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  1. it sure does, lots of micro organisms for them to pick off.
  2. im no fan of joan baez, but this version of this song doesnt get any better.
  3. and the thing is, livebearer fry will do absolutely fine fed twice a day. might not put on size quite as quick, but they will thrive just the same.
  4. could be a cross, but they definately have endler in them.
  5. 3 or 4 light feedings a day for fry if you want to put on size. food runs through them fairly quickly.
  6. ahh but the old bottle was dark with a white pump head!
  7. there is no rule to say you cant have breakfast for dinner!😎
  8. you get bonus points for knowing what an atari is!
  9. basically they are little feel good perks showing that you are an active participant in the forums instead of just a lurker. i dont know if there is a list of all available, but im pretty sure if you are even a part time participant you will likely receive them all before too long.
  10. if you want that to be really good, drizzle a tiny bit of maple syrup over them eggs. for me, a ham, cheddar cheese, and onion omelet is a pretty dang good breakfast with a piece of buttered toast, and a couple pieces of good bacon.
  11. i suspect plants do neutralize meds at least to some degree, as they are great filters.
  12. you bring up a good point about soap, bleach residue etc in your sinks. when i do wash an aquarium item in a sink, i do not let it touch anything. picking up a household cleaner residue of any type from the sink or counter you might set it on is more of a concern for me than just killing off bacteria. dont forget to wash your hands before sticking them in your tanks too.
  13. yes they will grow some more roots in the pot, but they will grow just as many roots planted. if they are kept in the same tank, with the same water/fertilizers/nutrients just plant them and let them get established where they are going to be.
  14. substrate, filter, on surfaces inside the aquarium is where the bb live. it stands to reason that if your tap water has chlorine and ammonia and you rinse your filter in the tap water you will kill off some or all of the bb in that filter. so long as you dont otherwise have an absolutely bare tank, its probably not going to crash the bb colony. if you have a highly stocked tank bare with nothing else in it, you probably would not be wise to risk it. if your tank has many surfaces for bb to live on, killing off even 100% of the bb in your sponge filter will probably do little to no harm in the day or three it takes for the bb to recolonize the filter. one thing in this hobby is that there are few absolutes.
  15. what do you normally keep the temp at, and what temps would you expect the room to drop to if power was lost for extended periods?
  16. for a few hours, i would not be overly concerned, but for 4 days i think a battery backup of some sorts would be not a terrible idea. on the flip side, 6 pygmy cories arent going to demand a ton of oxygen, and since its a planted tank, even at only 5 gallons it could probably go without filtration for extended periods of time.
  17. well that stuff in your picture is the non meat vegetarian stuff, so the debate should really get good.🤪
  18. i would venture to say that is an illustration/drawing.
  19. it almost looks like a tumor or cyst of some kind.
  20. agree with the others. use a quality food, and offer some variety, and the fish will thrive. obsessing over finite details like this will drive a person to insanity.
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