gertrude spotted blue eye looks the best. To bad the Co-op doesn’t have any.. Aquatic arts only does 1 day shipping which is very expensive.
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