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Found 20 results

  1. So excited about this forum and want to know: If there's one piece of advice us newbies absolutely need to know, what is it?
  2. @CoryI think you would know what to do. I just had my first buried cherry shrimp, and now there is a lot of planaria! Are the planaria eating the shrimplets? If so how do I get rid of them out of a tank. The med has to be shrimp, plant, and scale-less fish safe. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, my water comming out of my tap is currently a ph of 8.4 with gh of over 300 and kh about the same. How would I use rodi water to lower this? Thanks!
  4. Hello Forums, Once more, I am asking a question about stocking. Could I keep 6 Heckle Discus (Or Any Other Kind, Doesn't Matter), 3 Marbled Angelfish (Or Any Other Kind, Doesn't Matter), 12 Blue King (Cochu) Tetras, 6 Pygmy Cories, 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (A Male And Two Females), And 3 Bolivian Rams (Again, One Male And Two Females)? It looks like overstocking, but I'm not 100% sure, since I've never kept discus. Thoughts?
  5. Hey folks, I’m thinking about getting an Apistogramma pair for a 20 gallon tank. It will be fully planted and I know to use sand and even build them a little cave which I’m doing (tank isn’t finished yet). The tank mates will be neon tetras and possibly amano shrimp or pygmy corydoras. I won’t be getting the pair any time soon, probably months away and I’ve been doing research but I was curious if anyone here has experience they can share provide advice. Thank you
  6. First, 48gallons, yes really. Weird size around here, but I found it used. (EDIT: I am not so smart: Do not trust a craislist seller's measurments--it is a 40 breeder) It is going to take me a week or two to get it set up and cycled. Plan is black sand and gravel substrate, rocks/caves, Valisneria, Tiger lotus, epiphytes like java fern and anubias, all secured to/by rocks. IMPORTANT POINT: this is a low wide tank, footprint is 36X18 inches, 17" deep (nope, 16"). It is actually bigger than the standard foot print of 55g: 48x13. I am set on at least one electric blue acara (EBA), which is the purpose of this tank. Stocking options are as follows: 1. 1 EBA + 1 feather fin squeaker (Synodontis Eupterus) 2. Breeding pair of EBA + 1 feather fin squeaker (Synodontis Eupterus) 3. Breeding pair of EBA My understaning is that the EBA will be about 6" when grown, and the Synodontis will be 8-10", so I am concerned that any amount of Synodontis might be too big in this tank. I don't WANT a pleco, but I realize that is a better option. Looking for opinions on these options from people who have kept both fish, or other very similar species. Thanks!
  7. So, I have a newly cycled 29 gallon that I would like to start a breeding project in. Im down to either gbr, apistogramma macmasteri, or albino kribensis. In your opinions, what would be the most interesting, easiest, most profitable, etc to breed. Thanks!
  8. If you’ve been following my struggles to re-cycle a tank that I crashed, I’d love a little more input. Is it looking cycled? It’s been a little over two weeks. Everything looks good expect for the Nitates. I’m thinking a small water change, and then adding my betta back to his big tank? He’s been in a one gallon holding tank until I felt it was safe for him to go back. I tested ammonia twice, and then nitrites and Nitrates. I appreciate any and all thoughts! I don’t want to be too eager to get him back in his tank, and do so before it’s 100% safe.
  9. Hi. I really need some help. I crashed my cycle two weeks ago and I’ve been trying to get it back on track. Everything is going up, but not leveling off or coming down. What can I do? My betta is in a small holding bowl until I can fix this. It’s a ten gallon fresh water aquarium, with a filter and heater. Plants are silk, except for moss balls and frogbit. I’ve been adding tetra safestart and seachem prime. Ammonia is at 0.25 ppm. Nitrite is at 1.0 ppm. Nitrate is around 40-80 ppm. I’m really attached to my fish, and I’ll try anything to get him back in his tank.
  10. In the middle of my first fishless cycle after watching @Irene (Girl talks fish) youtube videos. Ammonia at 0 and gets back to 0 24 hours after dosing up to 2ppm of ammonia. Nitrites were a little high and nitrates were at almost 80 ppm. Decided to do a 50% water change and continue waiting for nitrites to get to 0. Should I continue adding ammonia every few days? Any other advice besides giving the tank time? Also do you think itd be a good idea to add a few nerite snails to clean up some of the dying leaves on the new plants? 75g tank with an Aquaclear 110 and a large COOP sponge filter. Lightly planted right now as I wait to buy more plants from the COOP.
  11. I have a pair of angelfish who spawn on a regular basis in a 50 gallon community tank I have, and I would like to move their eggs to a separate tank to raise the fry. However, they always lay those eggs in the same corner of the tank on the glass, and not a leaf or some piece of decoration. Does anyone know of a way (assuming it's possible at all) for me to move those angelfish eggs? Here are some pics of them:
  12. For whatever reason, I can't stand a lot of betta owners. There are so many I've interacted who pat themselves on the back for rescuing/adopting their fish from a PetSmart/Petco when in reality they bought a fish at a store just like the majority of hobbyists. It's such a minor thing that doesn't really hurt anyone but it grinds my gears nonetheless.
  13. The worst that I can remember receiving is when I had my first betta and it came home with fin rot. I had looked for treatments and seen that aquarium salt was recommended for initial treatment and started to do that. When he didn't improve, I went to a forum (not here) for advice. The recommendation that I received was to do a full water change to get the salt out of the system and use ONLY Seachem Stressguard as treatment, because salt and meds are harmful. That betta died within weeks because the fin rot continued advancing to the point where it affected his body. I'm not mad at the people who gave me that advice because it probably worked on their fish that came home with a less advanced disease. I'm upset that I let misinformation get the best of me and I killed a fish because of it. I believe that every hobbyist will make every mistake but it doesn't sting any less that I messed up with treating disease.
  14. I know everybody will have a different opinion... but what's the smallest you would go for a rainbow cichlid to happily live in? I have one that is getting bullied by the bigger boys [acaras and a blue eyed] in the 75g [he stays black all the time, they must ding him at night because he comes up missing scales a lot] and I know he would be happier somewhere else... thoughts? thanks guys! here's my little dude, he's probably about 2.5" 😊
  15. Ok...I'm trying to mentally sort out the advice I received from PetSmart today so I thought I'd run it by you guys and see....this worker there seems very experienced, multiple tanks,showed me a picture of her planted tank and it look amazing...bright green,practically fake looking. I asked her what she "fed" her plants and she literally does nothing for them. She said they're just in gravel or sitting there with plant weights. No liquid fert, no root tabs. She may or may not have a good light for them. Is this possible???? She also told me when she does a water change (a minimal % of time due to plants and snails) she uses a brita filter (scratching my head) and always puts in a full tank dose of both API Stress Zyme and API Pimafix. Claims there may be diseases in the water that fish can catch. She also only feeds frozen food. And she uses baking soda in her tank water. I'm so confused after talking to her bc her planted tank that she showed me a pic of looks great and she literally adds nothing to the water for the plants Should I take her advice since we are near, or share, the same water source or does this sound as off as it did to me? Maybe I just have a lot to learn.
  16. Okay y'all. So I'm finding myself a bit puzzled The puzzling plant? Water Wisteria. And the puzzle - These pics were taken on June 30th, of my 60 gallon community tank (livebearers, otos, corys, assassin snails and two 2" BN plecos). Note all the decently sized, very green Water Wisteria. This next pic is of my 5 gallon Heterandria Formosa hex tank, 2 different dates. Note the nicely colored Wisteria in IT, as well. Now I don't have a pic of when I FIRST put the Wisteria in my betta tank, but, it was about 3-4" tall, 2-3" wide. Had a few places it looked to be melting back a bit, but, it was "extra" from the 60, the betta tank needed more plants, so in it went! And THIS is what the Water Wisteria looks like as of now, in all 3 tanks. So. The 60 gallon was where it started out. And it started out as 5 plants, no bigger than the tip of my index finger. And then became massive - both in size and number! I was able to plant my 5 gallon, a friends 45 gallon, my grandfathers 30 gallon, and sold more than 30 plants that were btwn 3-6". And now? Now I LITERALLY have absolutely NONE in the 60 gallon, only small ones in the 5, and just one big one in the betta! Tank parameters info - Temp (all 3) btwn 75-79°F pH (all 3) btwn 7.2-7.6 Ammonia and Nitrite (all 3) 0 Nitrate (all 3) btwn 20-60 GH (all 3) = 25-27 Kh (all 3) = 2-3 Water source parameters {from the tap - well water} pH less than 6 (I have crushed coral in my filters and mixed in the substrate in all 3 tanks) Ammonia and Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10-20 GH = 21-23 Kh = 1-2 I use Easy Green, Easy Carbon, and root tabs for my swords and my 4 or so aponogeton plants. So. Thoughts? And there are a few other plants that are behaving in a similar way but almost reversed But I want to solve the wistetia mystery first! 😊
  17. Good afternoon everyone, I am a beginner to aquariums while my boyfriend has some experience in it, as he used to have a lot of aquariums and cichlid tanks back when he was younger a few years ago. We recently decided to get into it again as I have always wanted to have a freshwater aquarium to take care of and appreciate in our apartment. About 2 weeks ago, we went out and bought a 35 gallon tank and proceeded to buy freshwater fish that night. Unfortunately, we were both unaware of the idea to cycle your tank before getting fish, so we ended up having to do a fish-in-cycle, which has been doing not too badly. Nitrites are just now forming and the ammonia levels are super low (about .25 ppm according to the API test kit), we do daily water changes and keep a close eye on the ammonia levels. The fish we have in our aquarium are 3 swordtails, 8 neon tetra, 2 honey gourami, 3 ruby barbs, a marble angelfish, a hillstream loach and a clown pleco. Now, where the issue comes in. About a week ago, we noticed that our swortails, and only the swordtails started to have little white spots on their tailfins and other fins. Only one of the three had a couple whereas the other 2 only had maybe 1-2 spots. No other fish had them though. We figured it was ich and started treating the tank with Ich-X once every 24 hours, doing 40% water changes before each treatment and also adding like a small dose of salt (Not too much as we dont want to hurt the pleco). Before the treatments, we moved our snails and hillstream loach into a separate tank, to ensure their safety. We turned the temperature up to about 80-82F from the normal 78F and waited. About 3-4 days pass and we see little to no improvement. Not only that, other fish seemed to have also caught whatever it was and the barbs specifically got it horrible. At this point (about 2-3 days ago) we started freaking out and called the fish store we bought all the fish from. Apparently they say its ich, and that their whole tank of swordtails got it (which is how our tank probably got infested as our swordtails had the first signs of it). The were treating it with their own custom medication that seemed to work on their swordtails. I assume its similar to Ich-X as it has the same blue color and such. We are now on day three of treatment (3rd dose goes in later this evening) and we still see no improvement at all. The swordtails still have it, though not as badly mostly just on their fins. They seem to scratch and rub themselves on objects aswell. The tetra have started acting very worrying the past day or so aswell. I see that 1-2 have the spots, and they have been not active at all since yesterday. They mostly have hid or stayed at the bottom of the tank. I cant even see them all anymore, as I assume they are now hiding. The angelfish has a few spots on one of his fins, which he clasps to his body. However, the barbs have it the worse. The white spots/bumps cover their entire body and they seem very agitated and uncomfortable. They skim very irradically up and down. All of the fish have started to clasp their fins to their body aswell. At this point I just dont know what to do. Everyday just feels like a ticking time bomb before the whole tank passes, which would devastate me. I worry that this may not be Ich, even though it looks just like it. The main things ive noticed are: - It first started appearing on their fins. - The ones covering the barbs on their body, are less flat and have a little bit of dimension to them (like crushed salt) - The fish clasp their fins to their body and dont eat as much anymore - The tetra stay at the bottom of the tank and hide - None of the treatments have done a ton of help, though its only been about 4 days with Ich-X and 2 days with the fish store medication. We arent sure if this is something different like a bacterial disease such as Epistylis or something? We just arent sure what to do anymore and its starting to stress me out a lot. Please if anyone can help in any way to help identify if this is Ich or not, or if its something else, please let me know. I have attached pictures of the barbs (who seem to have it the worse). All the other fish just have the small white spots on their fins, nothing much on their bodies). If you need more photos or any more information, please let me know! We are desperate to help our fish!
  18. Serious question - to any/all with planted tanks........ It's starting to really bug me....... Gravel vac'ing!? I can see poo in more than one spot and it's driving me MAD! And OF COURSE, those particular spots, and SUUUUPER super close to some of my biggest plants root systems...I have absolutely sucked up more than one amazon sword in the last few months.. I try and do a "surface vac", and I have a pair of tongs I use to like, swish the water around a bit && bring some of the nasty up to surface.. But Now I'm also getting really bad with this --- but listen --- I have a 60 gallon tank, #1. Anyhow. I have this filter, right..it's a Danner 55 E-Z Clean, HoB filter (NO it is absolutely NOT my only source of filtration, but, stay with me here!) So, this filter, came with an attachment piece, that goes into an opening in the filter housing, and uses the filters 'motor' to siphon out the water (instead of it going out thru the outflow, it comes out thru the tubing like it would during a normal gravel vac/water change) Soooooo I have totally, sorta kinda just been using THAT to do my W.C.'s lately (I take out 25% of the tank water in less than 15 minutes most times!), but this has been my "water changing way", since after basically murdering the biggest of my swords and uprooting half my dwarf hair grass. SOLUTION(S)!? And thanks in advance!!! 😊😊😊
  19. I bought 4 plecos, which were supposed to be L333. When I got them, I saw one that was definitely a L333, two that might be a L333 but has white stripes and not yellowish, and one that is probably not a L333. I'll attach the photos of all 3, in the order I described them. Another story is that i friend of mine who owns a local store got a pleco mixed in a batch of paraotocinclus. He couldn't identify the species and he gave it to me so that I would keep it and grow it out to maybe make it easier to identify it. I'll also attach a photo oh him in this post. Can anyone help me with the correct identification of all those plecos?
  20. Hi all! I was recently watching Cory's videos on outdoor tub ponds and felt inspired! So I set up a little something on the balcony (perfect because my one bedroom apartment doesn't have a lot of space for tanks 🙃) Now I am at the point where I need to stock it, but I'm afraid! The temperatures seem so drastic! For example, I have my happy, established tank that sits at like 78/79*F all day and night. My outdoor temps right now are 85* high and low of 56*. I have been monitoring the temp today and it has risen from 58* this morning to 66* (which is less of a change than I expected- I thought it would get hotter.) It seems like such a temperature swing! How can I put fish in there?! Cory's video also said he was thinking of adding mystery snails- but it seems too cold! I am located in Northern California, and usually it is a bit hotter right now. Should I avoid the livebearers I was planning on and go with cloud minnows? But what if it heats up? Am I too late in the season to start? Oh my. Such uncertainty with outdoor ponds! Lol Advice appreciated, especially if you've had any experience with outdoor ponds. Pond is a 20gal tub with sponge filter and airstone, hornwort, a dying something or other plant, and rotala.
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