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  1. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/man-sold-siamese-fighting-fish-home-fined-085849233.html Had to triple check that this wasn't in America cause I'm hopefully going to be selling quite a few fish when tub season is over
  2. @Streetwise mine came today as we! Used 2 immediately and like them quite a bit more than the ones I was using. They cost less and just all around feel like a better product.
  3. Honestly either one would work well. If you truly have no preference I'd go with whichever one there is a better market for in your area. It might make you a little more money in the fall when you sell off the excess from summer breeding and help fund your hobby.
  4. @quirkylemon103 then I'd recommend doing the membership. I really enjoy the members only videos and would continue my subscription even if they were all you get with it. I actually originally became a member in order to get access to this forum. It was members only for the first month or two in order to work out the kinks, then iirc it was available to anyone invited by a member, then it was opened to the public. I'm usually one of those people who refuses to pay for a premium version of a free service, but once I saw the added value becoming a member gives you I'll probably be one forever.
  5. 99.99% sure the answer is no. Sales have been asked about before and they usually don't happen. The pet industry runs on insanely tight margins that leave very little room for discounts unless you are one of the big box stores, and even they lose money on some of their sales like the dollar per gallon. Also are St. Patrick's day sales a thing?
  6. @quirkylemon103 it's probably not worth it to become a member if ordering this a little earlier than everyone else is the only thing you're interested in. It's something we probably all already use or at least should have on hand but with some improvements. It isn't that what is already available is bad either. The current products just could be improved. I already know from the product description that they fixed the one thing that actually makes me angry about the currently available version. That said I do really enjoy being a member of the channel. You get member only videos, sneak peeks at projects before publicly available videos are made, and every once in awhile they do live streams where only members can ask questions for at least part of it. Sometimes members even get a heads up about restocks for products that sell out fast. There's even a way to make your membership free by using Google opinion rewards(i just remembered that this was a thing and had to stop typing and set it up before I forget). It's an app where Google pays you to answer surveys. Android users get credited to their Google play account and ios users can get it deposited to PayPal.
  7. @Streetwise I placed my order on Saturday I've been waiting for them to come out for awhile and am way more excited for them than any normal person should be. The timing is also perfect because I'm just about out of them and didn't want by to buy more of the ones I've been using because I knew these were coming at some point. I'll add that it's something Cory has talked about in the past that we've known they're making for at least the past year or so.
  8. I'm stopping at tractor supply after work either today or tomorrow to pick up my container they have a 25x14ish plastic barrel planter I think it holds just under 25 gallons. I change my mind on fish every other day but am leaning towards some variety of white clouds right now or maybe CPDs but I don't know how well they'll breed in a tub. As for plants I'm thinking either a dwarf Lilly or tiger lotus, a random assortment of stems and floaters from my tanks. I might try crypts because why not, and I want to find something that will grow up out of the water.
  9. I'm a little late to the party as I've been very busy lately and haven't been on the forums in a few weeks. I had some issues a few months ago after rescaping my tank that were similar to yours. I've found success in managing similar issues in a new tank using a method I learned listening to George Farmer's podcast. It's essentially a simplified version of ei dosing. I use easy green (George Farmer uses tropica all in one) at the recommended dosage but rather than adding it all at once I dose it throughout the week. I have a 29g so I do one pump Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then on Sundays I do a 50% water change to reset nutrient levels. This method along with manual removal of algae and proper lighting intensity will help control algae by giving you more control over the nutrient levels in your tank and keeping those nutrient levels stable. Nutrient levels not being stable can be just as bad for algae as them being to high because algae is able to adapt and use whatever nutrients is available much more easily than plants. Eventually as plants grow in fully I will reduce the size of my water changes because as there is more plant mass the chances of algae out competing the plants is less and less.
  10. I've been looking at getting either tuxedo koi, dumbo red tail or red ribbon koi. My patio pond will either be one of those three or yellow fin white clouds.
  11. Depends. Actual aquarium gravel you could get at a pet store made for use in fish tanks? Not gonna leech toxins. Colored decorative gravel meant for... I actually don't know what it's meant for but you can find it at craft stores or the dollar store in the isle with the fake plants. That kind could because it's not meant to be used in aquariums, but most is probably still safe. I think the colored gravel is toxic thing mostly comes from when we still used lead based paint in everything, but I could be wrong.
  12. I've reduced feeding to every other day, but even then it's so hard to not overfeed when there's only 16 shrimp. Even a small pinch is to much food. 2 females are berried though so my colony will hopefully be growing quite rapidly soon and overfeeding won't be as easy. Water parameters are good and pretty stable so I was really only concerned if they posed a threat to my shrimp. I think this is my 4th or 5th attempt at starting a colony and I promised my wife it it didn't work out this time I'd give up.
  13. I inherited one with my 29 Hex and immediately threw it away. My hex is dirted so that would probably not have gone well. My 2 concerns with using an ugf in a planted tank would both take months or years to become a problem. 1 plant roots clogging the filter. If you only have a few plants this probably won't happen, but I like to plant very heavy and from seeing how thick the roots get when I've broken down a tank I know it's a possibility. The other would be if using an aquarium soil it will eventually break down, get sucked in and then the uplift tube starts spewing mud everywhere. The second is easily prevented by using only gravel, but a lot of planted tank people like their planted substrates.
  14. When I was 5 I think. I won 2 goldfish in at the fair. They were fantails. One was Calico the other was a solid gold body with white fins. They were beautiful. Unfortunately I was 5 and my parents knew nothing about fish. We had them in like a 2 gallon bowl. The Calico lasted maybe 6 months the other lived 8 or 9 years. Then I had a betta in the same bowl for maybe 2 years and then a common goldfish in a 5 gallon that died while I was away at college. All those fish were won at the same fair stand. I learned about proper fish keeping shortly after I got the last goldfish because I went to a highschool that specialized in marine biology but my parents refused to let me buy a larger tank. After that I didn't have fish again until about 2 years ago when we got a 5 gallon for my daughters room. Now I'm planning out a rack of 7-8 tanks for the basement, a new tank for my daughter (she's been asking for a betta) and changing out my 29hex display tank for a 36 bowfront (the hex is very hard to aquascape)
  15. About a week ago. I've had detritus worms before and these are nowhere as big as them. These are 2 maybe 3 millimeters long max.
  16. Anyone know what these are, if they are dangerous to my shrimp and or plants, and how to get rid of them. They're way smaller than any detritus worms I've had in the past and seem to stick close together almost in a cloud, but it could just be that they are staying in a low flow area. I sucked as many as I could out during a water change a few days ago and now you can't even tell I did.
  17. Removing plants/leaves that are beyond saving then spot treating with h2o2 is the most effective way. Either by removing the plant for treatment or dropping the water level low enough. Same with hardscape and any other areas. Treating the entire aquarium is also possible but it's hit or miss and is stressful for fish or finicky plants.
  18. I've been trying out different ones. My favorites so far are omega one super color and Bug Bites Color Enhancing. Next on my list to try is extreme krill flake and spirulina flake.
  19. Sorry for your hard intro the the hobby but glad to hear you're sticking with it. Not sure if it's been mentioned but don't forget to treat for worms again in a couple weeks to get any new baby's that hatch. The medication can't get them until they hatch so if there's eggs and you only treat once they will come back.
  20. What are you keeping that needs such high pH? Most plants and fish in the hobby prefer close to neutral.
  21. Filled a small container 25% peroxide 75% water then left the plants submerged except for their roots for awhile. Most instructions online say 15-20 minutes. Not sure how long I did as I was rescaping my tank and just left them in until I was ready for them. Then I rinsed them in clean water as I put them back in the tank. I however made the mistake of stopping there. You should still treat the tank as if there's a minor outbreak for awhile after getting rid of all visible BBA or it will come back. Frequent large water changes reduced light and tightly controlled nutrients.
  22. Very sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with them and I hope sassy is alright.
  23. I've removed stems and treated with h2o2 with pretty good success without loosing a lot of plants. I've also found spot treating with h2o2 works better for me than excel.
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