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  1. Sorry, just kidding. I am new, to the forum. I had an aquarium in my late teens and early twenty's but that was a long time ago. With corvid and retiring early due to my work situation, I found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. So I dug out an old aquarium and set it up. A lot of questions have come up and I have learned a lot watching Cory's videos. I still have many questions and this looks like a great place to start. Right now I have a 20 gallon long with 8 zebra danios. It took a little over a month for the tank to cycle. I added 4 danios. Then I waited 2 weeks and added 4 more. I look forward to conversing with everyone, and hopefully learning from others experience. I was going to attach a picture but the first thing I learned was it is imposable to get anything but a blurry photo of the danios.
  2. Looking forward to this new forum. I've been back in the hobby for about 6 months after taking a 10 year hiatus.
  3. I just decided to get back into the hobby (after close to a 40 year break since high school) and I found Cory on YouTube. I have watched a BOATLOAD of Cory videos on YouTube over the last 3-4 weeks. I have also watched "Father Fish" (he's fun and interesting character) as I am into ecosystem tanks. Over the holiday I started working on my 90 gallon planted tank. I have made my own dirt base with a fine sand over the top to keep everything down. I've got my hard scape done but am waiting on getting a laundry sink installed in my basement where my tank is. It's been lots of fun getting acquainted with the hobby and thanks to Cory I have learned a LOT. I am placing an order this evening for several items I need as my way of giving back for all the great help you've been Cory. Reciprocity! I admire your patience to do things right vs. fast and taking the high ground. It's very appealing and made me want to purchase from you guys and give back to you as well. I'm getting a medium sponge filter - so excited about the slightly larger hole size and the closed bottom you make special. Love the innovation. I will also be hot-rodding my filer with an extra sponge and bio rings as well! Thanks for all you do for the bobby Basement Nerm Bethlehem, PA, USA
  4. Hello Everyone, We had fresh/saltwater aquariums for a great many years, but none in the last 7 yrs. We've started a freshwater tank. Regarding plant cycling a new tank, I see photos of super heavily planted aquariums. For cycling purposes what constitutes a planted tank? A certain number of plants per a certain number of water gallons? The reason for the questions is that we don’t want to carpet our tank and we don’t want it so heavily planted that we can’t see the hardscaping or fish, thus I wonder if the tank will plant cycle. It’s a 6-foot, 135-gal.
  5. Good day all and happy holidays. My son, 7 y/o, has been begging for a tank forever. I have a 29 gallon tank hidden in my bedroom that Santa will delivering for Christmas for him. I had several 10 gallon tanks in my room as an older kid/teen. It's been 20 years since I had a tank. I'm looking to set up a planted freshwater community tank for him including Danios, tetras, corys and some inverts. I feel this will give plenty of variety for hours of enjoyment. A co-worker has a 55 gallon tank that I will be setting up in my living room. It previously housed a bearded dragon. Any hints on cleaning and disinfecting? I know I am excited to start back and I'm sure he will be as well. Cheers, Matt
  6. Hello everyone, About 3-4 years ago I needed a break so I shut down most of my fish room, I dropped from 25+ tanks to 2 so huge amount of time freed up. After taking that break I catch myself looking at the fish tanks in restaurants and thinking it could be time to set up a few tanks. Plus the local store credit I have from when I traded it fish is kind of burning a hole in my pocket as they say. What I enjoyed was breeding fish and always loved guppies. So I think I will use this to setup some a few tanks just for those things, I'm going to post in the breeding section about that. So hello again to everyone.
  7. Texas Cichlid (Rio Grande Cichlid) I'm just curious if anyone has heard of these fish, or owned any, and if they are still seen in the hobby, how rare are they, etc.. Before taking a 25 year break from the hobby, I had a pair of these from a fish store in Texas. I think they're the only cichlids from the Americas, or North America at least. They come from the Rio Grande River here and they're stunning looking, as you can see.
  8. Hi, I had aquariums for a long time but just started a planted aquarium. Got my first order from Aquarium Co-Op yesterday and received some beautiful plants. I planted some plants in mid November and added root tabs and some Easy Green that I got yesterday. Today I see a little bit of algae. Did I over fertilize? Would the root tabs and easy green work that fast. I know this is all trial and error like when I was breeding angelfish. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank You
  9. Hello! I'm looking to setup a 60-80 gallon glass freshwater aquarium. I've had a tropical fish aquarium in the past, but it's been awhile. What I've been finding difficult is locating a aquarium and a stand I like. I live in the Seattle area so finding local stores is not bad at all. I've looked at petsmart and petco, and been somewhat scared off but the reviews of leaks. I've looked a bit online, but; seems to be a limited large aquarium variety. Any suggestions are most welcome to help me find a tank and stand!
  10. Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum and recently "returned" to the hobby a few months ago. I say returned because I had tanks as a young child(around 10 years old) but never got too deep into the hobby due to lack of parents. Anyway, I currently have 5 tanks in my relatively small apartment. I got two tens, a five, a 3.5, and 20 long. 20 long not set up yet but I got it at a dollar per gallon sale. One of my ten gallons is essentially a quarantine tank, just a gravel bottom and sponge filter which I use to house my wild caughts when I catch them to sell and keep for myself. I live in central florida and within the state there are many species valuable to the aquarium trade. Species I have collected myself so far include golden topminnows, bluefin killifish, a couple different species of darter, as well as what looked to be a couple of small cichlids but I did not keep those as they would definitely eat my other wild caughts. My other ten gallon is a planted tank with substrate of about 2/3 of the bottom area in sand, and the remaining is aquasoil. For plants in this tank I have an anubias, Ludwigia repens, lemon bacopa, red root floaters, java fern, cryp wen red, amazon sword, and one other that I'm not able to identify. Also some moss. For fish in this tank I have a single super adorable pea puffer and 5 otocinclus. Pea puffer I've had about a week and the otocinclus ive had for over a month now, maybe 2 months. I felt very confident in my water conditions as I only had a single otocinclus die within the first 12 hours of introduction. Not bad considering the sometimes high mortality rate of otocinclus. I'm extremely interested in breeding my fish as I'd like to help reduce the number of pea puffers especially that are removed from the wild. After a week of having my pea puffer I've already decided the 20 long is going to be dedicated to some of them. Any advice on breeding either species would be much appreciated as well as a good setup for the 20 long. Anyway, my five gallon is also a planted tank the homes my betta. I've had him for over a year now and just a couple months ago did I get him into the planted tank. Substrate is fluval stratum with some lava rocks underneath the subsrate for bb colonizing. Plants right now are what I believe to be a water onion, as well as some lemon bacopa, Ludwigia repens, and a couple cryps. I did have the top covered in duckweed for the first month and a half of setup to make sure there weren't any nitrogen spikes that may harm my betta. My 3.5 is currently being turned into a black worm culture to keep all my fish happy as my wild caughts can be hard to feed sometimes. Pea puffer hasn't seemed to take to those yet. Seems more interested in all the snails in my tank lol anyways that's what I have so far sorry for the long post! Any questions, comments, concerns would be of value to me.
  11. I’m brand new to this hobby last fish I owned was over 30 years ago when I had a goldfish when I was 6 🤣🤣. Yeah have been wanting to start up a tank for a month now and been listening to the podcast and now going to do some more learning on here.
  12. My first post! I love aquarium Co-op I found this channel when after 20 years out of the hobby I was setting up our 20 gallon high and had a nightmarish time getting fish to live, an issue which I had never experienced in the past. I have learned so much over the last year or so from Cory and the team, and have been successfully keeping fish since I figured out my mistakes. I was so discouraged that I almost gave up prior to finding the channel. My current tank is Guppies, 1 male bristlenose catfish, and 1 female molly. I have java moss and anubius (on wood) substrate is gravel. The guppies are breeding and I am trying to find a way to get some re-homed I am talking to my local fish store to see if that is an option. Anyhow we are having lots of fun with the tank and my kids love watching the fish.
  13. Hi everyone, am just setting up a mega flex I got for my birthday over a year ago. Haven't had an aquarium for 18 years so a bit out of touch. Just going to put together a community setup and wondered if I can house 4 or 5 dwarf chain loach with a bristlenose ? Thanks from New Zealand
  14. Just got back into it because my daughter I'm obsessed than ever! "Now I am the master".
  15. I have been into aquariums off and on for 12 years or so. Started with a 10gallon planted peapuffer tank, then had a few saltwater tanks, then back to planted freshwater, then back to saltwater and now back into planted tanks. The 5 and 10 gallon tanks are planted betta tanks. The ten gallon is setup and going through the startup algae pains but besides me going overzealous with ferts too early and causing green water is going well. The 5s are in the process of being setup. Then I will start putting the 75 together. I have not posted pictures to forums since photobucket went to paid service. Questions to start: What hosting service or method to share pictures now days? Green water, wait and let it run its course or do I need to intervene if I want clear water again? 75g stocking help, no heater nano fish and shrimp. My original thought was to do yellow shrimp, golden white cloud minnows, rice fish, and cpds. As many shrimp that can breed out and shooting for 40 or so of each of the types of fish. Is 3 schools of different fish too much? Or would one giant school be better? Will be nice to join the forum with a tank again! Thanks!
  16. Hello from northern Virginia! I have recently returned to the hobby after over a 20 year absence. I kept fish throughout the 90s after dreaming of keeping an entire aquatic ecosystem in an aquarium. I never was able to realize that dream and stopped keeping fish when I left for school. I looking into reef keeping in the 2000s, but did decided not to set up a reef due to the time investment needed. After finding the Co-op's videos and other resources I became convinced that I could realize my original dream to have a complete ecosystem in an aquarium. I returned to the hobby last October by purchasing an entire system from someone getting out of the hobby and have grown from there. Since then I have had my first successes keeping aquatic plants and then breeding fish thanks to the Coop, LFSs, and many others. I only have a couple of tanks setup in a combined kitchen and office. This is the current setup in an L with a 65 gal tank on the top left, a 38 gal tank on the bottom right, and a 10 gal QT tank out of the picture. The 65 gallon display tank setup March 2020: I really enjoy the jungle tank look with microhabitats all over this tank. It is almost dark under the dense cover despite running a Fluval 3.0 at 100% and Nicrew lights. Fish: mainly breeding colony (B) Guppies, Tetras, breeding colony (B) Corys, and breeding Plecos Plants: Marimo Moss Balls, Java Moss, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Lilly or Green Tiger Lotus sp., Red Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, Jungle Vallisneria, Broad Leaf Sag, Crypt Red Wendtii, Elodea, Golden Lloydiella, and Water Sprite The 38 gallon display/children's tank setup October 2020: This tank is setup at my knee height so that the children can feed the fish and look down on the tank without getting on a chair or ladder. The goal is to recreate an approachable full ecosystem in this tank. Fish: breeding colony (A) Guppies, breeding colony (A) Paleatus Corys, and Pleco growouts Plants: Marimo Moss Balls, Java Moss, Java Fern, Jungle Vallisneria, Broad Leaf Sag, Crypt Red Wendtii, Elodea, Golden Lloydiella, Water Sprite, Scarlet Temple, and Green Myrio Inverts: Mystery Snails, Rabbit Snails, Bladder Snails, and Cherry Shrimp (test run) I am convinced that this is an amazing time to be an aquarium hobbyist with all of the available information and one of the best times to keep live plants now that LED lights have high output and durability. I look forward to continuing the journey - along with setting up another tank to lower the stocking levels these two 🤣. -Matt
  17. First tank after 20 year hiatus. Really starting to like how it looks. Shrimp still won't mate, but meh. Fist plants, first fish: One months later, below... I gave the Zebras away (too feisty for my shrimp), lost the penguins to a really fast-acting disease, added some plants, new light, lots of tiny fish (embers, albino cardinals, celestial pearls), One more month... more plants, lots of growth. Shrimp have grown. Pond snails, scuds, and a couple leeches have moved in because noob ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. ...Going to trap the leeches. Snails and scuds are welcome. (Use some easy green, root tabs, no CO2)
  18. Hello! I am new here and thrilled to be returning to my hobby now that kids are grown. So much more support online than 25 years ago! I am still setting up my new 46 gal bowfront community tank and thanks to @Cory, I have restarted ...Now building a planted aquarium! I am definitely looking for guidance as i continue to do research and i am convinced that Aquarium Coop folks will be my mentors! Just switched out my substrate and now doing hardscape and co-op plants are on their way! (Not much worth showing yet) looking forward to wisdom and support. Thanks for all the help so far, and for what is to come!
  19. Hi All, I was recently wondering what causes people to be in the hobby. I personally fell into the hobby (long story). Once in, however, I've noticed that I find the hobby extremely relaxing and sometimes I just sit in front of my fish and just watch them for quite some time. I'm not sure what it is that causes such a calming affect, but I can say that this is the first hobby I've ever REALLY been into. How about you?
  20. Hello from Southern Maryland. My name is Jesse I recently decided to get back into the hobby when a friend of mine was offloading his 55 gallon aquarium. So I setup that aquarium in my basement with the fish he had, since then I have made a new home for a pleco that was outgrowing a 20 gallon tank from someone I know. The pleco can be seen in the 55 gal aquarium in his jacuzzi. Now i have taken control over 2 other aquariums a 5 gal that my wife had, which houses a platinum beta. A 20 gallon aquarium that I have started that is a planted tank (I have a plant in the front of that tank that was a bulb that i cannot identify. Hopefully someone can identify for me.) The 20 gal has a few fish in it mainly a powder blue dwarf gourami. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here. I have included a few tank pictures.
  21. I am re-entering the hobby after a 7 year hiatus. I am new to planted tanks. I have a 10 gallon planted tank with 3 amano shrimp, 2 nerite snails, 2 blue Neocaridina shrimp, and 7-> 6 neon tetras. The planted tank has been set up since May 3rd. Two of my tetras had a white small growth on their lips. What is it and how do I treat it? My fish tank parameters: 10 gallon tank below with some modifications to the sump style filter to contain bio rings and course filter pads. Also running an air stone https://www.marinedepot.com/nuvo-fusion-10-pro-aio-10-gallon-aquarium-bundle-innovative-marine?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=0I6922&gclid=CjwKCAiA7939BRBMEiwA-hX5JxIvsFxiZ4cA0YRB6l-1U8y4UsWjc2oMklPXvQTqWz4xHgT3Z1PohxoCsCEQAvD_BwE& Heavily planted Contains wood decoration Deep gravel bed (3-5”) for nitrate disposal Temp: 76-78 degrees, usually 78 (eheim adjustable heater) Nitrates: 7 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH: 90 ppm GH: 107 ppm pH: 7.5-7.6 3 of the tetras I had since 5/24 and the other 4 since 10/4. I put the old fish through 2 rounds of meds (the trio recommended by aquarium coop) when I got them. I put the new fish through 2 rounds of meds in quarantine (~6 weeks of quarantine) when I got them. I added the new fish to my old tank 11/17. Then one of the old tetras got the growth on his lip. A day after I noticed the growth it started breathing faster. 1 day later I found him dead. One of the new tetras has had a similar looking lip since I got it. However it is eating well and behaving normally so I did not think it was a problem. Looks like I was very wrong. The lip abnormality on the new fish did not respond to the two rounds of med trio. What do I do now? Salt? Repeat med trio? Other Meds? If I use salt do I need to remove all my plants to prevent them from dying? I am so afraid all my fish will die. Enclosed are pics of the old tetra with the lip growth 1 day prior to death, and a picture after death. I could not get pics of the new fish with the lip growth because he is a fast little bugger. Also pictures of my aquarium for context.
  22. Hello there. I love your channel on youtube. I'm new at all this (been over 20 years since my last fish) and I recently bought a 20 gallon tank ( I know small right lol). I just started doing a fishless cycle and the topic of quarantine fish is coming up, since we are all in some kind of quarantine lol. My question is, when I do start to introduce fish into my aquarium and Ill be having small fish can I buy a 5 gallon quarantine tank for the 2 or 3 guppies or similar size fish to do the quarantine? Second thing is about the 3 medications you recommend when introducing new fish, each medication recommends at different times to change water, while another says do not. Based on your knowledge how do you like to give the medication time frame and how many days and do we change water? I do have a scale to cut the medication since most meds. are based on 10 gallon tank dose wise. I just do not know if having a 20 gallon tank and a 10 gallon quarantine tank is practical in my living situation. Thanks for your time, Ryan Froemel ryanfroemel@yahoo.com
  23. Hey all, I’m Lee. Getting back into aquariums after 15 or 20 years of pond fish, gold fish and koi. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or as we call it (THE U.P.) north of Wisconsin. So my 3000 gallon pond will soon be under ice. My plan is to have 2, 40 gallon breeders set end to end with assorted plants and fish. I have one of the 40s set up with a few plants no fish yet.
  24. It's really Medina Ohio which is pretty close to Cleveland. It seems like there are lots of Clevelanders and Ohioans frequenting the forums. Growing up in the 80's my Dad had a few fish tanks. Some community tanks and the quintessential 55 gal Oscar tanks. I always loved watching the fish and ended up doing most of the care. As an adult, I realize that we had no Idea how anything was supposed to work and got a lot of bad advice from the LFS. It wasn't quite as easy to research as it is today. A few years ago I decided to give it a try again. I attempted an Mbuna tank. I researched a bit, had an understanding of the Nitrogen cycle and basic needs of the fish. I did have a good grasp on managing the aggression. I upgraded tank size, tried a few different stocking combinations, but it eventually turned into another bad Highlander sequel, "There can only be one". Fast forward to 2020, I decided to try again, but with more friendly easy going community. I spent much more time on you tube and forums learning this time. I have a much better understanding of water parameters, and determining what fish and plants would work well for my water and me. Since July, I have moved the lone Yellow Lab to a 40 gallon tank, where he hangs out with a Pleco, Got a 60 gallon planted tank with Murry River Rainbows, Ottos and Corys and a 10 gallon with a Betta and some neons. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but she has spent more time in the basement looking at the fish, than she has for anything else in the past 8 years. My next adventure is a cherry shrimp tank. It is so much fun planning hard scape and plants. The familiar looking sponge filter in the picture is being seeded for the shrimp. I wanted to say thank you to Cory and the community here for providing great information. You have all helped me transition from a guy with a fish tank to a fish keeper.
  25. Hello! I'm from Washington state. I've had a few tanks over the years but took a break for a while. Then Covid happened and I decided I needed a hobby again. 😄 I have a 15 gallon that's getting converted to a 20H. I'll definitely be posting that progress. It will be home to my king betta (Monstro), 4 violet Cory's and 2 hillstream loaches. Plus a few Amanos. My newest addition is Curzon, a black orchid betta. (Pictured below) I couldn't leave him and ended up buying a 5 gallon just for him and a handful of cherry shrimp. I'd like to try my hand at breeding fish and I'm hoping to try more medium light plants in my new 20. Hoping to have fun learning with everyone here!
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