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  1. I wanted to try documenting my 4ft, mainly Cryptocoryne aquarium here. This is going to be my first time trying a long term tank. This simply in my opinion just means to keep the tank going as it is without rescaping or resetting it for many years. No big changes to the tank basically. I hope to have the tank running at least 10 years, more if possible! Tank Set Up Date: September 30, 2021 Tank Dimensions: 48x18x18in Light: 2x Kotobuki Flat Led for 8hrs (basically the same as Finnex Stingrays) Filter: Eheim 2217 Canister with Substrat Pro - No sponges Co2: Neo Acrylic diffuser for 8hrs Substrate System: 3x 2Litre bags of Marfied Trophical Base. 2-3in of Ooiso Gravel. Current Plant List Crinum calamistratum Nymphaea micrantha Cryptocoryne wendtii brown Cryptocoryne wendtii mi oya Cryptocoryne wendtii green gecko Cryptocoryne wendtii kompakt Cryptocoryne bekettii petchii Cryptocoryne lucens Cryptocoryne crispatula balansae Cryptocoryne bullosa Cryptocoryne spiralis tiger and I think that’s all I have in there for now 😅 lots of crypts.. Hoping to add a few more plants as I go. And yes! This post is made 3 months after I set the tank up so I’ll slowly add and look for pictures that I took and upload them until we reach the present day. Let me know what you think, if there’s certain plants you’d add, or changes you’d make 🙂 oh and the fish going in would most likely be rainbows. This tank was hugely inspired after seeing @Cory’s tour of Gary Lange’s Fish Room.
  2. Found some at an old school LFS. 😃 Are there any secrets I should know? It’s pretty unimpressive right now.
  3. I've planted Crypt parva in gravel about 3 weeks ago. The crypt is in a 20 gallon tank. I do a 25% water change weekly after which I give it 1 squirt of Easy Green. I don't give it the full 2 squirts as it caused an algae bloom the last time I did it. The leaves are dying off on the crypt. I understand that this can be crypt melt and they will grow back. How long will it take for the Crypt parva to start growing back after crypt melt?
  4. I bought it as a tissue culture months ago and it's taken forever for it to start growing. It was supposed to be a carpeting plant so I thought it was Crypt Parva but the color is off. Maybe it's deficient on something? Anybody have any idea what it is?
  5. My crypt pink flamingo is starting to put up green leaves. Is this a nutrient or lighting issue usually?
  6. Hi, I’m growing some plants in a somewhat “amateur” emersed set up from extra stem trimmings, plantlets, etc. They are all doing real well and this crypt was doing so great. I am pretty proud I got it to grow as it was close to D.O.A from an online order. Anyway, the new leaves that are growing have some yellow spots and one leaf is starting to curl. I plan to move it to a new aquarium I am building but am concerned with this and was wondering if anyone has an tips on what I should do, if anything. I realize it’s sort of growing out of tub so I’m not sure if it’s an issue with either nutrient deficiencies or space for it to grow. I mist them regularly with conditioned water and every other day mist them with an Easy Green diluted mix. I also have a couple of Easy Root Tabs in the tub under the root feeders. Also use Flourite as substrate with lights running on a 12 hour schedule on and off. 2 hours at night with the blue light. Also, they are always covered with Sarah wrap to hold in humidity. any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance. lauren
  7. So I thought I had experienced crypt melt in the past. And to be honest I thought most people were exagerrating. Whenever my crypts got a little upset they would just die back just a little bit, maybe a leaf or two. Boy was I wrong. Three weeks ago I attempted to treat some planaria in my shrimp tank. I used the product No Planaria for the first time after hearing so many positive remarks on it. It worked, however, my crypts however within three days melted right to the ground. How long does it take typically for crypts to rebound back (if they do at all?) after a crypt melt? The tank has now had three 40% water changes over the last two weeks in hope to get the no planaria out.
  8. are these crypts planted too close together or are they okay?
  9. Hello today i ordered a crytocoryne wedntii from aquarium co op and i had some questions about its care.my first question was if it is recommended to cut off all the leaves because ive heard they tend to melt when they are newly planted.And my second question was if it would regrow if i cut it because im worried it might not grow back.
  10. Hi! I have 3 crypt undulata that were hit really hard with an algae outbreak. I lost a ton of leaves due to them being suffocated (I think) and I also had to remove leaves that were so covered in algae that they honestly looked horrible. Now they look ... well ... sad. My question is, if I uproot these crypts from my tank, do I need to pull out all of the roots or can I cut the plant out and keep the roots that I can’t pull out in the soil. I know the roots have established themselves quite well and I don’t want to disturb the dirt too much. I use Aqua Vitro Aqua Solum as a substrate. I also house a betta in this tank. It is 10 gallons. I also have a few horned nerite on their way to me and hope to receive them soon. My betta is quite aggressive so I hope the snails work out and can help me out w the algae. I have more crypts to replace these with. Thanks for your help. I apologize for the lengthy question. lauren
  11. Hello everyone, I am from California and am 24 years old. I have been keeping aquariums for about 10 years now. I currently have 5 aquariums, a 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 29 gallon, 40 breeder and a 55 gallon. They are all freshwater planted aquariums. I have had my 40 gallon breeder set up for about 2 years or so. Just a few days ago I noticed what I thought was a new leaf from one of my crypts. After closer inspection, it appears to be a flower. I never knew crypts could flower while submersed. Does anyone have any experience with this? I think it would be interesting to attempt to get seeds from it if anyone knows how.
  12. Before I discovered Aquarium Co-Op I was purchasing plants from other sources. I believe the plant in question was purchased from PetSmart. However looking at the receipt for the name of this plant was no help. Would you please help me with identifying this plant. I would like to purchase more. Of course, this time from Aquarium Co-Op.
  13. Hello everyone, April 9th I received a shipment of 4 crypt tropica pots from Aquarium Coop, I also bought 5 more pots of crypt wendtii green from another seller the same day. Today is May 6th and only one crypt wendtii green has started to sprout new leaves upon all the crypts melting. My parameters are as follows: GH-3°, KH-2° and PH-6.4-6.7. I’m running an inert coarse sand with root tabs and a finnex stingray. Off of everyone’s experience, are the other crypts every going to sprout or has it been long enough to say they won’t? Can’t figure out how to upload a pic or I would, any insight is helpful!! There is also dwarf sag, jungle val and a red melon sword in the tank. Not seeing any any new growth out of the val or sword but the dwarf sag has sent out quite a few runners.
  14. First planted aquarium. I clearly didn't buy enough plants for the 60. Got some rocks I found along the road for decor. (tested safe) Hoping they all survive. Got some dwarf baby tears and water sprite coming soon. Anubias will be planted in an easy planter.
  15. I see many pictures online of Crypt Wendtiii growing nice and compact. Mine grow more like Amazon Swords. They are nice full plants, but they tend to get close to 18" in height. I've actually started using them as background plants in some situations. For anyone with more experience with these, what should I do to get more compact growth? Higher light? Lower light? Feed less? Don't feed root tabs at all? I do like using them to add some color to the background, but I was really hoping to have nice full, small clumps of these in the mid-ground. Right now they dominate that space and i have to thin them frequently.
  16. Hi everyone Does anyone ever tried keeping cryptocoryne flamingo without CO2? I have very intense lighting in my aquarium, but don't have CO2 running in it, will I still get the nice pink colour (with the right fertilizing) or just greenish cryptocoryne?
  17. I am trying to correct my fertilizer routine. Up until now I have only been root tabbing 2 times a year. Doing some research on which plants feed thru the water column but can't ID 3 of them. Picture 1 and 2 I have no idea and picture 3 was labeled java fern but it looks different from my other java fern.
  18. I've heard this plant mentioned hundreds of times online and in videos, but I just googled it for the first time and I was floored with images of lush crypt parka carpets... and it's said to be a low light plants!? I know that I cannot trust everything that I see online, but I can trust you all. So can you show off your crypt parva? If you can, could you tell me how much you started with and how long it's been growing? In my 25 gallon I had a nice little carpet of dwarf chain swords, but they are not growing well in the 75 g.... I might order some little crypts!
  19. Hey, I planted some cryptacorne wendetii red, its been well over a month (maybe two months) They melted back, and haven't grown back. I have inserted root tabs multiple times, and no change. Here are my water parameters: Nitrates: 20 Nitrites/ Amonia: 0 Ph: 7.5 Do I just need to wait more?
  20. Sooooo, it is one of those days. I just finished planting my now properly identified crypts (thanks @Brandy). I want them to take off and give them a good kick start by adding lots of root tabs. It was also time to add some for other plants. Now I am freaking out, I also added 8 shrimp this afternoon. I added some yellow and blue. Did all the research.... and somehow forgot in the excitement of planting my plants that you have to be careful with copper and shrimp. Checked my tabs and sure enough it as some listed. Question: do I know need to undo my whole set up and find all the root tabs? Picture below of brand. I am in 🇨🇦 so unfortunately can't get Easy Tabs.
  21. So I recently got my second round of cryp's tropical, and wendetii to be specific. And both times they came in looking great. First time I planted and the instantly melted and never grew. Figured I did something wrong as it was my first plant, no big, ill try again. Second one, again comes in beautiful, and now I know it's a heavy root feeder, and is known to melt. So I plant it on top of 3 root tabs, and it all melts away again. Any tips? Love the look but not sure where I'm going wrong. Just give it more time? Keep it in the pot with root tabs to help it convert? Any suggestions appreciated
  22. When I started my 29 Gallon tank at the end of the summer I got a Cryptocoryne Wendtii red. It really became one of my favorite plants, my Pygmy Corydoras love resting in it’s leaves and my Kuhli Loaches also rest near the bottom of it, hiding in the plant. I have small rounded river stones over some special plant eco complete substrate. Recently I made a few changes in my aquarium and suddenly the Crypt started melting like crazy. It’s been depressing to see how bad it has suddenly gotten compared to how vibrant and lush it used to be, Note it’s a red Wendettii but is mostly green, that’s because I don’t dose Easy Iron, just Easy Green. I had decided it wasn’t worth adding iron for just that plant, and my understanding was that the plant would be fine it would just be mainly green instead of red if it didn’t get enough iron. -Past parameters (About 3 weeks ago): Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 PH: 7 KH: 40 GH: 60 -Current parameters (Today): Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 PH: 7 KH: 0 GH: 30 The attached pictures show the progression: 1. After first planting in the end of the summer of 2020, 2. Two to three months later 3. Sometime after I added a sandbed near it and it started to melt, 4. Today after I removed all the leaves that melted off. That’s some Val grass on the right of it. I have had an algae problem for a while and I’m finally getting some Easy Carbon to add once the shipment arrives. (Half dosage so as to not kill the Val) NOW - Why is my Crypt melting? I think it’s because of the addition of some sand substrate but here are some possible culprits: -I recently dosed Fritz Paracleanse in the tank then did a 25% water change afterwards. None of the fish looked or seemed sick, I just did it as a precaution. -Fish overuse it. I have pygmy corydoras and kuhli loaches, a huge mystery snail that is always getting on it and pushing the leaves down with its weight. The Kuhli loaches may sometimes disrupt the top parts of the roots. -I haven’t added any new Easy Root Tabs in over 4 months. Now the main culprit and probably only culprit is the new sand substrate, my KH is 0, down from 40. The Ph is still 7 though. I got some Habrosus Corydoras a few weeks back and felt they would prefer some sand substrate to rummage for food in, and they do sure love it! I only added a small patch. I would have added it in the corner where the Crypt is but I didn’t want to disturb it! So I added it just by it in a small flat area that was clear of plants.. The sand I got is “CaribSea Super Naturals Moonlight Freshwater Sand” I see now that it said on the bag that this sand was a “Perfect way to detoxify metals” I’m wondering if that is what lead to the drop in the KH? Any plant experts would have any guesses or think that is definitely what happened? Will it ever recover? Should I add crushed coral or wondershell now so i don’t get a sudden PH drop?
  23. I just set up one of my 10g tanks to get it cycling so it will be ready as a QT for fish I plan to start ordering in April. In the process of setting that up, I decided to grab a hunk of mopani driftwood out of the 29g I'm slowly rescaping (awaiting my new rocks and some plants - woohoo!). Got a surprise. I expected any plants that had grown around it (and the crypts had gone WILD all around it) to have spread UNDER it. Like THIS: (Of course, that's how it looked AFTER I removed all the detritus that had gathered under the driftwood.) When I pulled out the mopani, though, I found this ATTACHED: The spot it punched through is about 3/4" thick. I guess it found a weak place in that knothole, eh? Eesh. I had no idea a plant could punch through a chunk of wood like that. I left the crypt I've dubbed "Hercules" in the wood when I moved it. I figured he's claimed that chunk of mopani, so he can have it. LOL
  24. What’s the difference between crypts and sword plants? I haven’t seen enough of them in person to get a sense of the difference. And for some reason Google isn’t being helpful.
  25. Hello all. I bought this crypt from a store and they said it was a crypt pink flamingo. I’ve had it planted for over two months now and I haven’t seen a hint of pink. Is it my care that is not bringing the pink out or is this not a pink flamingo? it’s in a 10 gallon with a nicrew light. There’s a root tab directly under it. I’m not running co2
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