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  1. Hi all: I am a long-time hobbyist but fairly new to planted tanks. I've seen Cory add salt into aquariums with live plants and understand that most plants can tolerate some salt. My aquarium is planted with dwarf water lettuce, water sprite, anubias nana petite, java fern and some java fern. I am getting ready to make a second treatment reformer and want to add some salt for the synergistic effect on internal parasites. My question is how much salt can I safely add before it becomes too toxic for my plants? Would you use normal salt, Epsom salt (for the laxative effect on expelling parasites and mineral benefits to plants) or a combination of the two? Water parameters are: Temperature 78 degrees PH 7.2 Zero ammonia and nitrites, nitrates vary but never more than 40ppm Moderate hardness
  2. I treated my 29 gal freshwater tank with aquarium salt to get rid of ich. I treated the water for 3 weeks and no longer see any evidence of ich. I have performed one 30% water change, replacing with water that does not have salt. How many more times do i do this before i can add my pleco and nerite snail back in. I removed them to a 5 gal tank prior to adding the salt. i want to be sure the salt level is reduced enough to not harm my pleco and snail.
  3. Hello I was wondering if someone can answer my question. Is aquarium salt safe for shrimp and snails in small quantities? I am wanting to switch to brine shrimp for my fish and I don't want to lose any shrimp or snails. Thank you for helping me @Cory
  4. Greetings A week ago, I bought 6 adults and 1 tiny guppies at my LFS for my species only 10g tank (well, and 1 nerite snail). Aqueon quietflow 10 filter, pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f. Half live plants/half plastic. One guppy was much more frail, and was always constipated. He started having issue swimming, his belly sank in and yesterday I put him in a hospital container when his fins started clamping together. Treated him with salt but the next day he was even more miserable so I euthanized him. SIP. After I put him in the hospital container, I did a 10% WC in my 10 g. I noticed one fish started rubbing on plants, filter, rocks and substrate rather often, several times in a row. Then 2 other started but much less often. I tested my water (pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f.). Did yet another 10% WC. Used Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability. The fish that was doing the flashing the most is still doing it, but less frequently- maybe once every 15-30 minutes. I haven’t seen the other 2 do it. They all eat and seem to poop just fine. There is no white dots so I do not think it’s ich but I read it could be gill fluke? I live in Canada so I only have access to salt. Should I treat my tank or wait and see? Will the salt affect the fry? How much flashing is too much flashing? If I treat the tank with salt, will it kill my plants (marino moss ball, anubia barteri var nana, Bacopa Caroliniana & cryptocoryne tropica)? If I move the fish to a hospital tank - I do not have one that is cycled right now... or should I just remove the plants and put them in a temporary container with the led lights while I treat the main tank? Is it dangerous if I use the same syphon hose/scaping tool for my 20g? Karen
  5. Hiya all, just wondering can I use aquarium salts with other medications at the same time? Or should salt only be used alone? Trying to cure dropsy in my Neón tetra. Quarantine tank set just would like to know if mixing is an option. Also I have 10 neons 2 of which are sick should I quarantine the 2 or all of them so they stay together and not Linley!
  6. So, I feel like this is a no brainer, but is there any reason why you can’t use marine salt like Instant Ocean for medicating fish? I use API aquarium salt at work a lot for medicating fish and it’s always a pain in the butt dissolving it. I use Instant Ocean at home for BBS and it dissolves easily. The only issue I could see is it raising the PH more than API.
  7. K. M.

    Ich on Betta

    I'm new to the aquarium hobby and haven't had to treat ich ever before. I have a 10G planted tank for my betta. He had tank mates (neon tetra and a clown pleco) which unfortunately succumbed to ich :( . Water parameters were good following a half water change. I began treatment with aquarium salt (1tsp per gallon) about 38 hours ago. He has several white spots on his fins, but they have not spread. Cory's video on Ich said that it would spread a lot, but it hasn't been the case for my betta. I'm not sure if the lack of spread is due to it not being ich or because I've been using aquarium salt. I tried to get a picture, but unfortunately the little dude was camera-shy today. I'm unsure if I should stay the course and just let the aquarium salt do its thing, or pair Ich meds with it. I'd love to hear input from anyone who has dealt with this!
  8. Have any of y’all had a tank that constantly battling ich it’s crazy my Cory cats loaches IDs and upside down cat all fine been in there for a grip but seems every time I get a new cichlid to put in there as grow out etc it’s ending up with ich by the time I catch it get meds ordered seems they die before they come this time I ordered double the meds and in mean time try heat and salt treatment but seems to be reoccurring do I need to completely drain tank and clean it wouldn’t this mess up cycle????
  9. would i be ok with adding aquarium salt to my 10g which has a dwarf red lotus, anacharis, guppy grass and a pea puffer in it? Its for my new bumblebee goby that i put in there a few days ago. he's not eating and im wondering if adding salt will help out. tank in question:
  10. RyanR

    Is This Popeye?

    Is this Popeye on this Molly? I put her in the 10 gal QT with 3 tbsp of salt. It's the same fish, one pic was taken before she got moved to QT.
  11. Hi everyone, Quick question: Can panda cory’s tolerate salt as a treatment? I figure they are a form of catfish and I thought catfish don’t do well in salt. But I may also be confused about now, as I’ve read so much in the past month that the info is a bit garbled in my mind
  12. We have had this betta (Cinnabar) for about a month now. 6 days ago we noticed his eye was cloudy and swollen. We immediately moved him to a hospital tank from the community tank (with mollies and Glow tetras). We have been treating with maracyn for 5 days now (recommended directions) and I has not improved or declined. Should we continue the treatment or see if medicating with salt would work better? the tank parameters are GH- 100, KH-120, pH-7.1, and NO2 and NO3- 0, water temperature- 78F. This is the first time we have experienced this and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!!
  13. Anyone know what’s going on here? Something is coming out of its butt?
  14. I just brought home my first fish, a pair of Dwarf Gourami. I was nervous walking into the fish store because I haven't been going out during pandemic barely at all. Then the store manager was pretty aggressive in the way she handled the fish and it was pretty off putting but I just wrote it off as being in the business for a long time. After she scooped them out she said "You have aquarium salt right?" And I said "I don't" and she said "Oh you need it, it is a necessary component, we put it in all of our aquariums, 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons." I knew something wasn't right but at the moment I couldn't recall that you don't want to use salt in a planted tank. I bought it anyways cause she was so intense about it. She had asked me if I had a plants prior to this. She also basically said I was dumb for planning on drip acclimating them. She said drip acclimation was useless unless they had traveled a long distance for a long time. (I still drip acclimated them when I brought them home because I don't think it hurts either way.) Do you think she knew there was something already wrong with my fish? I've attached a picture in case someone who knows more sees something I do not. They are both very active but the powder blue one is slightly less quick and his head is a little wider than the other. They are spending a lot of time right up on the glass like they are trying to find their tank boundaries. They both ate flakes after I got them acclimated into the tank. I just ordered the trio of meds to have my bases covered if something obviously wrong starts to present itself. I'm just nervous I guess, to have been given such odd advice. Tank Info: Fishless Cycled for 5 weeks GH KH pH Nitrite Nitrate Temp 300 120 7.8 0 20 78.3
  15. Dear fellow forum members, I have a dilemma, i want to use treatment level 1 salt in my tank as one of the guppies has a tiny bit of fungus but have an ancistrus in there. I have read conflicting information about using salt with ancistrus so thought i’d reach out to you all for help. I do have a hospital tank i could use for the guppy but would rather treat the tank in case any of the others are affected. Can i use salt at treatment level 1 with my ancistrus or will it harm him? Thanks in advance for your help x
  16. I was watching a video the other day and @Cory added marine aquarium salt to one of his tanks. He stated he was addi g it primarily for the minerals present in marine salt rather than for salinity. My water has basically no minerals in it out of the tap. Would marine salt be feasible for adding minerals in with water changes? Is there any reason you can't use Marine salt to treat fish like you would freshwater salt? What other ways do you people recommend for adding minerals to my water?
  17. What’s a safe amount to lower snail population in a tank that you can’t add predators cause you have shrimp in the tank ? What’s a safe amount that will help but not harm ur plants ?
  18. Hello, I currently have a 5 gallon and 10 gallon planted display tanks, and I am setting up a 55 gallon display, 5.5 gallon fish quarantine and 2.5 gallon plant quarantine. The 5.5 will only have plastic plants so I can treat fish before adding them to a main tank. Is aquarium salt a good over all treatment for fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections? How much would you recommend using? Have read 1tbsp per 10gallons and 1tbsp per 5 gallons. Also, are there certain fish or inverts I should use aquarium salt on? Ive heard mixed this about thia too.
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