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  1. I started playing on arena during the pandemic and am getting into paper magic now. A bunch of my wife's cousins get together regularly to play EDH so I'm in the middle of building my first commander deck.
  2. One of the restaurants I worked in did an awesome fried green tomato appetizer. Dredge slices in seasoned flour then dip them in buttermilk and hot sauce then coat in seasoned cornmeal and fry them. Basically think fried chicken but cornmeal instead of the second coat of flour. We served it topped with bacon and ranch.
  3. I took a break from playing about a year ago and tried to log back in a couple months ago but every time I try it says authentication failed.
  4. My 3 year old has been begging for a Betta since I watched the Betta Breeding presentation. Last night she won one at the fireman's fair! Meet Angelino! He's in quarantine now, so I've got to figure out a tank for my daughter's room I've got to figure out it kind for my daughter's room.
  5. I got my new nano flipper float in the mail. I really like it. I though the flipping would be kind of gimmicky but I really like it. When it's on the scraper side the only contact points are the blade and two sliders so you can go all the way down to the substrate and not worry about anything getting stuck under it and scratching the glass.
  6. Your plan sounds very similar to both my 40 breeder and my tub. My mix is mineralized top soil and safetsorb capped with safetsorb. My mineralized top soil has also been used in multiple tanks so there is no nutrient leach into the water. My heavy root feeders are doing great in it, but I do dose my water column. My advise if you decide to go with mineralized top soil is to think of it more like one of the active soils like from ADA. It will have some nutrient leach in the begining, but most of it will stay in the soil and long term you will probably want to dose the water column. Walstad style tanks on the other hand shouldn't need dosing because the regular top soil will leach nutrients for a long time. I feel like the end of that leeching is what people who say their soil is depleted are actually experiencing, because the soil should be constantly being recharged by mulm and other decaying matter that is worked into it by your bottom dwellers.
  7. @Gideyon fish hut if in saddlebrook. That's north jersey about an hour north of me in Central Jersey so probably atleast 3 hours for the south Jersians
  8. So Hygrophila Pinnatifida is a rather unique plant in my opinion in that it is commonly grown both as a stem plant planted in substrate and as an epiphyte plant attached to hardscape. It was one of the first plants that I saw and absolutely needed to get it. I love its unique leaf shape. I finally got some when I did my 40 breeder and it's growing nicely. I planted it as a stem. How do you like to grow it? Does anyone know how it grows in nature? If anyone has experience growing it both ways have you noticed differences is the plant depending on how its grown? Which way do you prefer?
  9. I really only gravel vac the front of my tanks unless there's an issue that would require it. Mulm buildup can actually have a lot of benefits so I let it build up except in the very front where it's extremely noticeable.
  10. Livebearers are probably the easiest to start off with, but if you want something different corys we're the first fish to breed for me. That would also be a good size for shrimp.
  11. I want a new boat. I have an old AMF Sunfish. I think it's from the first year it was available in fiberglass. Unfortunately it was damaged in a snow storm a few years ago and I haven't been able to get it repaired yet. I'm not even sure it would be worth the cost of repairs. In high school I sailed C420s and was captain of my schools sailing team, but after awhile I didn't really enjoy racing anymore. After I finish my laundry list of home improvement projects and have some more disposable income I'm hoping the wife let's me get a new boat. Something able to be sailed solo but large enough to take the family out.
  12. So I did call animal control to let them know about it. With the layout of my deck and where both the racoon and I were positioned it's definitely possible it thought it was cornered and didn't have another way of escape. But with my 2 kids and all the other kids in the neighborhood I'm not taking chances.
  13. It was a racoon!!! So I got home from work late tonight and when I went out on the deck to feed the fish/cover the pond there was a rather large racoon in the pond. I started yelling to scare it off and it ran at me. I kicked it since I had no other way to defend myself at the moment (I hope I didn't actually injure it) and it his in my daughter's play house next to the pond. I grabbed the garden hose and chased it out of my yard with the water. I thew the cover on the pond and I'll check the damage in the morning.
  14. I've gone out to check on my pond 2 nights in a row now to find the USB air pump not running. Unplugging it and plugging it back in gets it working again so idk what's going on, but I'm gonna add a back up to my next order.
  15. As others have said it's the gelatin that the outside of the tab is made of. The way they are made there's always a little air trapped inside and when used with lighter weight substrate I think that's the cause of this. Some people with this problem have reported success with poking holes in the ends up the tab with a push pin to allow the air to escape.
  16. It should be fine. In my experience crinum take a few weeks to settle in before they start to get noticeable growth. I've moved mine 4 or 5 times now and every time it loses a few leaves and takes a few weeks to settle in. I also find they do much better in high flow so mine is usually right by the filter outlet.
  17. Yes and no. You might have a higher total per transaction(which may or may not translate to higher profit per transaction), but if you're only catering to people doing high end aquascapes you're limiting yourself to a very small subset of hobbyists as potential customers. Also if the area lacks a high quality basic fish store then it's unlikely that the local market would be able to support a niche one. If I were to ever open a store the goal would to grow the hobby locally and not go bankrupt. I figure fish stores are like restaurants. If start out in it for the money you've already lost.
  18. I wish I had better LFSs in my area. I know of 2 within an hour of my house that are actually fish stores. One is a newly opened freshwater branch of a saltwater store that's been around as long as I can remember the other is half fresh half salt. The one that's half and half is small dark and dirty but the fish all look amazing and I would gladly buy there. The new one is big open bright and clean but everything is absurdly expensive and the manager is an a**hole. The only purchases I've made there are things I can't find anywhere else and tissue cultures(they sell tissue cultures at a fair price but nothing else). I also have one pet store that is maybe 1/3 fish, 1/3 other small pets and 1/3 dog and cat supplies(they don't have any cats or dogs in the store). This store is owned buy a guy I'd guess is in his mid to late 30s and who bought it from the original owners maybe 10 years ago. This is the store I went to when I was a kid and the current owner was a teenager working there. This is the store that got my into planted tanks and where I sell any fish I breed. It's a small dark store that isn't horribly dirty but it's not sparkly clean either. It's not an amazing store and there's lots of areas it could improve in the fish section, but the owner cares and is trying to improve so I'd rather spend my money there than the amazing store that's over priced and the owners an a** Other than that I have 3 petcos (2 are really nice one is horrible) 3 petsmarts (once again 2 are great and one is horrible) and a pet supplies plus (which is pretty nice). If I every hit the lotto I think I'd open a small shop that specializes in nano/community fish and plants but not really high end aquascaping.
  19. My deck pond is/was a mix of soil crushed coral and safetsorb capped with more safetsorb. Up until this week when I started having problems with an animal getting into it I was getting pretty amazing growth out of all my plants. It had a mix of crypts, stems and floaters that came from my indoor tanks in addition to a miniature pond lily and sweet flag. I liked the soil mixture so much I used it in my new display tank as well. My previous tanks were soil capped with sand.
  20. After 3 75% water changes the water was clear enough to get a full assessment of the damage. I was wrong about the last of my original females being gone. Of my original 8 females there are 3 left and of my 4 males there are 3. Currently the plan is to replant the pond with trimmings from my other tank in a few weeks when they need a trim again. That is assuming I've dealt with the culprit by then.
  21. Yea we thought about setting up a camera to see what we are dealing with but didn't have anything that will work. I wasn't able to get to Lowes today to buy the polycarbonate but I did get the pond cleaned up and found something to use as a lid that's way to heavy for any of the suspected animals to move. I also borrowed a trap from my dad and set it up next to the pond.
  22. @Streetwise I've got an empty 20g in the basement so all fish are getting moved in the morning. I'll set the pond back up once I have a permanent solution to keeping animals out. It looks like they got the last 3 of my original females today.
  23. Just checked the pond when I got home from work and it happened again. The container of fish food I accidentally left outside this morning was also chewed through. I'm breaking down the deck pond tomorrow
  24. I'm in New Jersey. My first thought was my neighbors cat but I've never seen it on my deck where the pond is and I doubt it would go for the plants on the bottom of the pond. Now I'm thinking racoon.
  25. So a few nights ago something got into my pond it tore up my sweet flag and my lily pads and some floaters but didn't seem to get any fish. I cleaned up and decided I should make a cover my next day off. The next morning the same thing happened so I improvised a cover for until Friday when I can make a better one. Last night I forgot to put it back on after I fed the fish and this morning I awoke to absolute destruction. My sweet flag was torn out of the pot again. My lily was chewed up all the way to the bulb. Most of my floaters are gone and so are all my stems and crypts. I found 2 crypt undulata red and one stem of rotala. I probably had at least a dozen undulata and one flamingo. Several dozen stems of rotala, half a dozen alternanthera rosanervig and a ton of Christmas moss. 5 of my original females are gone as well as my dumbo mosaic male. Luckily I've got at least a dozen young adults left that I think are just reaching breeding age and a few dozen juveniles and fry so while the fish losses are upsetting my colony should be fine. The plant losses are even more upsetting though. The rosanervig I only had in the pond because I started with one stem and was using the pond to propagate it. I don't even understand what animal would go after plants at the bottom of over a foot and a half of green water. Tomorrow's my day off so I'm gonna pick up some twinwall polycarbonate and I guess shop for some plants.
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