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  1. Probably should be fine. I’d add a little bit of fish food in as well.
  2. They both work, turbo start is a higher concentration of bacteria. Remember you need to add fish or ammonia to keep the bacteria feed and multiplying.
  3. I agree with you completely. Just like weekly water changes. I remember when I first started a goldfish tank in 2007 people on the Internet would tell me 10x or 20x flow with 2 filters was a must. Nowadays I have a sponge filter in my tank and a HOB with filter floss and my nitrates are never more than 10 ppm.
  4. Hill stream loaches are really great algae eaters as are Nerite Snails. I have both in my goldfish tank and they keep it clean.
  5. Reduce feeding or fast for a few days and cut the lights for 3 days. Plants should be fine. Eventually the plants will outcompete the algae.
  6. I had too much light combined with high nitrates. I lowered my lighting and reduced feeding.
  7. The water was so green I couldn’t even see my fish. I would definitely vouch for GKM. I have since turned it off to let some algae grow on the glass of the tank for my bristle nose.
  8. Thank you for your advice. I just ordered a 55 from Amazon and will be selling my Fluval 207.
  9. Sicce apparently makes some of the best pumps on the world. I’m pretty excited about my 35, thinking about replacing my Fluval 207 canister with a Tidal 55. What do you think?
  10. I am a Nerm and shall Nerm out.
  11. Yup, I’m so happy with it so far.
  12. I don’t think they would be invasive because snails are a natural food source for fish and birds.
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