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  1. Is a ph of 7.4 for a neolamprologus multifasciatus tank bad? Nothing to worry about? I'm starting a shell tank and have a bunch of texts holey rock in it and some Carib Sea Florida Crushed Coral. The Ph has stabilized around 7.4. The tank is a 40 breeder with about 20 lbs of holey rock and inert sand. I have maybe a pound of the florida coral in a medium-sized box filter, bubbling water through that. I was hoping the Florida coral would buffer to around 8 since it has aragonite, but so far I'm sitting at 7.4. I was also under the assumption the the holey rock would have the same effect. My tap water is pretty acidic, has KH lower than 1, and stabilizes at around 6.6 - 6.8 if unbuffered. Any advice? Just roll with 7.4? Do the coral and rock take longer to buffer than I am anticipating?
  2. Are the bigger multies males and smaller females how can you tell which is which.
  3. I am thinking about getting a shell dweller tank and was wondering if there should be any fish I should stay away from? I know gold ocellatus are pretty aggressive. I like the similis and black ocellatus so if that gives you guys any direction.
  4. I have a spare 50 litre (13 US gallon) tank set up and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good breeding project I could try, beginner to intermediate experience. Not necessarily looking to breed for profit just want to gain some experiences first. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, recently I was at one of my LFS when I saw they had a nice selection of different species of shell dwellers. I have seen these cichlids online but in person they are just so much more colorful and I find their behavior fascinating. I really want to keep these fish but I have a problem, currently I have 2 tanks 1 community 29 gallon with soft watered fish, and a 5 gallon that I am currently putting together and getting cycled. So my question is this would it be alright to put a pair or trio of any of the shell dwelling cichlid species in a 5 gallon or would it be to small.
  6. Hey guys my first time using this forum but I was looking to help for clean up crew for my multis I’ve heard Cory say mts but I’ve heard they’ve become a pest thanks in advance!
  7. I see it said from time to time that multis are 'sensitive' fish and don't do well in the mail. However, I see them listed for sale online in many places. Does anyone have experience or information with this and can shed light on the subject?
  8. hi I'm hoping to set up a shell dweller tank and i have some questions what should I feed I'm assuming meaty foods but i don't know how big of a pellet i should feed my ph is a bit low for them(7.8) what is a good way to raise ph how many can I keep in a 20 long what is a good way to help fry survive and will other shell dwellers eat the fry around how many fry will I get per female thanks 🙂
  9. Had my Multi’s in a custom 40 for the last 5 months and no babies yet. All water perimeters are good. Now I’m wonder out of the 6 fish if I have any females.
  10. Hey guys I'm looking for suggestions on a multie tank. I have a 10 gallon tank that I want to turn into a multie tank. Will a 10 gallon be enough room for these guys? Thank you for any help.
  11. Got babies at about 8 weeks after moving them into the tank. Have some at about 3/8 inch that appear to have been kicked out of the parents shell. now more babies are showing up. all in a 33 long with about 35 shells. Started with 6 adults. How many can the tank hold? also will plant introduced snails eat the eggs if they locate them?
  12. Here's my 10g mini-colony of Neolamprologus multifasciatus. I have two adult males that have staked out opposite sides of the tank. I added the rock in the middle to divide their territories, which seems to be working well so far. There are a few either females or juvenile males also sharing either side of the tank, and at least one fry in the group on the right (I had seen four at one point, but if there are still more than one, they aren't all out at the same time). If I ever have the space, I'd love to setup a large tank with 30-40 of these fish, they are so interesting to watch!
  13. At some point in the near future, I'd like to start moving any new, additional neolamprologus multifasciatus to a grow out tank for selling. I've seen people set these up with simple PVC elbows instead of shells to make it easy to net out fish as needed. To that end, quick question -- does one need shells (or the PVC version of shells) in a multi grown out tank? Will the absence of them cause undo stress and harm the fish? (I'm guessing yes?) Does anyone have first-hand experience with this that can shed some light?
  14. Have six Multis in a 33 long, 12 tall . Planning an easy planter and root tabs due to the full sand substrate. use of plants is for visual and sight break. this is first plants in any tank for me> best plant to start with that I can order from coop?
  15. I have been intersted in keeping some multi fasciitis shell dwellers. I have a few questions that I cant seem to find online, Is a 5 gallon okay to keep them in? If so how many? (I know they will reproduce) What do I feed them? Where do I get their shells?
  16. Hey all, We know that in livebearer tanks, overpopulation is more or less prevented by virtue of the fact that the adults eat the fry, and keep their numbers under control if they become too numerous for the fry to hide effectively. It's a nice feature: population control with nutrition built-in! I have a couple Neolamprologus multifasciatus tanks where the numbers are really growing. Does anyone know if they tend to slow down their breeding cycles if the numbers grow too high? What's your story? Thanks! Bill
  17. I am thinking about setting up a tank for multis and I am interested in breeding them. I was wondering how to raid the ph without increasing the hardness too much my tap water parameters are ph-7.0 GH-140 ppm and KH-40 ppm. What would be the best way to raise my ph and hardness
  18. Hello, i am looking to get some multies in the near future, what kind of tank mates nan i have with them? thanks
  19. I have a 90 gallon tank with crushed Coral sand and I was thinking of starting shell dwellers I know of Multis is there any other species that people recommend plan on breeding them I'm giving extra to my local fish store and maybe a tank mate or two to go with
  20. Hello, I live in upstate NY and I am interested in buying some Multifasciatus cichlids ( Multies ). Does anyone know where i can find them? Thanks
  21. If multies are so easy to breed, why are they so hard to find? I'm going to be setting up a new aquarium in about a month and my son wants a pair of multies. I can't find them anywhere. I have about 4 LFS's that I checked and Aquahuna. Does anyone have any websites they can recommend that won't change $40 for shipping?
  22. I have a 20 tall and a thirty long. water is tap and is hard and ph range is on the high side (8-8.2) would like to do one of the shellie's and then apisto in the other. (currently have a (viking-kills everything) auratus who lives alone- and 4 venustus who are about 6 weeks. in other tanks) The question is about how many shellies in the 30 long to generate a duel colony one on each end, which shellie is best suited for this. Also in the 20 tall which apisto> knowing the ph might have to be worked on < has the most potential in this size tank. am continuing research, but as always there is conflicting ideas on line, experience speaks volumes. thanks
  23. Hi, I just heard about these cute little 'shell dwellers' and was wondering if the co op ever carries them? I used to buy fish there all the time but don't remember seeing them. Thanks a bunch!😃
  24. Anyone know what’s going on here? Something is coming out of its butt?
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