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  1. @Maggie don't worry about those females I doubt anything bad happens to them. For fish that don't pair off for breeding the farms would rather sell more males, because it impacts their production capacity less to sell males. For example say I have a colony of guppies with 50 males and 50 females and my LFS want to buy 40 guppies. I could do 20 males and 20 females, but my production rate would drop. Instead I could just give them 40 males and my production rate would not be impacted at all.
  2. I had to deal with making the choice between a career that I truly enjoyed and one that would pay enough that I could both support my family and actually be home enough to spend some time with them. I'm a chef, and there is nothing like working in a good restaurants kitchen. Creating new dishes is a creative outlet unlike any other because food is something experienced with all the senses at once and there's no rush like being just a little in the weeds for an entire service but never falling behind. I loved being a restaurant chef, but fair pay and benefits are virtually non existent in the restaurant industry. I left the restaurant industry where I was a Sous Chef about a year and a half ago to work in the kitchen at a senior living community as a line cook. I started at a higher wage, have amazing medical coverage and more paid time off than I know what to do with. Oh and every other weekend off. The downsides are the food is basically inedible, we aren't allowed to season anything, all my coworkers are completely incompetent, and most off the food comes in already made and just needs to be heated up. This job crushes my soul but it's worth it to be able to both support my family and actually get to spend time with them. In order to keep my job from crushing my soul completely I've done a few things. Until covid hit I was working one day a week at one of my old restaurants so that I still got to cook food I was passionate about and found rewarding. I also started spending time trying to make money through my hobbies, at least enough so that they support themselves. I collect knives and had been sharpening knives for coworkers occasionally so I started a business sharpening and repairing knives. I also started trying to breed fish, and have plans to set up several tanks to breed fish and grow plants to sell locally. I don't make a ton of money from the one day at a restaurant, the fish/plants or the knife sharpening (I actually make more per hour sharpening than I do at my real job but don't do that much volume) but the feeling that you get earning money from something you are truly passionate about and enjoy is so much better than when it's just a paycheck.
  3. Don't sneak a tank that big in, it's a bad idea also a tank that large will most likely require reinforcing any piece of furniture not purpose built as an aquarium stand. Like many others here my wife is accepting but not really supportive of my hobby. I'm allowed one display tank upstairs (upgrading from my 29hex to a 40 breeder once I find a piece of furniture I can reinforce to make a stand) and one mini tub this year as a trial to see if she'll be OK with a larger one next year(my wife is unable of visualizing what things will look like until they are actually finished and in front of her). My other 2 are in the basement, which once finished I can have one rack of tanks.
  4. Okefanokee pygmy sunfish have my vote. I probably spelt that wrong though. Planning to set up a tank for them within the next year hopefully.
  5. From the leaf shape it looks like a dwarf aquarium lily which is supposed to be a reddish brown to full on red depending on nutrients and light.
  6. They will probably survive at those temps. You'll probably get alot of melt but as long as the roots survive they should bounce back. That said if it was my tank I would move the fish and treat with high heat and salt until the meds arrive. And put the plants in the tank set to the temp they are going to be at regularly in order to give them every advantage because until they are established in you're tank they are at their most vulnerable stage.
  7. I have crypt undulata red, red flame sword, dwarf lily, some form of AR and a red variety of rotala all doing well in tanks without co2. Some are not fully red in my setups though. My crypts are more bronze and rotala is inly red in my shrimp tank which is much shorter so the plants get stronger lighting.
  8. Yea those are probably nerite eggs. Cory eggs are perfectly round and not nearly as opaque. Here's a Pic from when mine were spawning.
  9. @Tetra Guy I use the new easy multi test strips(they're awesome) , but whatever test kit/strips you like to use will work well enough. @Irene made a great video about how to find you're tanks proper dosing awhile back, but I'm not sure which chanel it was on (she has her own chanel plus videos on both of the coops channels) It's been awhile since I watched that video but I think my method is very similar. First do a big water change. Then test the water and record the nitrate. Next add easy green until the nitrates increase by 20ppm. Record the new nitrate level and the number of pumps it took to get there. Then test everyday at the same time that you dosed ferts on the first day and record the nitrate level. When nitrates come back down to the level they were at before dosing you know how many days it takes to consume a certain number of pumps of fert and can calculate how much fert your tank consumes per day. For example if your tank is at 10ppm nitrate before ferts and it takes 4 pumps of easy green to get to 30ppm nitrates then takes 8 days to return to 10ppm nitrates then you know you tank consumes 1 pump of easy green every 2 days.
  10. What @KBOzzie59 said. I break my dosing up throughout the week for this reason. My tank consumes about 1 pump every 2 days so that's what I put in. I should probably do my testing again to get a new dosage amount though because plant mass has more than doubled since I tested.
  11. Basically take an aquaclear and add space for a heater and airstone and make the output direction adjustable ( both both vertical and horizontal) oh and enough room between the intake and glass so a prefilter sponge fits properly.
  12. I mostly like that it doesn't follow the same plot that it has followed for every generation since the begining. Rather than just Ash traveling from gym to gym collecting badges to compete in the pokemon league he is helping Goh learn about being a pokemon trainer while he tries to catch one of every Pokemon and Ash competing in a world wide pokemon tournament. And as for new pokemon idk how much you've watched but they've visited Galar several times so far.
  13. As said several times already there aren really any plants you can't grow in gravel. However anything regarded as a heavy root feeder (swords and crypts) will probably need root tabs to provide nutrients. Easy green root tabs are a great option an are what I currently use, but I've also had success in the past with diy tabs. Stem(total, bacopa ect...) and epiphyte(buce, java fern, anubias) plants however can pull all the nutrients they need from the water and only need a liquid fertilizer such as easy green. Some java fern, anubias, moss and a couple of stems is a great start to get into planted aquariums without needing much specialized care.
  14. Of course begining with indigo league. And journeys is the best the show has been in years imo. I felt like the show started going down hill quickly after battle frontier, and only began to improve during sun and moon.
  15. Gundam wing was my intro as a kid so I've always had a soft spot for any mech anime. I also love sword art online. I've recently been rewatching pokemon with my daughter from the begining.
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