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  1. you left your homework in the picture!😜
  2. since you have some plants doing well, and others that die, i would suggest you are like many of us, and just some darned plants will not grow for us.
  3. i would give it a shot of iron. now my observation, that melon sword and the bigger one in theback corner behind it, probably were not at the fish store all that long. those bigger leaves appear to be emmersed growth, so over time you will lose those leaves. key in on the new growth and watch that for signs of needing ferts.
  4. so pleco died i assume unnoticed at first. that could for sure throw things a bit out of whack. id do a few water changes, then test every few days for a week or two, and see what is really happening. the tank could be good to go in a week, or it may take 3 or 4 weeks. let the tests, and whatever else is alive in the tank be your guide.
  5. my first question is did you test for an ammonia spike, or how did you come to that conclusion? next up would be if it is in fact an ammonia issue, what caused the spike, and how long has this tank been up and running?
  6. welcome. dont worry about mistakes, we've all made them, and sometimes still do.
  7. that is most assuredly a leech. if it comes up out of the substrate, net it or just grab it. a walleye in your tank would get rid of it.😈
  8. i wouldnt worry about one just for iron, more so that you dont see the normal tests go crazy. i dont know if they even make a test for iron. for me when adding iron along with other ferts, i just give the tank an occasional small dose of iron. now having said that, be aware i fly by the seat of my pants with fertilizing aquarium plants. i let my eyes be the judge of what is needed. so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  9. my own recommendation for the future, dont spread out the root tabs, stick em in near the roots of the plants you want to target with fertilizer. a little iron shouldnt hurt anything, just sneak up on the amount you dose by monitoring your water tests.
  10. when i find the right piece of wood or rock for the main focal point, thats all it needs. after that i just stuff it in the tank and whatever else i feel like, and it looks how it looks. while my tanks look nice, the well thought out scapes are definately cleaner looking.
  11. im sure you will get more than one opinion on this, but i would go for 2 mediums. put 1 in each rear corner.
  12. if you've ever come across shed antlers you find vermin like to chew on them, and eat them for the calcium they contain. as to the OP, i still dont believe they would dissolve enough to add anything to a tank.
  13. for the youtubers, this is a very real possibility.
  14. it could very well be related to the sun angle change.
  15. i would say they use a canister, because it is out of sight, and it does not take up room inside the aquarium they could use for the aquascape. canister instead of a sump, canister is cheaper, faster, and simpler. just my theory.
  16. usually green water comes from lots of nutrients, and being in natural daylight. is it near a window where it gets direct sunlight?
  17. i might be salty, but my tanks arent!😈
  18. no need to be afraid, just feed tiny amounts.
  19. crypts recover from a melt fairly quick, but at least for me if swords die back, it can take quite a while for them to turn it around.
  20. antlers are solid. while they are not true bone, they are hard. they will sink.
  21. guppy's go with anything, and do well in large groups. also the zerba and leopard danios, and neon tetras, cardinal tetra's, ember tetras, etc , etc, etc. many choices that will do well in large groups in a 20 gallon tank.
  22. ive done the egg yolk thing on occasion. you need to put in very small amounts, or it will foul water quickly. just put it in dry. well usually it sticks to your fingers, so you just dip your fingertip in the tank. depending on how many fish you are feeding, start with large pinhead sized blob of yolk. see if they like it, and you can always add more.
  23. just my opinion, but antler doesnt dissolve in water very quickly, so i dont believe you would get much of any benefit from it. i also think there would be no negative to it either.
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