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  1. Hello. I've been wanting to set up a new tank and have fell in love with dwarf cichlids. I've been trying to do some research over the past few days and haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. I have a tank setup in mind I'm just not sure it would work and would rather get opinions on what others think before committing to it. I was thinking of doing a 40 gallon breeder with 3 German Blue Rams (1M 2F) and 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (1M 2F). I would want to also add some shrimp and some snails. Would something like this not work due to species compatibilities or perhaps too many fish? Maybe the opposite and I could add in a small school of tetras or corys? Thanks!
  2. I recently decided that I both wanted to redo my existing no CO2 tank with a planted tank substrate and to add a tank for Saulosi Mbuna cichlids. So what do I decide? Buy a new 40, set it up as the CO2 tank, then redo the existing sand substrate tank as the cichlid tank. The plants, hardscape, and fish from the current tank will be transferred from the current tank to the new tank. Here is the current tank. The 5 gallon and the terrarium are being relocated. See my terrarium stand build in the Off Topic section. I was a little worried when I saw my CO2 Art regulator shipped from Germany, but am very impressed that I came in less than a week and that the plug is adaptable to multiple plugs. Can't wait to try it out. I also got the 2nd 40 breeder from Petco's 50% off sale today. Substrate and light have shipped, so updates on them to come!
  3. I'll start with a pic of the finished tank and stocking/equipment lists then go through the build/setup after. Fish: 10 Neon Tetras 5 Otocinclus 5 Corydoras Paleatus 1 Emerald Cory 1 Angelfish 3 Assassin Snails 1 Handfull of Ramshorn Snails from my outdoor tub Plants: Crinum Calamistratum Anubias Nana Anubias Congensis Staurogyne Repens Hygrophila Pinnatifida Vallisinaria Asiatica Pygmy Chain sword Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Japan" Ludwigia "Super Red" Subwasertang Red Tiger Lotus "Windelov" Jave Fern Cryptocoryne Undulata "Red" Cryptocoryne Flamingo Sword - unknown variety possibly red flame Rotala - unknown variety Cabomba - unknown variety - grown from 4in clipping in a bag of shrimp I ordered Bucephalandra - unknown variety Substrate: Base - 50:50 mix of used remineralized topsoil from my old tank and Safetsorb Cap - Safetsorb Hardscape: Seiryu Stone White Birch Cholla Wood Unknown stone Subwasertang came anchored to Equipment: Aqueon 40 Breeder Homemade wooden stand Nicrew Skyled 36in Aquaclear 50 ACO Intake Sponge ACO Small Sponge Filter Eheim Jager 100w Heater
  4. I have (2) 55g and (1) 40g 3ft that over the next 6 months I will be setting up, 2 Tanganyika and Tropical community that I am gonna make my daughters first aquarium. I plan on having all 3 planted and I want to try 3 differient lights. My choices right now is the 2 brands from the COOP fluval and the finnex but I also want to use the orphek plant light strip and I want to know if anyone on here has used a orphek, in the reef community orphek has gotten high marks as a company and I wanted to know if anyone on here has actually used them? I would be putting the fluval on the tropical tank bc that will have the most diverse plants given tangs parameters.
  5. Hi All~ So little by little I am stocking the 40 G breeder tank. Currently stocking is 7 panda Corydoras, 10 Otto's, 1 Super Red Long Fin Pleco, 1 clown pleco. I have 8 Pearl Danio's in the QT tank. I had 10 but have lost 2 so far. Once they pass quarantine they will go into the 40G. I REALLY want some Pygmy corydoras (10 or more) and Bolivian Rams (1 or a pair). I know Bolivian Rams are peaceful, but want to make sure they will be okay with the current stocking and the Pygmy corydoras. That's why I am here asking people who know WAY more than I do! What is everyone's thoughts? Any other recommendations?
  6. I have a 40 breeder with 2 violet discus they are a pair I also have 1 L193 gold nugget pleco. The tank is pretty heavily planted new fluval 3.0 light coming in my last one died. I have a fluval 207 canister filter. I check my water every two weeks and everything is perfect. This is my college tank. The two discus and pleco are the only fish in there is that overstocked? I have two more years of college so most likely afterwards I would get a 125 but could the discus get to full grown and the pleco is already full grown and live in the 40 breeder? The second picture is an old one.
  7. I am starting a 40 gal planted tank for mostly nano fish. A little cloudy after planting the new plants from the website. Struggling with the tree as it’s taking a bit to water log and sink! It’s been in there 3 days now. Today was Day 1 of adding Green to start the nitrogen cycle. Will be a bit for FISH. Thoughts: Endler BlackBar Cherry Barbs Celestial Danio Neon Green Tetra Shrimp Ramshorn Snails Threadfin Rainbows Anyone know how long a eucalyptus root takes to become waterlogged and sink?
  8. I bought a new glass 40 breeder tank at the petco a little bit ago. The inside of the bottom glass panel of the tank has some scratches in it (kind of like a smaller tank was shipped inside it). The scratches are in about a 4 inch square and you can catch your finger nail in the scratches that are in it. I am leak testing it right now and it is holding water. I would probably be more worried if it was on the outside of the tank, but before I fill it with decor... is a scratch on the inside really anything to be worried about? Edit: took your guys advice and the Petco took it back even though I painted its back.
  9. Just got four 40 breeders bc petco has their 50% off sale. Looking forward to filling these guys up and already got plans for all of them, just the process of getting lights and filters and stuff now. Gonna put Multis in one and do saltwater in another, guppies in one and the last one I’m not entirely sure.
  10. I am working on starting to add fish to the 40G I would really like a centerpiece fish for that tank. But I would prefer something that will get along with guppies, corydora's, Plecos and Otto's fish. I have watched some many videos that I am beginning to overthink and overwhelm myself. I am a community tank kind of gal, so want a fish that would terrorize other friendly fish. Or, should I get larger schooling fish? IDK.. ugh.. What do some of you have? Pros and cons??
  11. Just filled my Aqueon 40gal Breeder that I bought from Petco and noticed the front glass is bowing out in middle. This brand does not use a center brace. Tank was leak tested, back painted. Only after adding the Aqueon glass canopy did I notice the gap between the canopy and frame when looking down from top. I ran a 4ft level across the front glass, left to right, sure enough, the middle bows out over 1/8". I did same test on my Marineland 75gal, has brace, and glass is straight after 2 years. My stand is perfectly level left to right and less than 1/16" off front to back, (leaning toward back, very slightly). It makes full contact with the solid top of the stand. Stand by itself measures same with a level. So I figure this amount outside of perfect is a non issue. I've never had anything over a 20gal that does not have a brace. When looking around the net many say it's okay, others say no good. Most seem to say, if it didn't come with brace, it dies not need one. I think Marineland and All Glass make theirs with a brace.But not easy to find these in my area. Not sure what to do. Tank is on a 2nd floor and a blowout would Not Be Good. I know Aqueon 40 breeders are super popular, so for those of you that have them, please chime in. Need help, can't proceed at this point and need to get fish in there, but not at the cost of a disaster. Thank You GG
  12. Hi all, Finally got around to set up the newest version of my tank. I'm calling it 40 gallons, though by dimension it's 45 (36 inches long, 12 inches deep, 24 inches high). Hardware: 4-fan chiller (Petzilla) 100 W Heater (Aqueon) Air pump (AQQA) Fluidized moving filter (AQQA), 2 Heat/Cool controller (Inkbird) Planted+ 24/7 LED light (Finnex) Scape: Cholla wood (NApremium), 1 piece Mopani wood (Zoomed), 4 pieces Plant and shrimp Stratum (Fluval), 8.8 lb bag x 2 (more like 1.5 bags plus from established tank) Shrimp cave (Aquarium Co-op), 3 Plants (except for anubias and moss balls, all from Aquarium Co-op): Anubias nana (petite?) from established tank Cryptocoryne wendtii, 5 pots Cryptocoryne wendtii green, 5 pots Java fern wendelov, 5 pots Java moss, 1 mat Micro chain sword, 5 pots Moss ball, 10 Valisneria, 7 pots Water sprite, 2 pots Treatments: Fritz Complete water conditioner Easy Green fertilizer Parameters (Tetra EasyStrips): 1/15/21 Temp: 77.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrates: 20 Nitrites: 0 pH: 7.2 KH: 0 GH: 300 I didn’t test the water on the first two days because I wasn’t sure how much the ‘dirt’ in the water column would affect the readings.
  13. So I stupidly thought that it was a good idea to put 30 Platy fry in a 40 gallon breeder tank all by themselves. This morning, I saw Ich on 2 of them. One with a speck on the pectoral fin and the other fry with two specks on its gill plate and mouth. I have begun treatment by raising the temperature to 86F. It’s an open-top with a HOB, so the depletion of Oxygen is not an issue. Unfortunately, it is also a planted and graveled tank. Does anyone have tips for me? Any would greatly be appreciated. I also want to add salt, but all I have at home is Great Value Plain Salt: no Iodide, but has Prussiate of Soda ? I should’ve left them in their little 3 gallon, but Petco was having a deal on tanks, so I bought the 40 gallon for $50, quickly seeded it from another tank, and added the fry, thinking that more room = faster growth rates. What a mistake that was. edit: added "fry" to Platy in first sentence
  14. Hi, I’m new to forums and I just want to have a general discussion about my 40 gallon breeder currently I have 5 serape tetras, 3 blood fin tetras, 4 Colombian tetras, 2 Madagascar rainbows, 4 rummynose tetras, 11 gold pencil fish 4 angels, 3 roseline sharks, about 12 cories, and a few loaches and a few bristle nose pleco I have a 55 gallon and a 75 gallon I’m looking for ideas to stock them with my current fish *in the 55 I have 2 convict cichlids
  15. Since one of these showed up in my car somehow during the dollar gallon sale i figured I'd document the build. 1st step assembled stand 1st question: my other tanks are mostly on stands i picked up at wallys and put a piece of phenolic over. Since this one is supposed to be exactly the right size should I do that again? And if so should/can I make it a few inches wider on either side to have a little shelf? 2nd pic shows tbe phenolic under a 20 long.
  16. I have finally got the time to set up my 40 gallon tank! It's going to be a bit hard to catch anything out of this tank but I couldn't resist trying to scape the tank. Super happy because this is my biggest tank so far! I scaped it with some Manzanita and Malaysian driftwood. Also used river rock because I just had it laying around. For the plants, I used crypts, amazon swords, java fern, java moss, crinum calamustratum, and some java moss. I tried to do a breeding tank so I chose the albino koi guppies and lemon blue eyed bristlnose plecos. Thanks for looking, tell me if I should add anything, I would really appreciate any feedback
  17. hey guys, i'm planning to do a 30-40 gallon long amazon biotope kind of aquarium and wanted some help with stocking ideas... i plan on having it heavily planted, possibly with some passive CO2 injection (Using Fluval 20g passive CO2 system, basically bicycle CO2 cartridges into an upside down cup) i plan on having 4-6 bolivian rams, 10-12 rummy nose tetras, a bristle nose pleco, and for a center piece, i'm thinking an Electric Blue Acara? i was also thinking of doing a decent school of oto's to help with algae when it gets there, but A.) i'll have a pleco and B.) i'm worried the acara would slowly eat them. any other ideas for a centerpice fish or other clean up crew? I also wanted some help with plant choice? i know swords are out bc of the pleco... any other good background plants that wont get destroyed? i do plant on some dwarf sag carpet, anubias, crypts, etc... also wanted to know if there are any readily available aquatic plants that come from the amazon, to make it as natural as possible. thank guys!
  18. Hi everybody! I'm going to get a 40 gallon tank really soon and I need some ideas for a scape for the tank. If you have any photos of your tank, please put some pictures of it here! Just need some ideas for a new scape.
  19. I fell in love with loaches and may have gone a bit overboard... Current 20g Long (heavily planted): 10 Strawberry Rasboras 15 Kuhli Loaches 3 Nerite Snails 1 Betta Pest Snails Would a 40g breeder be large enough to accommodate my current stocking level? Would I be able to add 10-20 more strawberry rasboras, 5 more kuhli loaches and cherry shrimp? I can go with a 55g but that would require a new shelving unit. Water parameters have been stable in the 20g, but I know I overdid it.
  20. Hey everybody I'm Zack. At present I don't have any tanks running but I do have plans to put together a hill stream river tank. I have already purchased the tank a 40 breeder at a petco $1/gal sale. I will be putting a river manifold in it to help with thedirectio al flow of the water. As far as filtration goes I know I will have a canister filter probably either a fluval 7 series or a sunsun filter from Amazon, I haven't yet decided if I want to try and do any anoxic filtration with a plenum and biostenosis baskets in the canister or if I want to stay more traditional and try the biohome ultimate filter media. I do plan on having live plants anubias sp. and java fern are all I've really come up with at this point that would do well in this kind of river rock and drift wood hard scaped tank suggestions are welcome. As far as lights I will be going with the fluval 36 inch plant light. For fish there will obviously be various hillstream loaches; I have also looked into some of the freshwater dwarf gobies such as the stiphodon sp. for higher up in the water column I am thinking white cloud minnows and pearl danios I would like to do some sort of invertebrate but besides bamboo shrimp idk what would do well in this type of cool water high flow high oxygen environment. Please let me know what you think I would love to hear your ideas on plants fish/invertrates and what I should feed them I'd also like to know the best way to encourage the algae and aufwuchs to grow on the rocks but not take over the tank.
  21. I finally have all my plants in place, appears that everything is growing and doing well. Tank is cycling and doing its thing. I am beginning to think of stocking options for this bad boy. Can't do anything right now, as I have guppies in QT till the first week of May at the very least. I am so torn, between what to do for cleaning crew. I love bristle nose plecos (hear they are messy/large bioload?), Khuli loaches, Hillstream loaches, Oto's.. ugh.. want them all LOL. I MUST have Corydora's (good ground clean up crew.. but so CUTE).. but this time I am going to order them them online so I don't run into the issue of having a difficult time trying to find the same ones to complete my group. I don' know which ones to get. I have peppered and albino in the other tank and want different ones for his one. Once I am done with the clean up crew, I want to move on to adding the rest. With all these plants, I need a clean up crew.. and a GOOD one! This set up.. the struggle with the wood was REAL.. I have put it together and taken it apart because it would not sit right, or looked weird.. ugh.. finding large pieces of wood has been very difficult to say the least. Then my LFS was having a hard time getting dragon stone, so I had to use some large pebble stones.. ugh. I got a shrimp thingy, and pleco cave just because..LOL.. Suggestions? FYI.. background is black.. but the lights make it look a bit bluish at night.. or from a cameras view
  22. I never thought I would come to the point of asking this question but here I am.. I have. A 40 breeder tank that's been setup for 2-3 months now. I added plants last week and am dosing easy green. The tank is not cycled which is fine. I'm going to transfer one of the sponges from the quarantine tank to the 40 whenever I bring the fish over. That leads to my next question.... what can I stock in it? I feel crazy asking this question because I have kept tanks for pretty much my whole life. But this time the tank is in the living room and is a centerpiece so I feel more inclined to pick stuff that attracts. For my schooling fish I have thought about guppies, ember tetras or cardinal tetras but if there's others that i should look at let me know. As for the amount I was thinking like 30-50? I'm not sure about other fish but for the bottom dwellers I would like to have a bristles nose and some corys of some kind. After the tank get good and established I also thought of the idea of introducing a shrimp and or snails also. I have done all this I'm saltwater before but never freshwater. I fact I find saltwater to be somewhat easier to pick what I want.
  23. I purchased a secondhand 40 Breeder for a really good deal. It had a taped on background so I didn't notice until I got home that it had a corner crack. I talked to the seller and got my money back but I still want to salvage the tank somehow. I have a rectangle of glass that is wider than the crack and as high as the back panel that I was planning to silicone over it and then run a bead of silicone along the crack on the outside of the aquarium. When I water tested it was barely weeping through the crack but would still rather be safe than sorry. I know in an ideal world I would replace the whole back panel or just use it for a terrarium. Is this a fool's errand or should it work? I have used squares of glass and silicone to cover bulkhead holes to great success but just want to do this right.
  24. Hi all just looking for some fun breeding options preferably something I can just colonize up in there was thinking of some corydoras or a new pleco to try other than bristlenose. I thought I may be able to try a nano fish above like clown killis to let breed in there as well I have some spare tanks to seperate fry, bu trust curious on some ideas that I could get rid of fry easily if I were to get a lot of breeding.
  25. Stopped by petco just to browse. Half price 40 breeder ended up in my car. Now what to do with it??
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