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  1. Surprisingly I stumbled on a 0-0-1 fert, it's actually Aqueon, if anyone else is looking.
  2. @Wes L. sounds like the easier option! I hope it does the trick , if not I'll try the flourish trace. Maybe it's just about time for a complete rescape🤔 its been a while...
  3. @Wes L. my substrate is fluval stratum but I did put some root tabs in this morning as the stratum is getting a bit old, maybe that will fix the problem. I have been dosing higher to try and get more trace elements to correct the problem, knowing this makes the nitrates higher I have also been doing larger water changes. It's just become work to keep up with it. I was hoping there is a product that is more or less just the trace elements. But I think I'll just hold off and see if the root tabs do the trick. This tank is heavily planted with vallisneria and stem plants as well, I'm afraid they may be sucking up the trace elements.
  4. I have pinholes in the leaves of my crypts. I'm currently dosing easy green 1-2x per week but my nitrates are wanting to stay over 40ppm. Is there a fertilizer I could add into my routine with much less to no nitrates and more of the rest?
  5. @MengoYep that was my Val above. Just hang in and it will start sending out shoots that grow. I've found if I cut it that it doesn't always continue to grow upwards.
  6. @James Black thanks! Thats what I was thinking would be best but I wanted to check, this is the first time hes been overwintered outside. I'll just give him plenty of time to acclimate to the temperature change.
  7. Our pond goldfish was up at the top today, acting pretty normal but it looks like his slime coat is sloughing off. I realized I topped off the pond yesterday with the hose and got distracted and forgot to dechlorinate it. I've got a 15 gal green water tank in the house I could put him in to recover or leave him out? Pond temp is about 50 degrees. He has some debris sticking to his slime coat. What's the best way to go here? Bring him in or keep him out and watch....any suggestions
  8. @Pete thanks! It grows like a weed anyway, probably won't hurt to slow it down a minute😂🤦‍♀️
  9. I treated with 3% hydrogen peroxide on Sunday for algae and my vals are looking rough. This isn't the first time I've used H202 but I usually just use it as a spot treatment. I followed Irene's instructions on 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons and let sit with lights off and filters off for an hour. Is it the peroxide or a deficiency?
  10. Also have you checked your tap water to see if that's where your spike is coming from?
  11. @Mikeo from my experience it takes a really long time for the melted leaves to regrow at that spot, if they ever do. You should start using easy green but it won't help with the melting.
  12. @Ramie the green spotted puffer was probably 15 years ago. Super fun fish, I would love to have another puffer. I can't say for sure how long my previous bettas have lived, I'm going to say 2 years. My current one is at 3 years. My swim bladder problem was so extreme with the previous that I was only able to feed 1 or 2 pellets a day, I think there may have been something making it so severe. With the stratum the ph is stable, plant heavily because it will bring on the algae. It takes about 24hours to change the ph to where it stays for me. Test it before fish. Then I keep some in my clean water bucket and let it sit 24 hours so I don't create swings with changes. I have done small changes without letting it sit and had no issue.
  13. I not personally kept pea puffers. I've kept green spotted puffers, but they will need salt. I don't think you should have a ph issue with them but I could be wrong. And my water is the same, comes out of the tap at 8.4 with a gh around 300. I use fluval stratum to knock it down to 7.4 and my betta does fine. I have kept bettas in the 8.4 but feel like I have more swim bladder issues (could be complete coincidence). Care Guide for Pea Puffers – The Smallest Pufferfish in the World WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Pea puffers are one of the coolest oddball species you can keep in a smaller-sized aquarium. They’re...
  14. What about a pea puffer? I've never had a Molly alone but I know pea puffers can be kept that way...just a thought. From my experience puffers have more personality and I feel like you may miss that with just one molly.
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