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  1. I bought 2 originally and had 1 fail after 5 months or so. I purchased 2 more however. 1 to replace the failed one and another backup. The other original I bought is still running strong.
  2. What about a Nerms only discord where people could hang out 24 hrs a day. Chat. Answer questions live. Post pics.
  3. Not yet. I bought some live black worms locally and have been feeding those out. Will make some repashy soon and update this post.
  4. I just posted this a little while ago but I will show off Atsadi again.
  5. I can give you a basic run down. When you run an airstone or just air down into the sponge filter it causes bubbles. These bubbles travel up the intake tube and pull water thru the sponge filter. The water being pulled thru the sponge is filtered by the sponge and bacteria growing on the sponge. When you go to clean the sponge filter you want to fill a bag of some sort (zip-lock) with water and place the sponge filter gently inside the bag while it is still in the aquarium. You will then start to see all the crud fall off and how well the sponge filters actually work. Does this answer your question? If not I am sure someone can give a more thorough answer.
  6. Just ordered the community plus finally. Excited to try it out and see how my fish like it.
  7. That is a trick of the light and the plant above. He is all blue, white, transparent and a little red along the spine. But it totally does look yellow in the GIF.
  8. They are so cool.
  9. Finally got around to taking some pictures and videos of my aquarium to share with others instead of enjoying it all to myself. Thought this would be a good one to upload. Hope you guys enjoy.
  10. Dont want any extra ammonia or anything in the water.
  11. Thats awesome. Hopefully I will have some fry soon as well.
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