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I think a male guppy isn't a male


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I noticed my guppies acting weird. So I watched. They won't leave the yellow guppy alone. The yellow one is bigger than the other could he be a she? But his tail is big. How do I add a video to this post?


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You have gay guppies!

Male guppies have been known to show homosexual behavior when kept without any females.

Mine did the same thing when I had only males. Even after females were introduced two of mine were still only interested in each other.

Unless they get aggressive and the yellow one is getting hurt it's nothing to worry about.

There are several articles about it online



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That is just too funny or maybe not if they wont mate with a female when I'm ready to breed. I thought their behavior was a mating deal but this takes the cake. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I learn something new everyday. 🙂

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That's normal male competition.
Especially for young males, they practice their presentation dance and compete with other males at the same time.

They usually don't damage each other. It's just competitive display.

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