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  1. Hi all! thank you Ken for the kind words always glad to help out and be a part of the community! Nanci if you have any questions you can text our store # or call and ask we would be more than happy to help you! Have a great week everyone!
  2. I run my whole fish room on 2 linear pumps, 1 pump runs 37 tanks (440 gallons total) and the other is running 15 (20 highs) all with coop sponges or ziss bios. They are almost silent and I love them so so so so much! Hopefully this string will give you some good tips!
  3. Judging is so interesting I may see if I can get a judge to do a breakdown for us to let us know the things they are looking for!
  4. I will be sure to get as much footage as possible! thank you for letting me know what you want to see!
  5. I use lots of the Pen Plex daily doubles they work great for me and are very simple
  6. Hey all, I know this year has been a whirlwind for shows and competitions. The IFGA is planning on having it's first show next year in SLC, UT and I am planning on filming as much of the process as I can. I am interesting to hearing what you all would like to see at an IFGA guppy show.
  7. Welcome @Mel Breeding is so fun! do you have room to breed Bettas? If so that is a blast and is very interesting to watch them breed and grow!
  8. I have liquid rock water and Pogo-Octopus, val, guppy grass and swords do well. I have Jungle Val, Swords and moss in my Discus tank at 85degrees Hope your plants do well too!
  9. Yeah I would just be curious of the break down process if it could/would cause an ammonia spike. This will be a fun topic to watch! Thank you for asking this question love to see thinking in action!
  10. I run a medical equipment company work 8-5 + and then I love my fishes and sell them to fellow hobbyists to help with the fish obsession! Excited to see what other do for work along with fish keeping!
  11. I am putting mine on my desk cause I dont want to lose my stickers!
  12. If your fish store is any good they should take back the fish, it is very common and is usually part of why you buy from a LFS. Could you post a pic of your tank to see what your setup looks like to maybe get a better idea for what your stocking options are! Thank you!
  13. I love this! so cool to see everyone elses hobbies and how our lives tend to be more than just 1 thing!
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