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  1. Hello everyone, I'm just getting back into the fish hobby. I'm upgrading my betta tank to a 20 gallon with some tank mates. I'm also planning a 75 gallon tank (which I'm super exited about.) I'm usually pretty shy and I don't really post online because people can be mean. I've been pretty impressed with this community and really want to be part of it! I'm still setting up my tank. My old betta boy is enjoying the new tank! My other fish are currently in a quarantine tank. I'm going to be adding some more scenery and plants, but I wanted to get him into a bigger tank sooner than later. Thank you for all of the great content. I'm very thankful for all the video's by Cory. They have given me the courage to start raising fish again.
  2. Hello! I’ve listened to/watched the Coop videos for a long time and have been meaning to join the forum for a while and finally did it 🙂 I live in New England and have kept tanks off and on for 20 or so years, as entertainment and as therapy for anxiety and The Big Sad. I keep freshwater, all planted tanks and mostly smaller South American fish at this point - currently mostly different species of apistogramma, ancistrus, cories, mixed tetras/pencilfish, some guppies, and a larger cichlid tank with Oscars and a few others (it is currently a 75g and will become a 150-180 soon). I dabble with scaping and breeding, and am currently breeding/raising triple red cockatoo apistos, Opaline & yellow head borellii, and juveniles from wild caught pairs of Trifasciata & Tefé. Also breeding & raising Ancistrus Rio Paraguay from a pretty prolific colony, long fin calico BNs, and am growing out some super reds to try next. Oh; and mixed mutt guppies too just because they’re fun and it’s dang near impossible not to breed them 🤪 I also try to use a lot of house plants in my systems and have several DIY above tank sumps with various things, the next goal is trying to grow some red mangroves in freshwater. I’ll attach some pictures of a few of my current tanks, some current fish and some fish & tanks from the past - I’m attempting to do this from my phone and am a little technologically challenged so hopefully it works. I’m very much looking forward to finally being a more active member of the community after a long time lurking! Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone. A few months ago, my girlfriend and I went to the Tennessee Aquarium and it got me back in the mood to keep fish again. I first started in 2004 and had several tanks until 2011 or so when my 55g reef tank crashed due to a heater failure. I took some time off but now I'm back. I currently have a 29g planted with guppies, cories, a bamboo shrimp, and a few mystery snails.... a 6.8g with a pea puffer... a 20g planted that currently houses a betta but will soon house the pea puffer once I can find two females to introduce at the same time with him, at which time the betta will move to the 6.8....... and since I have pea puffers it also means I have a 2.5 gallon snail farm. I just want to say how thankful I am for a resource like Cory and Aquarium Co-op. Getting back into things, I ended up watching a ton of videos and placed several orders from Aquarium Co-op. I just found out about this forum this morning and couldn't wait to sign up and browse around. When I was into it before, Youtube wasn't really a thing yet, so all we had were forums and books. It's a whole new world these days, and I want to say thanks to Cory, Dean, "Girl Talks Fish", and the rest of the Aquarium Co-Op associated Youtubers who have made coming back into this hobby so awesome!
  4. Howdy I am Washington born and raised Getting back in the hobby again. Found the store through the youtube Channel. Found the forum through the store. My mom had a fish tank when I was a real little kid. I still remember when the guppies where born. I had my own tank by fourteen or so and salt tanks by 19. Since then, I seem to get into it for a few years and trim back to a single tank.... then get back into it again. Good to be back in the hobby again. looking forward to catching up on new stuff. Take care everyone
  5. Getting back into the hobby after many many many years. While doing some research found the Aquarium Coop and the plethora of information Cory has to offer. There has been a lot of changes on the hobby and I am loving all the new things. I had my first tank as a kid and as a teenager I moved into a 50 gal. Even worked for Dolphin Pets in Redmond for a while... Are they even around anymore? Anyhow I am super happy to find this forum because in my vicinity we have no access to a LFS just a Petco and a PetSmart, and sometimes you just need a lot more help than they can offer. Thanks again for the forum!! PS I already placed two orders and the stickers were a super fun surprise!!
  6. Hi everyone. I have been in the hobby for about twenty years on and off but had to take a five year break because my job had constant travel. I recently changed careers and have started to build my tank collection again. Right now I have 55 g mbuna tank that is going great with tons of fry. My issue is the 29 gallon planted tank. It just has 3 guppies but I put in 6 anano shrimp and they all died. The other thing is that the sponge filter is getting this odd white flaky film. I can wipe it off and it goes all over the tank. I do have hard water but it’s only showing this in one tank. Any idea? Please help.
  7. Hello everyone 😁 I'm marcus. I have been fish keeping on and off for the last 8 years constantly the last 3 years. I have kept a very diverse fish collection from community, to flower horns, africans, invertebrates, other large predator fish. I have recently downsized do to covid the past year. I currently keep 2 40g, 2 20g, 10g, and a 90 indoor pond. I am far from someone who knows much about the hobby lol I have mainly learned from youtube and experience along the way. Believe it or not I actually just started my first planted tanks. I hope to make some great friendships and learn from everyone here.
  8. Hi. I’m looking for help designing my system. I haven’t kept fish in 3 years and I’m trying to learn from my past mistakes. I want it to be very easy to maintain. I want it to be robust and very peaceful. I have a 25g rimless landen tank. I’m planning to plant it and add a school of rummy nose tetra or celestial pearl danios. I’m considering a 10g sump. I like the idea of decluttering the display tank. I like the amount of filtration, oxygenation, and opportunity to add an overflow set up. I had to add aeration to my last tank and the bubbles/pump were loud and messy. A major concern is to not need aeration. If I did have to add it I could add it to sump and close it up so I couldn’t hear it. I know a sump is likely overkill but that reason alone is not a very weighty con for me. I learned a lot from the video about how to vacuum your tank on the channel. I was doing just about everything wrong. I swore I’d plan on a system that didn’t involve carrying full buckets of water (clean or dirty) around the house. I plan on using the methods demonstrated in the video with the Python Water Changer so no buckets. I’d be refilling with tap water and then treating it in the tank. Plants will be new for me. The tank will be established without fish. I haven’t made it to researching CO2 but I think there’s a chance it won’t be needed on a 25g. Thoughts on that would be very helpful. I feel like I know the direction I want to go but I’m at a point that I could use some help cementing some ideas to build on. Searching online the options are just endless! Thanks for reading!
  9. Hello all! 🙂 New here. Have some experience from past years pre-internet 😉 (or at least pre-internet searching). Then a long break from fish-keeping and now back at it again (with a *little* more knowledge & understanding). So I am curious about asking questions here. I actually have a question that *specifically relates to an Aquarium Co-op Blog*? If I post it, would the Aq. Coop Team answer it or forum members or both? Is there a place to specifically bring this to the team's attention? Any feedback appreciated!
  10. Back in the early 90’s I owned a fish store & at the time, even had 31 tanks in my house. Well, after about 28 or so years have decided to get back into the hobby. After watching Cory’s videos & a few others, decided to get back in & try planted tanks (that’s something I never did back then). I set up a 38 gallon with plants & a few community fish. That hooked me again...so I bought a 14 gallon frameless cubed tank so I could try even more different plants & my wife likes guppies. It’s only been set-up for 4 days now & is doing really good. So glad I got back in & looking forward to learning more from Cory & all of you.
  11. Hi everyone! About 30 years ago I had saltwater fish tanks and worked at a pet store part-time so I could learn everything I could about the hobby. Now my kids are grown and I have gotten back into the hobby, but this time, freshwater and a bit of aquascaping. I'm loving it and have gone a bit overboard! I have a 75 gallon, 40 gallon breeder, 20 gallon, and eight 10 gallon tanks. I'm immersing myself in the world of guppies! What fun! It's great to be here and a part of Aquarium Coop and all they do for the hobby!
  12. I’m just getting back into fish keeping after about 20 years away from the hobby. I recently moved into a new granny unit that was built for me. I have a rare muscle disease that is progressive, so we set everything up for accessibility for me. This gave me the ability to get a couple tanks going. I just set up a 40 breeder and have a 50 gallon I’ll be starting this weekend. And tonight went and bought a 20 gallon long! Yes already MTS, I really want to try some dwarf cichlids and compatible community fish. Look forward to being here.
  13. Hello everyone! So I have had tanks with some success in the past, both freshwater, and saltwater, but has been about a year and so because of that I always reset because I have either slept since then and forgotten something or learn something new as I research things. I am wanting to get back into the hobby with my first planted aquarium but I want to start off well and set up for success. I realize there are dozens of opinions on how to begin but my tank will be 30 gallons. One of the first things I always try to figure out is what would be the best substrate. I realize there are dozens of way to go about it, either gravel, fertilized soil, mixing substrates. I live in North Texas and plan to visit some of my local fish stores in the area to get feedback as well but I know they are focused on earning a profit and will want to make a sell. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for someone coming in to learn for their first planted Aquarium. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello, So I'm thinking of starting a freshwater tank for the first time since I was a kid. I have a saltwater tank and have had one for about 6 years now and on an off for about 12 years. Thinking using a AIO tank, think it's 10-15 gallons, to start since I have one laying around. Let me know if this a good option or if I would be better off with a basic tank with hang on filter or sponge filter. If I use the AIO tank I would prefer fish that can handle warmer water as it would be in my room and it has a lid so very little ventilation. I possibly could do open top, but I really wanted to keep light spill to a minimum. Let me know what you think. Appreciate any and all feedback.
  15. Hello everyone, Getting back into fish keeping after an extended hiatus due to college, moving, etc. etc. Not too many tanks, just one currently with a colony of H. formosa with some Amano shrimp, nerite snails, and dwarf crayfish. Looking forward to checking this place out further, and I'm sure I'll have more questions as I dive further back into this hobby. Thanks!
  16. Hi, I'm Jeffery, coming back to the hobby after 10+ years. Aquarium co-op and the rest of fish youtube have been instrumental in getting things going for me. About 15 years ago when internet was slow and led lights didn't exist, I tried and failed at having a planted aquarium. Now I have a 29 gallon, very natural, most of the hardscape I got from the desert around my house; cholla and granite rock. Tank cycled prettty quickly after the addition of the plants and their associated volunteer snails. I've got dwarf sagittaria, anubias nana, moss ball, hydrocotyle tripartia japan, ludwigia repens, red root floaters, hornwort and a pothos stem, with a crypt and anubias nana petite on the way from the co-op. The first fish added and the king of the tank is the koi betta Emporer Staleek. I now have 3 nerite snails, 6 otocinclus and ten black neon tetras, all seem to be doing well. A while ago I did add 6 amano shrimp, which the emporer chased. I have not seen any remains or escapees, but the last time I saw a shrimp was 5 days ago. *Sigh* There's a pre-filter coarse sponge and lots of hiding places. Extra food hits the bottom and algae wafers and the occasional zucchini get added at night. Not sure I have much hope left for the shrimp, might just come down with a case of MTS and do a shrimp nano tank. I'm totally geeking out on the hobby, at first obsessively checking all the parameters and I'm reading Diana Walstad's book "Ecology of the planted Aquarium" and finding it fascinating.
  17. Hello all I’m John from the Deep South of Georgia and recently gotten back into the hobby. My wife and I have a community tank of 40 gallons with Danios, cherry shrimp and a few algae eaters. She’s working on a 55 gallon betta sorority and I’m starting a 46 gallon mega guppy tank. “Thanks Cory”! Plus our home has nano tanks all over with male bettas. Can’t wait to chat with like minded folks.
  18. so it's been roughly 20 years since I've owned an aquarium, when I was in it I had a planted 10g with a diy florescent hood and was in progress on starting a 50g tall but life happens. now I'm working on setting up a 40g breeder. I'll post more on this 40g in the general topics section.
  19. Hi, I'm new here. Been in the hobby since the early 2000's but took a long break after some tragedy struck. Now, I'm back in the wonderful world of this hobby and enjoying all of its rewards again! I currently have 2 tanks. One 10g with guppies and a couple mystery snails. The other is a 20g long with Cardinal Tetra. Both heavenly planted (that's right, heavenly). 10gallon How it started: How it's going: Hard to catch them being still for a photo lol Little bb's: 20gallon long How it started: How it's going: Sunset before lights out is probably my favorite time to view: This morning: Schooling fish are my favorite type of fish There are 5 Bloody Mary shkrimp right now... Hoping they make more bb's soon! I also have a 10gallon hospital tank I keep running in case of emergency and for any overflow of plants, etc. I was recently at a big box store buying cat food and noticed a rainbow shark barely hanging on, incredibly frail and pale. I caved and bought it. I have a soft spot for rainbows bc my first ever tank had one I grew out to 6inches, Sheeba, I miss her. It's been about 3 weeks and it's health has improved a lot! I know what you're thinking! Don't fret! I'm currently working on a set up of a 55gallon planted tank that will be up and running in about a month. For now though, this is her home. Looking forward to learning more from you all and sharing experiences here!
  20. I’m getting re-started in the hobby after many years and decided to try live plants, which I’ve never tried before. My newly planted Amazon Sword is developing brown spots, but is putting out a nice runner with a baby plant that looks very healthy. Are these signs that the mother plant is dying? Is the plant too close to the air stone?
  21. Really itching to get into the hobby again We got our 3-1/2 year old a 29 gal aquarium set up for Christmas and its really getting me interested in the hobby again and my wife is becoming interested as well. When I was younger, my sister got a 55 for her birthday or something. She had a Pleco, some guppies, mollies, platies, a pair of Gouramis, and I can't remember what else. (Also a 10gal we would transfer pregnant fish into to let the fry grow a little before we re introduced into the 55) I always helped her with things on her tank, since i was bigger and she didn't understand how a siphon worked.. usual big brother stuff blah blah blah. When she got into middle school she became more interested in "pre-teen/teen preppy girl stuff". I noticed her aquarium had a BLANKET of algae so thick all over the glass you couldn't see inside. I spent the day cleaning and changing water till i got it cleared up some, then closed the shade on the window it sat near that was blasting it with direct sun 10+ hrs a day for a month with no attention, feeding, cleaning, testing, gravel vacking or water changes. (NO FISH LOST thankfully). Anyway it basically became mine for the next few years until I was nearly out of High School and had other things coming in my life. I ended up donating it to someone on Craigslist. Long story short I'm really getting a bug to get an aquarium going for my wife and I. 55, 75gal have crossed my mind, but i REALLY like the dimensions of a 120. Not quite as long as some of the larger tanks, but you really get a lot with the 24" width and depth over a 55 or 75 without having a TON of water volume jumping to a 180. Also think it creates a lot of options for fish and serious aquascaping,(The old 55 was not planted at all) which is a HUGE driving force behind my wife and I wanting one. Question is filtration. I've only ever used HOB's. I've been reading and watching all kinds of videos about filtration for the last 3 weeks, and still find them very appealing, though I love all the benefits of a sponge and will be adding one to my sons 29 as well as a couple to whatever my wife and i end up with. Seachem PrimeTime aquatics has a video about the Seachem Tidals and from what he explained as well as others it has a lot going for it, but the 110 says a max 110gal aquarium. Then you get some people who say gph 4x of total tank volume all the way up to 10x for HOBs. We will be doing a "planted fishless cycling" if you even want to call it that. Basically want to aquascape the heck out of it with all kinds of plants, rocks and wood and playing with that for awhile then add fish slowly until a nice balance exists. Do you think the Tidal 110, coupled with all the plants and a couple sponge filters hidden in the back for surface area and aeration would offset the shortcomings of lower gph? Should i run 2 Tidal 75s? Other HOBs? Am I being over sold on the Tidals? You can check around all different places and every filter, type and brand is hated AND they are all loved. any others people would suggest for such a set up? Other types of filtration I've seriously been talked out of canisters and sumps. Would they be necessary for this size though? This is just the beginning We aren't in a huge rush to get this going practically speaking. We really WANT to jump on it but we just moved and need to replace our floors etc. So we will be doing a ton of research and reaching out for advice for now. Any thoughts appreciated.
  22. Hello all! We are new to this forum and are excited to learn! "We" are Heather (Mom), James (Dad), and Baby James (2 months old)! Our fish story began about a month ago when we found baby James'favorite movie to be Moana...he would always star at the TV (and still does) when the part comes up with the Ocean opens her water and let's baby Moana walk on dry sand to pick up the seashells. He would start happily flailing his arms and legs when he saw the fish or sea turtles through the water on the screen. Once they'd pan to another segment of the movie, Baby James would get fussy until I 'rewound' the movie back to that part over and over again. After doing this for a month, we finally realized he really WAS paying attention and loved seeing the fish. So then we loaded YouTube up on the living room TV and starting watching live feed aquariums, and baby just couldn't get enough! Now he's watching any aquarium feeds we can find...and he doesn't want to watch the ones with relaxation music! He wants to listen to the water, the pump, and even listens for the 'swish' when a fish moves quickly! We would love to get him a tank! The final piece of the puzzle we need is going to happen tonight...we are bringing him to his first pet shop to see REAL fish! If he reacts to them in real life like he does on the tv and phone screens, we will be getting a tank! I grew up with fish tanks, from 1 gallon bettas to 100 gallon tank with turtles, live plants and even a 5lb huge fish (think it was grouper...I was only 10). However, I haven't had a tank in 10 years! So much has changed! So many different lighting options, new filtration technology, available plant varieties... it's like I'm starting all over again! Having a brand new baby and caring for a tank properly is why we are here on this forum. Any suggestions on new technology that will make cleaning and care of our highly potential tank is greatly appreciated and welcomed! We are very excited to see how baby James does on his first fish adventure this evening! We can't wait to tell y'all how it goes! Thank you from Tampa, Florida!
  23. Hello everyone! My name is Justin, and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm 30 years old and just got back into the hobby as I introduced my 10 year old to her first Betta fish. I used to keep fish with my father growing up as a child, and have always enjoyed the hobby. Of course, that was back in the 90s, and a ton of stuff I thought I knew and cool is now all old and washed up, like gravel bed filters hahahaha. So now I've found myself returning to the hobby and wanting to learn as much as I can to help educate not only myself, but my children, and to also keep my fish happy and healthy! Once we move, we plan on getting a bigger tank to start our community tank, and I'm super happy about it. Right now, we just have 2 Bettas and 2 Nerite Snails. The Bettas name's are Blueberry (Female) and Branch (Male), and the Snails are Bert and Ernie!
  24. Hiya guys, Long-time hobbyist here, was a coral-reef maniac (you almost have to be) all through the 2000's, until Hurricane Sandy knocked our power out for 5 days and it got so cold in my house that I lost everything.. That was 8 yrs ago, and I swore I would never get another tank.. But I didn't pinky-swear) I was always envious of some of the gorgeous planted FW tanks that I saw... and now with Covid forcing us to spend so much more time at home... i just got sick of looking at my dead boring furniture.... SO.... I got the itch again.. Started binging on Youtube vids... SO much has changed since I last had a FW tank, but it's exciting! I won't say I 'stumbled' upon Co-op... because I probably watched a thousand or more videos and streams before I decided that this is where I should land... I like the vids... the info... the experience... the ABSENCE of over-produced presentations... I feel like Corey just talks to you like a friend... a friend who knows a helluva lot more than i do... and is willing to share.... SO... I have a little 10g that i've been cycling with liquid ammonia for about 2 weeks... picked up a few plants, but i want more... i plan on getting some Cherry shrimps... MAYBE 1 or 2 tiny fish
  25. I recently returned to fishkeeping after a 35-year hiatus. I began adding livestock to my 2 tanks in December. The tanks are planted. The 20 gal is a community tank whose occupants include 3 Kuhli Loaches, 3 Albino Corydoras, 7 Harlequin Rasboras, and 4 Golden Mystery Snails. They will be joined by 6 Ember Tetras currently in the 10 gal tank once they clear quarantine. I plan eventually to add a male Betta as a "feature fish" in the community tank. Aquarium Co-op's resources have been so helpful in making sure I do right by all the fish in my care. I look forward to many years as part of the AC community.
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