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Found 12 results

  1. We have two golden rams in our tank (a pair) and then these two blue rams. Are these both males? If so are two more females required?
  2. Hey everyone! I've read some articles online but none have made sense, lets hope I can figure this out. I'm not trying to breed my angelfish, rather just curious the sex of them. How do you sex angelfish? Are they even old enough to sex yet? Thankyou in advance! Here's a little backstory about my angelfish, I have five of them currently, the one in the third picture is the boss. They all get along great, sharing the food. The other black and white one is much smaller then the rest of the angelfish. At first we were concerned it wasn't getting enough to eat but after a close observation at feeding time we have found that they all are pigs. Lol.
  3. A nice thread that will help people needing help sexing their Tetraodon schoutedeni. Post some pics and or some video of you spotted congo puffers! I have updated the video to have better audio and more examples at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPI8KstaKhE
  4. Ninja Decided tonight was a good night to lay eggs. They are in a community tank scheduled to be moved to a larger tank once I can get a cycle complete in it. Not sure what to do... Once the new tank is cycled I can move all tank mates to the new tank Move the plants , decorations. But the eggs were laid on the large piece of spider wood.
  5. I ordered fish online about 2 weeks ago. Was supposed to be a m/f redneck apisto pair. I think they sent me 2 males. Anyone have experience with this happening, mabey what I can expect from the seller? I sent them a email today but have not heard back. I am just trying to get an idea what I should expect.
  6. I've been researching how to tell the difference between a male and female BST's. I've read about looking at their fins, their width etc. I have tried and yet, still can't tell the difference. LOL. Is there any sure way to make a distinction between the two?
  7. Hello , could this be male and female ? They do fight , head bumb etc.
  8. This is my first apisto. he was sold to me as a cacatuoides double red male from an LFS, unsure of the age but he's about 2 inches long total and I've had him a week. I believe he is indeed a male because of the longer spikes at the front of his dorsal fin, but I'd like to know what others think. I'm also wondering is he really a double red? He has that one spot on his tail but otherwise he seems to be starting to color up orange. Could he be an orange flash? Or is he just still getting his coloring? If he is a male double red, when should I expect to see more color? Currently he's alone in quarantine
  9. Males? Females? One of each? Of the many persons I have asked online, some are certain they are both females, and the others are certain that they are both males. I have researched this EXHAUSTIVELY and remain uncertain. I am hoping to find an expert that can tell me their sexes with absolute certainty.
  10. This is my first time raising Endler fry and this guy is just starting to get his colors! So cool! This is one of two surprise fry that came with the adults I bought. I thought they were both female. Then I heard on an old livestream Cory explaining that guppies all appear female as juveniles and then at a few months the males will begin to grow into male features. Nature is wild.
  11. Wondering if anyone out there has a tip for sexing ricefish. Obviously if I see one carrying eggs, we have a female. Several sources online refer to males having "bigger" anal fins, but the issue with that is you need to have both sexes in order to compare... and if I knew that I had both sexes, I would not need to know! Haha Does anyone know a better way to sex them, especially ones that do not rely on comparisons with the opposite sex?
  12. I've had my pair of Kribensis for about 2 months. The female (Blue Jean Baby) has chased off the male (Tiny Dancer) until about a week ago when they both started digging. Today the male is protruding I believe. Below is a photo, is this a male? Does this signify the actual mating may begin? This is my first experience with this breed, and the first possible breeding of fish. Any help is most appreciated.
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