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  1. i might be tempted to give it 1 pump. plants look pretty good though, so they arent lacking much.
  2. how large of tank, how heavily planted is it? do the plants look nice and healthy? if so, maybe you arent currently in need of fertilizing. if the plants are looking unhappy, maybe do a water change, and then fertilize. your nitrates might be 50, but that does not mean that the 50 is not lacking specific nutrients the plants need. ill use a 55 gallon tank as an example here. we'll go with 50 for nitrates, and the plants dont look bad, but not looking good either. in this situation, i would probably give 2 squirts of easy green a week, and monitor how things go. directions on the easy green say 1 pump per 10 gallons, but that is really just a decent all around ball park starting point. some tanks need more, and some need less. dont be afraid to partial dose if thats what is really required. hang tight though, there's better people with plants here than me.
  3. ask one of the elvis's, one of 'em is bound to know where a good fish shop is!
  4. flake food crushed up really fine sprinkled lightly in the tank.
  5. on old crusty tanks, i use a razor blade. when using a blade make sure to keep out of the silicone.
  6. just place it, and run cords so water cant follow down anything and end up in the power strip.
  7. agree staghorn. bba isnt quite as stringy, more black fuzzy.
  8. id bet if you put the shelf only 1/4 or 1/3 the way up you could squeeze a small tank in there and still be able to access it.
  9. its probably more than fine as is, but id make a shelf inside that thing for more storage, and to help stabilize it a bit more.
  10. i think water being similar goes a long ways towards crypts not melting. i move them from aquarium to aquarium, and never have them melt.
  11. it looks like it, that sure doesnt appear to be a new leaf coming up.
  12. knots dont mean anything. pine is a soft wood, and has plenty of knots.
  13. the ones i see on the banana plant are nerite eggs.
  14. you can tune a piano, but you cant tuna fish!🙈
  15. i normally rinse in very hot water, then let them dry. drying out for a few days will kill off most things that may have gotten on them in the aquarium.
  16. SAE's are horrible at eating algae. once they get past juvenile stage, they eat everything but algae.
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