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  1. This is my 40 gallon breeder tank that I got to setup sometime at the beginning of the year! It's pretty much a breeding tank setup that I decided to aquascape. Trying to get some guppies and bristlenose plecos to breed in there. Hopefully it'll grow in really nicely
  2. Hi everybody! I wanted to get into bristlenose pleco breeding and was wondering what the females would look like when they are full of eggs. I searched up for photos but found plecos that were extremely huge! Is that normal for plecos or do they look different when they are full of eggs. Just need to photos as a reference. Also, if anybody has any tips on how to get them to breed, I would really appreciate it.
  3. It really just depends. What fish do you have in your tanks? What are your tap water parameters? Rain water is naturally acidic water and has practically nothing in it. If you had hard water or fish that preferred hard water, I wouldn't use rain water. If your tap water is also soft water, then rain water should be fine although I would use it with some caution.
  4. That looks like a female cory to me. It is quite big and its ventral fin is also round, not pointy
  5. I've read that you could also try feeding them small amounts of food for a short period of time and then throwing in a huge amount of food a couple days later to induce spawning. I'm not sure if it works but it could be worth a try
  6. Maybe just try to condition them with some good food like live blackworms or something like that, they'll start spawning again. I'm not sure if it's because they have been moved or something like that but try to get them comfortable and they'll probably start spawning.
  7. I was going to get a group of green laser corydoras and was interested in breeding them. I was wondering what Repashy food I should use to feed them. I currently feed frozen bloodworms and Hikari bottom feeder pellets to my snow white corydoras. I was just wondering what repashy food I should use because I'd like to put some more variety in their diet. What's the best repashy food for bottom dwellers that are most carnivorous? Thank you
  8. I've seen some videos where people will defrost their cube of frozen food and was wondering if there is a benefit to defrosting food or if I can just drop a frozen cube in without worrying?
  9. I think that is some type of bacteria. I'm not completely sure but a photo to show it would be useful.
  10. If that's the case, fasting them should be alright.
  11. I think you can fast them but I don't think it's a good idea. If you are leaving the fry in the tank, the guppy mom is gonna look at them like a nice bloodworm or something. If you were to fast it, you can fast a livebearer for about a week. Once again, I don't think it would be a good idea to actually fast a fish but if you were to do it, about 4-7 days is usually the limit for them before they start looking at each other like snacks.
  12. I'm not sure if fish have feelings but I do know that they feel basic things like fear or pain. I watched a documentary called "Seaspiracy" and they showed how fish will feel pain and things like that. I've also noticed that whenever you stick in a net they swim away from it. That's a basic form of fear, if they didn't have fear, they'd just swim right into the net (although some fish do that).
  13. I think the bristlenose plecos will only start eating plants if they are really hungry. So if you are keeping up with your feedings, they should definitely leave the plants alone. If you are noticing them on the plants, they probably not eating them, they are just moving along or picking any algae off of the plants.
  14. I just recently ordered some repashy soilent green for my bristlenose plecos but I'm wondering if this food is actually good for the fish? I've seen lots of videos on it but has it changed over the years? Is it still a good food?
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