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Found 4 results

  1. I had just fed them so I figured the initial biting I was seeing was the food aggression nipping and chasing that one of them does, but I realized that both fish were biting each other, which never happens. As it progressed it appeared to become a mating ritual. I am further convinced that this is what it is because it is between a male and female butterfly.
  2. I noticed my guppies acting weird. So I watched. They won't leave the yellow guppy alone. The yellow one is bigger than the other could he be a she? But his tail is big. How do I add a video to this post?
  3. We have 2 zebra angels that were about 2 inches tip to tip when we purchased them in February. They are now palm sized. We recently moved them from a 55 gallon to a 75 gallon tank. Today we noticed light amber colored eggs on our Amazon sword (first time they’ve laid). They have been territorial of that Amazon sword for the last week. However we also noticed damage to our Angels sides and have witnessed some very aggressive attacking between the two. They both are still staying together near the eggs, but every once in while they start posturing, fanning out fins and moving toward the other one. Then at one point they went after each other seeming to almost lock mouths. Is this normal mating behavior or do we have a different problem? I didn’t think they were old enough to lay eggs yet as they haven’t been developed enough to easily sex them, so we’re a little in prepared to deal with this. 75 gallon planted aquarium: 2 zebra angels, 8 praecox rainbows, 5 green moss barbs, 8 Venezuelan corycats, 5 nertie snails, 1 magenta mystery snail, and more rams horn snails than I care to admit. thank you for your thoughts and advise.
  4. Hi all, Yesterday I posted about my two gouramis not really enjoying one another's company. I will be removing the aggressor as soon as my second tank has fully cycled. In the meantime, I am keeping an eye on them. While I was watching, I noticed the fish that was getting chased cornered the chaser and they were in this position for a solid 10 seconds. No movement, just pressed up against each other. They did that two or three times. I don't know that much about fish behavior so every weird thing like this is an opportunity to learn. But my goodness what are they doing here?
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