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  1. Alright folks, does this type of device exist? My pea puffer tank gets messy pretty quickly. I used to think I had a snail poop problem, but with my snail population at an all time low but this debris still running rampant, I am in need of a solution. I think my driftwood is like shedding or something. It's like wet sawdust at the base of the driftwood. I have no problem doing water changes with gravel vacuuming, but one change doesn't get everything no matter how hard I try. I am checking my water daily to make sure there is no ammonia or nitrites and nitrates are at a minimum and that hasn't been an issue. I don't want to upset my fish but draining and refilling my tank more than once in a single sitting. I just want to suck up all the garbage but keep my water. Does such a device exist?
  2. Even though my parameters were all good, and nitrates were below 10ppm, I did a 50% water change in hopes of helping my betta out. He's been not eating, and I'm curious about his swim bladder due to visual and swimming peculiarities. I typically don't do this, but I removed all the decorations before the gravel vac. That obviously stirred up the substrate and all the debris. And there came this very strong smell. I've heard this type of smell describing a tank with high ammonia. But I was measuring 0ppm. Was this just the smell of shaken up waste? Did I give my tank an ammonia spike by doing that? Was this the smell of mulm from my possibly decaying IAL? Anything I should do or look out for?
  3. Ok party nerms, I have a questions in regards to gravel vacuumIng. I have a heavily planted tank with a heavy stock of community fish. My substrate is pea gravel. Plants seem to do fine in it as long as I use root tabs and easy green. I used to gravel vac every week with my water changes. I decided to run an experiment and not gravel vac for 3 months to see how things did. I did water changes only, and I monitored water quality and only had a minor increase in nitrates, but enough to make much of a difference. The plants flourished obviously, as they were getting more food (fish poop, left over food). The fish also seemed to be more healthy and active, and have began to breed more without gravel vacuuming as well. I just gravel vacuumed yesterday for the first time in 3 months. There was lot of gunk that came up. After gravel vacuuming, a lost a seemingly healthy fish the next day. He was old, no signs of illness, but was this just a coincidence, or was it because I removed a lot of mulm? With that being said, what do you guys do? How often do you gravel vac? Or do you gravel vac your planted tanks? There is a lot of back and forth on the internet about how often and the benefits of gravel vacuuming and not gravel vacuuming, but what are the nerms doing?
  4. I have a tank I put just a little too close to the floor. I was using gravel vac with a thumb pump to clean it as gravity was not gonna help. It was poorly made and the seal broke making it pointless. Tried another, same issue. I imagine in the spring I can run a hose out of the back door, but until then, can anyone suggest a pump or electric gravel vac? All I can find is something that collects mulm and such, but doesn't actually change water. I can attach a pump to a hose, but then, all the ick I'm vaccuming up would travel through the pump. Thanks.
  5. I have a big box store gravel vac and the hose it came with is really stiff. Does anyone have suggestions for replacement hose that's easier to wield and pinch off?
  6. Does anyone here have any experience with the Eheim or Fluval battery powered gravel vacs? I'm thinking about getting one or the other for spot cleaning in between water changes but they're kind of expensive. Are they any good on sand substrates? Thanks!
  7. Hi all! I nearing the time to do my first gravel vacuuming of my first planted tank and wanted to solicit for advice on how to do so. The tank is planted pretty heavily and I'm worried about uprooting plants and/or disturbing the scape too heavily. Do you guys have any tips or advice? Also, have any of you had any good experiences with a small vac that you would recommend purchasing? I had to sacrifice my current one during the winter storm to jury rig it into a makeshift water agitator, but it was HUGE and not a candidate for repurchase. The inlet tube would need to no more than a 1" diameter. Thanks in advance!
  8. Finding it hard to clean a nano tank with gravel vacuum. I have to take all the decorations out first and then by the time I'm finished vacuuming more than half the water is gone. Any advice?
  9. Does anyone have a suggestion for a small diameter gravel vacuum for a 2.5 gallon tank? I have a larger gravel vacuum for my 20 Long but it won't quite reach in this one due to it's size and it would probably suck out most of the water before it got anything from the bottom. I had a look around Aquarium Coop and some other sites but I'm not seeing anything useful. A diameter of about an inch maximum would be about right. Only thing I can think of at the moment is get some large diameter hose but it's not easy to control because they are quite stiff. Thanks everyone!
  10. What are your guys opinion on gravel vacuuming during a fish in cycle? Do or Don't?
  11. I am looking into buying my first water changer I just discovered them today and was wondering what the best brand was I’ve seen python and Aqueon is there any other brands
  12. When using my python, I get good suction for a few minutes and then it stops.Any thoughts on why?Ot is this way every time.
  13. I wish there was a high quality, USB rechargeable gravel vac that did not require siphoning out water. I know this is something that does exist, but the variations I have seen and tested were very poor performers and ended up getting thrown in the trash, something I despise doing for obvious environmental reasons.
  14. I have had the tank about a month now and have been doing weekly water changes but no vacing. I have pretty good number of plants as you can see and am stocking the following in the 29g tank, 8 zebra danios 8 guppies (who have about 4/5 fry already) 6 Panda Cory’s one bristlenose one clown pleco here are my test parameters so far.
  15. I hadnt water vac in a while noticed alot of debree 27liter tank did 10liter water vac change my nitrites spiked after water change after 2 hours checked it up again and did another smaller water change and tested 2 hours later nothing has changed it is a cycled tank. What do i do?
  16. Is there another way to remove fish waste from the aquarium without doing a water change because my fish are literal waste factorys even though i feed one day yes one day no
  17. I am new to plants in this tank. I included pictures so you can see the layout of my tank and the amount of rooted plants in my tank. my question is, do you gravel vac around the plants or stop gravel vacuuming once you have rooted plants in there so you don't disturb any runners or root growth? I've read that some people vacuum around plants or just the surface of the substrate. Some info: I just added cryptocoryne today in the left corner. And I have aponogeton and an Amazon sword on the right side. I also have some snails too.
  18. I have a community tank including guppies doing what guppies do, and I have two batches of fry. I tried to vacuum the gravel (and need to) but the fry swim right down by the intake! Help!
  19. So, after listening to Cory's live-stream yesterday, he mentioned gravel vacuuming a couple of times. So I'm wondering, do you gravel vac?
  20. Does anyone have good power vacuum recommendations? I have a pair of angels that spawned in my quarantine tank. I don't want to pull the eggs because I want to give the pair a chance to see if they can raise the fry. Problem is the quarantine tank is down low, which is terrible for siphoning. I usually don't care because I just stick my pond pump in the corner for water changes, then reverse to fill. I clean it out when done with quarantine. It's going to take me a couple weeks to setup an more optimal tank for them (and the pair that bred in my community tank!). If the fry survive, I'll want to keep it clean. I have a utility sink about 10 feet from the tank. There was a YouTube vid on making a DIY vac from using a pump, but if anyone has used one they like, let me know. Thanks! Bill
  21. How do i vacuum a planted aquarium with soil substrate. any videos or guidelines.
  22. Any advice on how to gravel vac without sucking up fry? I have several different stages of rasbora fry scattered along the bottom of my 65 gallon. I'd like to vacuum the substrate to clean up any leftover frozen baby brine shrimp stuck in there, but the tank is too tall for me to simultaneously vacuum while watching for fry from the side. It is a planted tank, but I only started it up a month ago so my plants aren't very big. What's the best way to go about cleaning the substrate, or should I just leave it?
  23. Ive got a 20 gallon tank with a fairly large crypt and about 10 or so dwarf sag. I normally gravel vac but i feel like i shouldnt do it to this tank. Should i gravel vac even though my plants are root feeders?
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