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  1. Hey all, I have a colony of Chapalichthys pardalis (the Leopard Goodeid) and I've had them in their tank for about 8 months now. All was fine and they were even breeding, so I was quite pleased. (Great little fish btw.) I had one fish a week ago present with something that looked like hole-in-the-head. I thought that was mainly a cichlid disease, so I suspected also that it could have been trauma from aggression from tankmates (they chase around a lot but I've never seen them actually fight.) The spot had gotten quite a bit worse over about 3 days (it spread and showed obvious deformity to the head, but wasn't exactly deep.) I isolated it and added aquarium salt and erythromycin... it went from very active and behaving normally to dead within minutes of putting him in that isolation tank. 😕 I had even animated him to the temp, used dechlorinator, and half of it was water from his old tank. So not sure what was going on there. Here is the fish that died: I thought it was perhaps a fluke- an older adult with a weakened immune system- but now I can see the beginnings of the same spot on two other adults in the colony. This suggests to me that I should treat the entire tank, but with what? Does anyone have experience using aquarium salt with goodeids? It ought to be ok. I have had bad luck in the past adding erythromycin to QT tanks. This is the second time that I've had a fish die within minutes of exposure. (I know we talk about the fallacy of treating a sick fish with a med, and yet sick fish dies anyway, but it is not normal for this to happen so quickly.) Behavior has been 100% normal. 20gal tank with what is now 4 adults and about 8 large fry. Planted tank witha sponge filter as well as a Fluval U1 underwater filter. Params: 70.2*F, pH 8.0 (normal for my hard water), nitrate a bit high at 50ppm (got a little overenthusiastic with the Easy Green,- I'll do a water change), nitrite 0 ppm, hardness GH 300+, buffer KH 300+, Chlorine 0ppm. All of this is pretty normal. I have been struggling with excess mulm in the tank lately but unsure if that would cause an issue. I do weekly water changes from 30-50%, using Prime to dechlorinate. No ides what has caused this. I contacted the breeder I purchased them from and he said he had never seen it in his colony and recommended metronidazole if it is hole-in-the-head, which like I said, I'm not sure. But it certainly seems like something infectious. Please help! This is an endangered goodied species and I will feel very bad if I lose them. (Well, I'd feel bad regardless.) Please be clear in your answer if you have experience treating goodieds or if you've just mined info from the internet. I am trying to figure out if they are particularly sensitive to meds or something. Thank you! Current fish: pardon this blurry pic, of course they won't cooperate 🙄
  2. Hello all, My goldfishes (2) are currently suffering stage 2 of fin rot. I have read the article regarding how to treat it but my parents won't let me buy the medications for them, so I have turned to with aquarium salt. I don't have that either so I searched up substitutes for it and decided to use Kosher salt. I just want to ask if anyone has experiences with using Kosher salt with their fishes before? Also, should I take out the carbon packet from my filter during the treatment? thanks for your time. -Ceci
  3. Tank info: PH 8, KH 7, GH 5 yesterday, ammonia zero, nitrite zero, nitrate 5 today ammonia 0.25,nitrite zero, I did not check nitrate. Tank size 10 gallon Tank temp 77F number of fish in the tank:5 Only this guy developed this red dots on tail _______________________ I got guppy yesterday and one of them in quarantine tank developed this red spots on tail.Could be injury (he was most skitish one and as soon as he went into tank, he was sticking to the aquarium coop sponge filter and it could have rub against his tail, or maybe nipped by other fish), could be ammonia (yesterday it was ammonia zero nitrite zero, nitrate 5 but today, ammonia was 0.25ppm.Nitrite was zero though. At this point, I added prime and stability until I figures out what to do. I would like to try aquarium salt first.Is this good way to go? Only this guy has this and rest of them are fine. This guy got more comfortable in the tank and he has good appetite and swim fine, not hiding corner or anything like that. Day 1. Do water change and add 2 tablespoons aquarium salt. My tank is 10 gallon. Day 2 and after. After water change add 1 teaspoon salt. I take out 2 gallon when water change. Other question will be how often do I need to do water change when dosing aquarium salt? I normally do weekly water change but I should do more frequent? I have used aquarium salt in the past last year or so with fin nipped guppy and started from 1 tsp per gallon dosage but I do not remember if I added initial dose of salt to the tank size first or not. When I was doing that, one day, I up the salt level to 1 tbs per 2 gallon dosage (I do not remember the level but took from salt post from aquarium coop blog and up the level and I guess it was sudden change and guppy I was treating passed awaty next day..So I wanted to make sure step of adding salt to the tank and its amount. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, I know that you're not supposed to feed your fish while doing a treatment with the Med Trio, or any of the medications, but what about if you are treating with salt? I plan on doing about an aquarium salt treatment on one of my ranchu goldfish (in a QT tank) for probably about a week to start and am wondering if I can feed him during that time and do water changes to keep the water clean. I am aware of the dosing requirements with salt and water changes (aka salt doesn't evaporate, etc). Thank you!
  5. Hi! Im having trouble taking care of a fish. This angelfish has been handed to me for care. But, i do not know what has happened to it. I don't know if the cloudy eye is from trauma or because of a disease. It used to live in a 55 gal with two other angelfish and a baby irredescent shark. The owner told me that the tank was neglected a few times. When I got the fish the irredescent shark had amonia burns in the fins. Which have gotten significantly better. I treated the fish with paracleanse first, then myradel. Now im using salt. Also there's tanins in the water because of driftwood. First picture is the right eye with the cloudy eye. Second picture the left eye for comparison. What can I do?
  6. I’ve always used API melafix & white spot cure for quarantining new fish, and I’ve been lucky enough so far that I’ve never had to treat sick fish, but I was wondering if there are any other meds I should buy that I’ll be able to find in the UK?
  7. Hello! Unfortunately I've spotted a small patch of columnaris on one of my leopard danios in QT - I've already dosed Ich-X (was already treating for it) and put one treatment of maracyn in today, although I'm still concerned because..well I've never hard anything survive columnaris unfortunately. Would it be helpful to supplement with a low amount of aquarium salt, or do you think the meds are enough/salt would add just more stress? Thanks!
  8. I don't have any local source for medications so I'm wanting to get some to have on hand. What would you recommend?
  9. Can the quarantine trio be used in conjunction with salt?
  10. Temp: 72F Hardness: 350PPM GH Alkalinity: 230PPM pH: 7.6 So I adopted 6 little golfish that are in extreme bad shape. A 14 year old kid said he did not want them anymore in my local fish group, and nobody wanted them so I felt bad for the fish. Now I have 6 little guys. Placed them in a quarantine 20long tank, and one day after putting them there, along with dosing pure malachite green, I see the tank CRAWLING with these guys: They're kind cool/fascinating, but sadly a pest. I'm guessing the malachite green made them detach from the goldfish? Anyways, I've been keeping the lights off because for some reason, when I turn them on, some of the goldfish start to dart around really bad, and one of them even seems to want to jump out of the tank (got a lid). I dosed more malachite green today, since they also seem to have fin rot. Poor guys were in extreme bad shape, but luckily not a single one has passed. What should I use for em? Med trio? How about salt, would salt be enough to completely eradicate these lice? Woudl it be better a highly concentrated salt bath, or dosing the aquarium itself?
  11. I have searched the internet looking for a hard answer but can't find one. I am doing a salt treatment of 1 tbsp per 2 gals in my 75 gel tank that had ich. I am going on my 4th week at this dose and would like to do 1 more week before I start backing down. How long can most fish tolerate this level of salt before they start to be harmed by it? I don't want to go too long and kill fish. Thanks.
  12. Last week I rescued a small fancy fantail from a pet shop with black marks that I believe are from ammonia burns. I am pretty sure that they are healing burns because their black color is beginning to fade after a few days in my clean cycled 10 gallon quarantine tank with fresh water, conditioned with Seachem Prime. Upon close examination it looks like there are a couple tiny spots forming that look like fungus. My question is, can I use aquarium salt as treatment when the fish is healing from ammonia burns? My water parameters are: ammonia:0 nitrite:0 Nitrate:10 ph: 7.8 Thanks, I would appreciate any feedback.
  13. My question was directed at Cory, but should I at least put a little salt in my guppy breeding tank? If so how much? Thank you guys for your help.
  14. Are the amounts of kosher salt used to treat sick aquarium fish roughly equivalent to what's recommended for 'aquarium salt'? I know that in cooking, kosher salt and table salt substitution ratios are not a 1-to-1 . So I'm wondering the same about using kosher salt in aquarium disease treatment? Anyone have some good info on this topic?
  15. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if the salt in the brine shrimp water is harmful to corys. I ask because I don’t have a sieve to rinse the shrimp.
  16. I've had to start treating my betta for fungus issue. I'm currently at the highest level 1 tbls per 10 gal. Do I need to do water changes while doing this? I am also dosing him with ich x. I'm certain he has water fungus...water mould? which is also known as saprolegnia. It's been a week I just moderately treated him with salt and mostly relying on ich x to heal it but I see no improvement. I did a salt dip once with no result either. So before he goes too much longer I need to upgrade my treatment. I feel I should also add maracyn for possible secondary infection. Any ideas? In particular with the addition of so much salt while dosing with ich x...the question of water changes is confusing me.
  17. Ik on the bottle it says it's safe for marine use. But I've just came from a diff forum regarding this questions and I haven't found the answer yet. In that thread everyone was confused so it wasn't really helpful. Basically someone called Hikari if they could use prazipro with salt in a freshwater tank, and the man who answered said no, and that made them wonder why it was then marketed to be safe for marine uses blah blah blah. So yeah, if anyone knows please do tell.
  18. I got 12 new guppies to restock an empty 24gal aquarium from both Petsmart and Petco. While in the 10gal receiving tank I ran one full application of Paracleanse and had just started a round of Ich - X (I didn't know I could apply them all together at the same time...) when two of the males began having a hard time swimming, and one of the females began to get a white patch on her back (Pics). I went to start a treatment of Maracyn, but realized I bought Maracyn Two instead of the regular. I ordered it promptly but all three died the following day, and a second female got the white patch. This last Thursday I started treating them with salt, at 1Tbsp per 2 gal of water. This seemed to clear up the white patches, but the guppies still got lethargic and died... As of today, 3/13 I only have two guppies left and the Maracyn just came in. Is it ok to add Maracyn during salt treatments? Or do I need to start water changes? What else could be affecting these guppies? Thank you!
  19. My dwarf gourami has a few little nicks in his scales plus he's getting fat eating before my other fish so I put him in quarentine. When I added the salt it was not all dissolved and it looks like he ate a small piece as it was falling through the water. Anything to be concerned about with him eating it? Im at 4 tbs per 10 gallons right now to try to heal him. Haven't fed for 2 days. Was thinking about feeding a pea tomorrow. Haven't seen any poo in the 3 days hes been in quarentine.
  20. Can ghost shrimp tolerate a level 2 or 3 salt treatment?
  21. I have some pandas corys with fungus my 20 gallon and haveing a hard time calculating the doses.
  22. i think i just might have made a huge mistake today after work when i started to add aquarium salt to my brand newly cycled 55 gal, but i think, hope, feel, i can water change it away before ireversable damage has been done. good news is i only added 2 or 3 tbl spoons pre daluted aquarium salt before i caught myself and stopped. i have 5 female swordtails in the tank and a handfull of hitchhiker snails. as far as plants i have pogostemon stelatus octopus, anubius gold coin, a cpl types of swords, and a few java ferns. my paramaters , PH 7.2 or 7.3, GH 7dkh, KH 6dkh, nitrates 20 nitrites 0 ammonia 0 my question is how badly did i mess up if at all? should i do a large W.C. or a series of small W.C. right away? or is that small of an amount of AQ salt not gonna have any impact at all on 55 gal. tank? im still fairly new to fish keeping and brand new to plants but im absolutely obsessed with learning all i can so any experienced or educated input?advice is much appreciated, thank you
  23. So I was wondering just how much is a bad thing? Sure, I know that depends on the type of plant and the type of salt and possibly starting water parameters. Who knows what is in public water anymore. But I was just wondering if anyone has found or have any credible information? Thanks
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