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About Me

  1. I’m happy to be here and appreciate the opportunity to learn and enjoy. Thank you! I’m a fish geek and love breeding guppies. I have some rosy barbs and goldfish outside also.
  2. Hello there! I'm Elspeth, but friends call me Elf; feel free! I'm a local customer to ye olde coop, and I'm not sure what took me so long to join the forum..? I was the fish lady at the Redmond Petco, some years back, and I heckin love bettas! I currently have 4, and am running a total of 7 tanks, all 10 gallons or less. I also have a chihuahua, a bunch of reptiles, a dozen or so tarantulas, and many plants. I'm including a pic of some baby cacti I started from seeds that I collected from my late cactus, Fluffy, who lived into their 20s. (Yes, Scarlett, the betta, is way too full in that photo; she stole food from her loaches.)
  3. New to this forum. Returning to fish-keeping after decades away. Quarantine got me started again, and it's quickly exploded into Multiple Tank Syndrome. I had a 50-gallon tank as a kid; but that ended when a mass mortality event [malfunctioning heater] that spooked me from trying again. I don't know why I waited so long - I'm a biologist by profession and get a ton of joy out of observing the fish, trying to grow aquatic plants, and tinkering with every aspect of a little closed ecosystem. It started last fall with upgrading my kids' betta bowl to a 15-gallon tank. That quickly became a planted tank with neon tetras and cories (sodalis and panda), plus a running education in non-stop issues. It felt like every week was a new challenge. Algae! Melting plants! Lethal fish fungus! Stinky driftwood! Bacterial infections? Fin/tail rot. Ich! Snails! Weird blizzards of floating white flakes that I thought were an explosion of worms but turned out to be chunks of plastic the snails were scraping off a disintegrating fake sea anemone (my kids' choice of decoration...yuk, never again!). I was frustrated as hell, but also trying to find Zen in the education aspect of it all. Fast forward 3 months. The 15 gallon finally stabilized, but the original betta died in the process.. So now my kids need TWO bettas (one each) so we got a 5-gallon too. Which of course became a second round of experiments (potting soil for the plants, capped with gravel? Sounds good in theory but WHAT A MESS! Shrimp? Not with this aggressive betta - he chased them all into the filter and I never saw them.) Fast forward 3 months. My neighbor is upgrading and offered me his 90 gallon cube + stand and sump. Oh dear. But I finally felt up to the challenge. Why not? (Well, just look at my bank statement after I outfitted that tank...THAT's why not, LOL.) As of last week I've finally figured out the sump setup and got that tank fully cycled (it took 5 impatient weeks). Plants are growing. I did a fish-in cycle with some starter fish (a dozen leopard danios) and I can't decide if they are awesome fish or really annoying with all their manic scurrying and gluttony. The tank now also houses two 10-year-old clown loaches that outgrew a friends' tank, and a a trio of delightfully quirky reticulated hillstream loaches (who crack me up with their antics and hold their own against the danio swarm). Next up is a school of geophagus eartheaters, who will likely gleefully destroy my current plant setup. I obviously still have SO MUCH to learn. Looking forward to learning from all of you on these forums!
  4. I'm recently from New England. Now have a pond/plant conservatory next to my tiny house in Port Hadlock. Interested in paludariums and indoor ecological ponds with emergent vegetation. Currently have White Clouds, Bristlenose, Hillstreams, and Julli Corys in my pond.
  5. Got back into the hobby during the COVID quarantine. I used to keep fish when I was a kid, but wasn't very good at it--most fish died, other than a ginormous pleco that would never die and ate the flaked food upside-down from the top of the water and grew to take up my whole 10-gallon tank . When I was very young I loved watching our family aquarium and my first word was fish (pronounced "ish"). I'm up to three tanks (plus one 2.5 gallon grow-out tank with some shrimp and a bunch of algae that I don't count), all in my home office. I'm working on my wife to let me put a bigger tank in the family room. I'm trying a 35-gallon container-pond in the back yard this summer, but so far it isn't going too well. My favorite fish are danios.
  6. Hello from Texas! I have been reading the co-op’s blog and the C.A.R.E forum for quite a while now, but never felt knowledgeable enough to really participate until now. My name is Sarina and I’m originally from Washington state, but now reside in North Texas. I actually used to live a few miles from the co-op store and wandering into that place one day was how I got into fish keeping and plant cultivation. I’ve been in the hobby for around four years, however I did have to give up everything and completely restart due to the move. Currently I only have two operational “tanks” if you could call them that... I have a “porch pond” which is actually a 55 gallon clear tub, and a 2.3g cylinder that was given to me for free. The porch pond featuring the view from my apartment: The porch pond shortly after setup, I keep meaning to take better photos of what it looks like now, but it’s low on my priority list: The “jar” aquarium, currently a rehab tank for the sad epiphyte plants I got on major discount: The tub is actually doing surprisingly well, considering it was an outdoor experiment. It’s been running for nearly 2 months and I now have a school of longfin zebra danios and some Flagfish for algae cleanup. Oh, and like... hundreds of ramshorn snails. No livestock in the jar aquarium other than some snails, I actually just put all those epiphyte plants in last night, plus some pennywort to hopefully decrease nitrates enough to avoid an algae bloom. There isn’t any artificial light on it, so I’m crossing my fingers that algae will stay away. My future projects include: A foggy bog style plant propagation tank to grow emersed aquatic plants Making my own root tabs and testing them against a few major brands DIY tissue cultures - “kitchen cultures” Plus many more, I’m sure. I will be writing about these experiments on my blog (nirvanaquatics.water.blog) but I’ll also be journaling about things here, as well. I hope everyone is safe and well, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you. Stay lovely 🍀
  7. Greetings from Puget Sound! Currently maintaining fresh water planted aquariums and making a (slow) transition to saltwater. Looking forward to learning a lot! Cheers!
  8. Howdy I am Washington born and raised Getting back in the hobby again. Found the store through the youtube Channel. Found the forum through the store. My mom had a fish tank when I was a real little kid. I still remember when the guppies where born. I had my own tank by fourteen or so and salt tanks by 19. Since then, I seem to get into it for a few years and trim back to a single tank.... then get back into it again. Good to be back in the hobby again. looking forward to catching up on new stuff. Take care everyone
  9. Getting back into the hobby after many many many years. While doing some research found the Aquarium Coop and the plethora of information Cory has to offer. There has been a lot of changes on the hobby and I am loving all the new things. I had my first tank as a kid and as a teenager I moved into a 50 gal. Even worked for Dolphin Pets in Redmond for a while... Are they even around anymore? Anyhow I am super happy to find this forum because in my vicinity we have no access to a LFS just a Petco and a PetSmart, and sometimes you just need a lot more help than they can offer. Thanks again for the forum!! PS I already placed two orders and the stickers were a super fun surprise!!
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Northwest Fish Keeping and I've been going to / shopping on the site of the Co-op for about almost 5 years now If I remember correctly, I've seen a ton of Cory's videos but never knew there was a forum! Anyways, a little about me: I live in Washington, and I have / kept a lot of interesting and rare Freshwater fish and my goal is to breed them to make them more widely available. I'm also into aquascaping so I have a couple tanks around for that, but out of my freshwater tanks, I would say it's a 2/7 in terms of display tanks - breeding tanks. I also have 2 patio ponds, I got inspired from Aquapros last year, tried out the 35g Home Depot Tub and fell in love so I had to go for 2 this year. Some fish I'm working with right now are: -Rainbow Shiners, Blue and Yellow Melanzona Guppies, Multifasciatus Shell Dwellers, I did have Red Cap and Blue Medaka (Japanese Rice Fish) that did really well for me last year but unfortunately didn't handle the move inside very well. This year I'm working with a breeder in Japan to import about 3 pairs of this variety of Medaka (I'm not sure what the name for this one is, I should ask) but my goal is to get them breeding and maybe even supply the Co-op with some of these. Anyways, I hope this helps everyone get to know me better, I'll be sure to help who I can and answer any questions, Thank You!
  11. I'm Dave (70) from Shelton, Washington. I took over a 20 gallon that my wife abandoned last year. Since we grew to another 20g and two 10g. Now we have a 60g, a 40g and a 20g all up and running. All are planted tanks. The forty gall Is mainly Platies with Cories and quite a few Mystery snails. There are three very large bundle of snail eggs hanging from the cover so I expect an increase in population soon. The sixty gallon has a hand full of Mollies, a dozen Neons, the usual bottom dwellers and again an abundance of platies. I am about to use a regimen of Fritz Paracleanse for the two big tanks. I will need to decide quickly whether to follow the Fritz directions or the one suggestion by the Co-op. I wish the store was closer but I will have to settle for my online visits. Nice to meet you all.
  12. Hey all! I am a marine biologist located in the Seattle area. Interestingly enough, I worked briefly with Cory way back when, when he first started up aquarium co-op to advertise his business stealthily at an undisclosed national petstore chain while I was in college. I do not currently own an aquarium, but intend to hover the forum and help biology and chemistry related questions. I am a huge fan of biotope aquariums and I use to establish tanks and sumps and sell them. I am going to try to breed dragonfly/damselfly larvae as feeders for large fish. I will post tech articles on this when I get some trial and error under my belt In college I had a 55 gallon long tank with an eclectic mix of rejects that I adopted from said undisclosed national petstore chain customers. It housed a 6" gold siamese algae eater, 5" gold bristlenose pleco (m), 5 gold gouramis, a 4" convict cichlid, and an unidentified 2" sunfish. That tank was bursting with personality. The algae eater and pleco hated eachother and stayed in opposite caves on each side of the tank. The pleco would hoard hikari algae wafers in his cave and the algae eater would have to bravely try to steal them over to his cave. The convict cichlid was an absolute puppy who just wanted to be friends with everyone. He was actually the only surviving fry of about 10 that I grabbed to feed the sunfish. So he started life in my tank as a 2mm babe and within a year hit 4". When I graduated college I gave away these fish to a wonderful family who were putting them into a 250 gallon community tank.
  13. We need to get some additions made for a fish rack in our home. We live in the Pacific Northwest (Kent, WA). Does anyone have any recommendations? We are having difficulty finding non-emergency plumbers. (Feel free to private message.)
  14. Shortly after lockdown started my wife set up a jar with some moss balls. Nine months later we have four nano tanks and are setting up a 75 gal. I guess we’ve been hooked! We have a community tank, two shrimp tanks and a dwarf frog/Betta tank. In the past I’ve kept community fish and raised cichlids.
  15. Hi! I am so glad I found this store and this site! I grew up with aquariums but hadn't had one for many years until I talked my husband into getting one. I have a 45 gallon basic tank with a canister filter and decided to upgrade. I ordered a 55 Gallon all in one acrylic tank that will be here next week ( it took 4 months) I really hope it's worth it. 😬 So, I have lots of questions for all of you super experienced aquarists!
  16. Hi everyone, Dave here. Happy to be part of this forum. I have been in the hobby for a while, moved about an hour south of the Coop a couple years ago and made it a regular trip. Ended up breeding a really pretty strain guppy and took them in to sell. Cory actually has one of the fish room tanks breeding the first Blue Gold Double Swordtails I brought in. The resources and help from the store have been amazing, and I am stoked about the forum. Looking forward to learning and talking to everyone. Dave
  17. Hello my name is Codie Frazier, I am here to get some advice or maybe someone knows of a fish club near me. I'm located in Yakima eastern Washington there seems to be no fish clubs in my local town. I am pretty serious in this hobby. To me it could be more than just a hobby, I feel like if there isnt anything near me maybe I could start one up with a little help. If anyone knows anything or anyone that might have some of the same interest please contact me or reply to this.
  18. Hello everyone! I thought I would introduce my self to the forum! I am fairly new in this hobby and I have had a wild ride so far. I have been spending some time researching and learning a lot and I am really enjoying it! I have 2 smaller tanks. One 3+ gallon Betta tank (my buddy Frank) with a smaller anubias and java fern which I keep in my desk, he keeps me company in those long days working from home. The other tank is a 5 gallon with 3 white clouds, snail, and 2 ghost shrimp and it is also lightly planted with a java fern and brazil sword which is my kids tank and they enjoy looking at them a lot. Both tanks have been cycled, and it was very interesting learning about all that in a pinch but I have really enjoyed it and have found it very rewarding! Both tanks are doing amazingly good and I am thinking about picking up a couple more white clouds in the meantime since 3 is a lonely number as I have learned on my journey. I am also thinking about a couple of shrimp and a snail for Franks tank to keep the algae and waste at bay! At the time we got those tanks the size sounded good but from my research and how much I am enjoying doing it, I am going to be stepping it up to a bigger main tank. I am also considering replacing the current 5 gallon tank with possibly a 10 gallon and making that 5 gallon like a quarantine tank and possibly getting a nice all glass cube style tank for Frank (my Betta) and possibly use this 3 gallon tank for clean treated water for water changes, but may be I can use just one of those home depot buckets for that! I am in the fence about my new tank. I was thinking about doing a 33 long, but now I am willing to step it up a little more and I am looking at a 40 breeder or 55 gallon. I like the depth of the 40, but the length of the 55. My goal is to have a very natural looking planted tank that will help in sustaining itself and definitely would like a variety of fish. I am also in the process of moving to the west side and I'll be in close distance to the Aquarium Co-Op which I am looking forward to visiting very soon! I will do my best in contributing where I can and learn a lot as well!
  19. Hi there fish friends! Im Pearl, I'm a Seattle native. I've been keeping aquaria on and off for the last 20 years or so, though for the last 8 years I've been keeping bettas consistently. This year I've been branching out and have started keeping shrimp and some cool water species. Im excited to learn more with y'all and maybe help some newer folks too! Here's a candid shot of my newish dirted subtropical 55 gal, with 3 dojo loaches, 8 gold barbs as well as a variety of snails. I made a riparium planter out of egg crate diffuser you can kinda see in this shot on the top left of the tank, thats full of happy pothos and a monstera that refuses to grow.
  20. Just returning to active fishkeeping after a hiatus of 7 years. Kept three tanks going with self-sustaining populations of Corydoras sterbai, Otocinclus vittatus and emperor and black skirt tetras (a matter of benign neglect). Thought it was time to re-engage. Looking for sources of healthly ottos. Intent is to breed. Cory, et al, wow! What a tremendous job you've been doing! Growing out the business manificently! Top-quality online content (great production values), authoritative, accessible, and eminently practical information -- all in all, a go-to resource that delivers great value to the aquarium community. Thank you for all your hard work (and it looks like ya'll are having a lot of fun doing it!) Regards, Mike Wyatt
  21. Hello everyone! I am excited to have found this forum! My name is Jose and I live in Seattle. I started in the hobby about 10 years ago. Back then really got into it, but I had to move around for a while and had to put the hobby on stand-by until I got into a more settled down and found a bigger place. The biggest tank I've had until now was a 29 gallon, but I just got hold of a 40 gallon breeder, and I´m very excited with the project! It´s going to be planted community tank with South American fish. I´m thinking a pair of dwarf cichlids, small schools of corys and tetras, and one or two ancistrus. I've never had angelfish, so I'm thinking that maybe I could add them instead of the dwarf cichlids. Anyone here keeping angelfish in a 40 breeder? Anyhow, I´m just happy that I found the forum, and hope to be an active member; it really feels like a community here! Cheers PS Everybody loves pictures, so I´ll add some of my old aquariums. More to come when I get the 40 gallon up and running!
  22. Hi everyone! I’m very excited to be able yo participate with everyone here and see the projects you are working on. I ha e personally been keeping fish for about 15 years with a gap of about 4-5 years of not having any fish at all. I have to admit that my first experience in fish keeping was a betta in a bowl back when I really didn’t know better at the age of 8 or 10. My family were not and still aren’t fish keepers. My husband supports my hobby and enjoys it himself. We are currently working on a 20 Long that will be ours together since most of the tanks in the house ha e been purely designed and the species picked by me. We currently have: 4 - 10 gallon breeding tanks for endlers and shrimp 1 - 10 gallon sparkling gourami tank 1 - 15 gallon cube shrimp and green neon tank 1 - 8.5 gallon cube betta and cherry shrimp tank 1-20 Long Neon Tetra tank. This tank is at the end of its life and most of the fish have died off so it will be redone in the near future. It is currently my longest running system without any changes. thank you for taking the time to stop by this little thread!
  23. I used to work in a LFS when I was in high school back in NY. Love freshwater. I currently have a 40 gallon and a 20L gallon with community fish and a Schoutedeni puffer. Visit Aquarium Co-op store in Edmonds frequently. Hope to RC (radio control car - electric) with @Cory one day 😀 Twitter: @1henrywong
  24. Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone has suggestions as far as livebearer species I could breed in a 10 gallon to sell to a local store. There are so many strains to choose from I just can't decide! Not sure if makes more sense to breed a group of assorted Platies or guppies or go for a more specific strain. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. Hello! I'm from Washington state. I've had a few tanks over the years but took a break for a while. Then Covid happened and I decided I needed a hobby again. 😄 I have a 15 gallon that's getting converted to a 20H. I'll definitely be posting that progress. It will be home to my king betta (Monstro), 4 violet Cory's and 2 hillstream loaches. Plus a few Amanos. My newest addition is Curzon, a black orchid betta. (Pictured below) I couldn't leave him and ended up buying a 5 gallon just for him and a handful of cherry shrimp. I'd like to try my hand at breeding fish and I'm hoping to try more medium light plants in my new 20. Hoping to have fun learning with everyone here!
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