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  1. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of research today and you guys are correct. Going to cancel the order for the filter.
  2. So my hope is that I would fill up the canister with biological media. Apparently Seachem matrix has the potential to house anaerobic bacteria that can break down nitrates.
  3. Just bought a Polar Aurora Canister filter for my 29 gallon to replace my Aquaclear 50. You guys think it’s a good upgrade? I’m going to be filling it with Seachem Matrix. I was originally going to buy a Aquaclear 70 but this canister filter is about the same price.
  4. I have 3 fancy goldfish and a rubberlip pleco.
  5. Let me know how it goes for you. I’m really curious. I just bought some Java Fern froM here and will be attaching it to my lava rocks.
  6. My Nitrates are a little high. Been doing water changes every other day.
  7. So I was wondering if the Purigen should go in the HOB filter before or after the biological media? I don’t want to starve my bacteria if the Purigen will absorb all the Ammonia and Nitrites.
  8. Honestly I’ve been doing a 20 % water change every other day right now until my nitrates go down some more.
  9. Thank you! I’m going to do that and I’ll post pics of the final result.
  10. I was thinking about doing bare bottom but my fiancé said no lol.
  11. Hey Colu, do you think I can attach some Java fern to a pleco cave?
  12. I’ve never kept plants before but I’m going to go with the Java Fern.
  13. Does Cory have a club we can join? Or can we make one? So we could have video meetings on zoom and grow together.
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