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Found 8 results

  1. I purchased this tank 19 days ago and it's finally "ready" for fish! The silicone finished curing last week and this week I finished testing for leaks. I don't trust the stand that it came with when I purchased it so I'm building one from scratch, which is my next part of this ongoing project. It came with some accessories when I purchased it but the only one worth mention is the 50 foot Python. It was moldy and needed a new T pump and switch but is in good condition now. Total spent for the tank and lid: Silicone - $10 Acetone - $8 Acrylic handle - $9 6" hinges - $10 (pack of 5, I only used 2) Total spent: $87 This number definitely goes up when you account for money spent repairing the Python ($11) and on the stand ($80 in so far, and I've only built the frame). This is mainly a therapy project for myself since this is my first fish tank in almost 5 years.
  2. Hey all. My sister recently gave me a 50 gallon low boy. When she offered it to me, I thought that's what she was calling her 50 long. I thought, okay, great. Then I saw it. I'm still happy to have it for free lol but I'm a bit confused about how to filter it now. I had planned to put a large Co-Op sponge filter in it, but given the 1' height, I'm wondering if I'd be better off with two meds, or smalls, or maybe even a quartet of nanos or something. I'm really not sure how to go about this though. Any low boy fans out there who can steer me in the right direction? Any input would be appreciated.
  3. This weekend I plan to start setting up a 50 gallon tank! It will be the home for a group of corydoras and my albino bristlenose pleco, Casper. It will be sand, and I have two different anubias plants on rocks that will be moved over. I have plans to cut up a very large piece of eucalyptus root and putting moss on it but besides for that I haven't picked out any other plants! What plants do y'all think would work well? The only plants I'm firmly against are java ferns because I honestly hate how they look.
  4. Hey all, I am rescaping my 50 Gallon angelfish tank and I want their to be a vallisneria jungle. I have kept live plants before/ in the present but never vallisneria, any tips?
  5. A big hello from Denmark. Sadly my female angelfish past away a couple weeks ago. It took about a year from buying 8 juvenile angelfish to having a pair to lay eggs. Once i was sure i had a pair, i found new homes for the rest of the angelfish. The big dream was having a breeding pair of angels, in the living room tank. It was a sad day when i came home to a dead female angelfish. I have other cold water tanks in my workshop for my overvintering of my mini pond species. But i only have that one tank in the house. Since then i have decided that i want to try my luck at Breeding Kribensis instead. I have considered having congo tetras, siamese algae eaters and maybe some Cory catfish with them. Not sure about the Corys yet. Im not sure about the amount of Congos and Sae's though. What would you suggest? Any other good suggestions on tank mates is very much apreciated too. I think the tank is what you would call medium planted. Not sure though. Kim Esbye Blomberg (Denmark)
  6. I'm biting and purchasing a 3.0 for my 50 hex and not sure which size would be best for viewing, the 15-24" model is what fits my lid but I'm not sure if that's what would be best for viewing. I was thinking of purchasing a 24-34" model and rigging it the way I've done shop lights previously but I'm unsure which would be better for my tank. I'm concerned the larger light may be too much for my tank. The lowest-down plants are jungle/leopard val, Crypt wendtii, and an Amazon sword and the tank is 31" tall.
  7. Hi there, I recently upgraded my aquarium to a 50 gallon for my existing butterfly telescope with an external filter so I could get him some friends and keep him separate from the invertebrates in the original tank for ease of using medications. I did a fishless cycle of the tank using some bio-media from my existing tank and by adding plants to the aquarium + nite-out and I have been testing with an API kit. Before adding my telescope the levels were 0 for ammonia and nitrite and 10 for nitrate. I added my fish and a few days later I was still reading zero ammonia and nitrite for several readings. After adding two more goldfish (a ranchu and an oranda) the tank was initially cycling fine but a couple of days later I got an ammonia spike of 1.0ppm, 0 nitrite and 10-20 nitrates before I could dose the new fish with prazi or salt as a precaution. (I don't have access to a quarantine tank.) I have been doing daily tests with 50-60% water changes using Seachem Prime to bind the ammonia. I also have not fed the fish to try and get it under control and have checked for any rotting plants. After 2-3d the ammonia decreased to 0.25ppm but there is still no nitrite??? Nitrates have continually been between 10-20 before water changes. I felt bad for the fish and gave them a really small amount of food, checked the ammonia today and it's increased to 0.5ppm, still no nitrite. Meanwhile some of the fish have been rubbing on the sand and I have noticed some red veins visible in the fins. Ideally I'd like to remove the plants and do a salt treatment but I'm worried this could set back the tank cycling even further. I've dosed them with praziquantel this evening and added an airstone but I'm just not 100% sure what to do next....any suggestions would be highly welcome!
  8. Hello to everyone on the CARE forum my name is Matthew and I am 26. I have been in the fish keeping hobby "full time" for about a year and a half. Going so far as to getting a job at *big box pet retail* as their resident fish 'expert'. Before that however I have been keeping fish since I was ~9 years old. Unfortunately doing it the wrong way the whole time (goldfish and bettas in bowls no filter). Now to repent for my previous sins I buy betta fish and goldfish that come into my store and nurse them back to health as best I can. At the current time I have six tanks. Unfortunately I only have a few photos of my current setups. 1x 50g Fancy goldfish Aquarium 3x 5g Betta Fish Aquariums 1x 10g White Cloud Tank 1x 10g Tropical Fish Tank I am eager to learn especially with aquarium plants, looking forward to getting to know everyone, and sharing our growth in the hobby together!
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