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  1. My ricefish tend to hang out on top all the time too. Though they go down to the bottom at night. i rarely see fry except for when I keep breeding colonies with a spawning mop that I can pull and hatch. I’ve had very little success just colony breeding in a tub.
  2. That’s what I use to feed about 22 goldfish. Next time cut off a small chunk and freeze the rest for the next day.
  3. I live in Utah so cold winters as well. My goldfish can usually stay out year round. With my fancy goldfish I use a 300 watt heater, and if necessary a few layers of clear plastic, during the winter. My tubs are 110 gallons and get a lot of sun so that largeish amount of water does help keep the water temperature fairly even with the extra help from the heater.
  4. Feed a lot less than you’d think. But this s pretty standard for my goldfish for sure. Throw in some snails or plecos to clean it up for you!
  5. Also get some Repashy Super Gold. They love that too. My favourite food, especially for grooming young goldfish is blood worms and this Hikari food https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/fish-food/products/saki-hikari-fancy-goldfish My current goldfish are eating the Repashy, Sera pond food, Hikari Fancy Goldfish, Xtreme Big Fella, Bloodworms, Southern Delight Fancy Goldfish, and lots of duckweed. I have 23 goldfish and they’ll all always eat all of the above (and generally anything else).
  6. Oh that’s good to know. I had been kicking around the idea of using a sponge instead of just a strainer but then I still have to clean sponges so not really saving time. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. BBS and fry food (aquarium coop or hikari brand, whatever I have on hand). Works well for me.
  8. I use marine salt in my guppy and my indoor goldfish tanks. I’ve never had a problem, but I can’t promise it’ll work for a everyone. i don’t add much. They are usually in the 1.001 to 1.002 specific gravity range.
  9. My longest lasting heaters are Aqueon and Eheim Jager. Both seem to work well for me, and I can always get the Aqueon ones locally which is nice.
  10. Hey all, apologies if this topic has been addressed already, but has anyone bothered to run their fish room on a central sump? I’m finishing electrical in the new fish room and I’ve been kicking around the idea of a central sump. I understand the disease concerns but I’m fairly meticulous about quarantine. In my case it would simplify maintenance as an auto water change isn’t possible here. I’m running a few saltwater tanks on a central sump so I’m familiar with the concept. Just wanted to see if others had tried it and had any concerns and ideas? thanks!
  11. Just wanted to share a few photos of my favourites. I’ve got about 25 or 26 (honestly I’ve lost count). Due to time I don’t bother with the traditional keeping practices, but my way works well at least for pet quality fish. I generally let them live their lives in big above ground ‘ponds’ during the summer so they can eat bugs and algae (and twice daily feedings). The ponds have cattails and pickerel rush which handles most the ammonia though I also run several sponge filters as well. definitely wish more people were keeping these, but they can be more difficult to source than the side view ranchu.
  12. I’d definitely be interested in how you condition your rams.
  13. I’m keeping orange, gold, and platinum white. Hoping to add a few more varieties once I perfect my systems. I’m only seeing a handful of fry at a time since I’m not pulling mops fast enough.
  14. Way more Utah folks than I expected!
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