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  1. Hi all, I thought I'd share my long term project of getting these to breed true. They are at about 2/3 at this stage, hopefully closer to 100% soon. Even the ones that end up culled look beautiful to me (I drop them off at my LFS). Endler x Guppy mix (looks like Japan blue in there). Screenshots from videos taken: And, of course, my profile pic: What do you people think? Update: Culls tank - some of the females have come out yellow. Is this a recessive gene? I've not seen this before except in some pure guppies.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking at trying to breed Ember Tetras, Apisto Cacatuoites Super Reds, bristlenose plecos, and neocardinia shrimp this coming year. I've been able to find plenty of information on breeding Neo shrimp and plecos but the info about Apisos and Ember tetras has been more lacking. Are there any good resources out there for breeding those two? I haven't been able to find much about the lifecycle for apistos or ember tetras or much about the right diet to condition apistos. I plan on trying to colony breed the tetras and some cherry shrimp in the same tank, would I have to worry about the shrimp eating the tetra eggs or tetras eating baby shrimp in large enough numbers to worry about?
  3. As I posted in the intro section I think it is time to setup some new tanks for breeding guppies. But hoping to get some advice. My goal is to setup 2 tanks where I can breed and be able to sale to the local store. I know I won't get rich but $50-75 per month is good for me. My question is over the years having breed guppies in my other tanks after a while the line starts to degrade. To prevent that from happening here is my idea let me know what you think. Ebay has little higher quality guppies so pick up a trio for $50. Then keep them together for about a month and then move one female to a new tank. Once spawned that will give me two of the same line. Then every 3-4 generation swap 5 or 6 males from each tank. My thought is 3-4 generations should be about every 12 months maybe a little more but to be safe. That should keep the lines pretty stable for years. What do you all think? Will this work or better to buy low quality and just drop 4 or 5 new males from the store in a year to each tank? I also know just guppy even higher end ones won't do $70 per month. So going to add Java moss or guppy grass and shrimp to the tanks. Between those two with the guppies I'm pretty sure I can get that out of each tank. Not sold on the idea of guppy grass, I know it grows faster but could be a little too much if the stores don't buy enough of it. My starting tank will be a 30g long 12" W, 12"H, 48"L (I think that is 30g) and I'm thinking of picking up a 20g long for my second. Put a fresh filter in my large tank last night to start seeding it and by the time I get fish (maybe 2 weeks) it will be ready to go in the starting tank. Then will start another filter for the other tank. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  4. Bred over 400 rainbow shiner and got 2 golden body, I'm happy with these golden body, their red is alot stronger Photo is for comparison Before and after Both female
  5. First off: M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! (or as my little brother says, "MERRY GRIMMACE!") So . . . not an advanced breeder (yet) . . . but enjoyed a talk Greg Sage gave on selective breeding at our Fish Club last year (pre-COVID). He has some really cool fish, and lots of experience to draw from. Check out his work over at selectaquatics.com We have enjoyed breeding Rams for awhile, and ended up crossing a Gold Ram with an Electric Blue. The fry came out mixed, with either blue dominant and gold recessive, or gold dominant and blue recessive -- but the fry all articulated aspects of both, once they matured. If I understand right (and from Greg Sage's talk) they were heterozygous. But eventually, we crossed the fry -- blue with blue, and gold with gold. And a little bit of "magic" sparked. Here was what one of the _females_ looked like from the blue / blue heterozygous crossing: And here is what the gold / gold rams looked like (note the blue-flame highlights on a few of the males): I know that Tom (aka the coral bandit / the ram bandit) has been trying to selectively breed towards a line of red rams. I'm thinking that Rams are a bit more friendly to selective breeding for color strains than is commonly thought. The Black / Dark Night Rams . . . and the Blue Frost coloration are just two that have been worked on in recent years. Anyway, I'm curious what colorations anyone here has been working on with different species of fish.
  6. How's it going everyone, hope you had a great Christmas! Anyway, today I managed to catch some wild sailfin mollies! My first time catching some and I intend on doing some breeding with them. Already found out they can breed with guppies which is really strange. My question is, how do I go from a standard looking sailfin molly to the brightly colored and flashy ones without hybridization? Is it possible? (Also I have them in with some wild caught killifish- fundulus chrysotus and lucania goodei, and a single dollar sunfish)
  7. So pretty excited with all of this we have about 40 eggs in our ziss tumbler from two different momma ones red top hongi x ob mbuna and the other eggs are from a ob x ob. the alibino dragon blood is holding and the fry will be hybrid dads a red shoulder we also have a ruby red and her fry will be hybrid also with the same red shoulder and finally the cobalt blue mbunas fry will also be a hybrid with a ice blue mbuna. I love hybrids lol. ( I don’t plan on selling the fry but the whole breeding process is fun as heck. But since I’m limited on tank space I will try and give most the fry away for free to my local fish store with full disclaimer that they are hybrids)
  8. Just wanted to share the difference in preferences between 2 breeder. Both 16month old This from a local breeder, 11 year of working with his stock My stock from 8 years worth of work, phone wouldn't focus and lighting is a bit different in this aquarium vs the other. I wonder what you guys are working with?
  9. I'll have a spare 55g available soon and it would be nice to ustilze it as breeding project so that I can make some money to pay for what I spend on the hobby. African Cichlids are very abundant in my area so that is out of the question. I'd like to hear your suggestions. Thanks!
  10. I just decided early this year to work with geenhead shiner, they are native here so I can't sell them or anything, but I believe they will be a fun project to work with. Theyll get an outside tub and 2 aquarium in my fishroom, thats the maximum space I can give them. If they get out of hand ill have to get rid of some of them. I'll to my best to not cross them with my rainbow shiner since they are from the same family. Goal is to bring out the red in the body and white in the fin. You guys/gals are welcome for the ride lol! the photo are not when they are not fire up
  11. Greetings all! I'm very excited for this forum, I've wanted to ask you these questions for a while but it's tough during a live stream, so this might be a little long. I have been trying to get some sort of breeding going, not for profit but just to say I can. Guppy's and Endlers are easy, I'm skipping them at the moment. I am trying a pair of Apisto Macmasteri. They live in a 20 tall, heavily planted with 3 caves. 78 degrees, 6.8 pH. The female is constantly harassing the male with fin wags and colorful flares. The male is pretty disinterested and doesn't seem to follow her into the cave. The female is older, I had her with another male that was lost to calamanus worms. The current male is younger but I've had him for 5 months now, I would think he'd be ready to go. Any tips on getting the male interested? Is there a feeding/lighting/temperature trick I could try? My other project is 12 white clouds in a 30 gallon bucket pond. This should be easy but I don't see any fry! The pond has lots of cover with hornwort and salvinia (and hair algae), some java fern and anubias on the rocks at the bottom, and a sponge filter. Other than the hair algae, the water is clear. I haven't checked the chemistry recently so I don't have values. I didn't think white clouds would be difficult, any tips for these guys? Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you fish nerds in the future!
  12. I have a spare 50 litre (13 US gallon) tank set up and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good breeding project I could try, beginner to intermediate experience. Not necessarily looking to breed for profit just want to gain some experiences first. Thanks in advance.
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