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  1. This is what I've been trying to find out by searching the Webzzzz, lol, but I just can't find the answer. I see the info about the sword plants that put out new plants, but not much about the flowers. Hopefully someone else will know!!! 🙂
  2. This is going to seem counter-intuitive, but I would suggest to add lots more guppies. Yeah, I know, seems dumb, but I swear, when my tank was fulllllll of guppies, there was NO fighting. They were concentrating on getting their share of the food, and breeding. Right now, I have 12 male guppies in a 20 gallon long with 13 green tiger barbs. The guppies chase each other, but there's no hunting down and harming each other. They're too worried about not getting eaten by the barbs and getting their food. (And just so it doesn't worry anyone, I haven't lost any guppies to the barbs. They are just bigger, and the guppies naturally fear them a little bit. I say "little" because they don't run from the barbs. They are just careful about getting in their way when I feed them all! Ha!) So...that's my advice. 😉 Take it for what it's worth...just one person's idea of what *might* work. 🙂
  3. Great story! So glad you found (most of) them! I had a tank with a built in partition that housed the filter, heater, pump etc. My neocardinia shrimp kept escaping to hide behind there. It was so annoying to keep pulling everything out to scoop them up and put them back in the front part of the tank. Eventually, I covered all openings with sponge filter. But a couple of them still climbed all the way up to the top of the partition and over the wall they went. I finally combined all my tanks into one and put those tanks into storage. It was just way too much work to keep finding the shrimp who decided to go walk about!!!
  4. This was when we first noticed it: And now it has growwwwnnnn SO much! And it's beautiful! But I'm wondering if these flowers somehow turn into new ruffle sword plants. I've researched it, but cannot find a definitive answer on that. AND I don't know how to propagate the flowers, if it's possible. Does anybody know??? We're going to have LOTS of them! It is just SO much FUN to have something flowering in your tank...so fascinating!!!
  5. Yep...it's the eyes that get you! In fact, at our house, we call those "Eyeball Babies", because that's about all you can see of them at that stage! Congratulations on the babies!!!
  6. I love, love, love Aquarium Co-op! But I've never become a member on Youtube. And I feeeeeeel soooo left out when I can't view the member videos. 😉 But you know what? If I wait a little while, I'll get to see them eventually. So that's what I do. And the reason I've chosen to *not* be a member on Youtube is that, quite frankly, I'd rather spend that $5 on fish stuff from ACO. And I'm not SO MUCH a fangirl that I MUST view every video RIGHT away. I can wait. LoL. So it has nothing to do with censorship for me. It's simply a matter of where I want to spend my dollars. And right now, I prefer to spend them for actual product. Those are just my thoughts...hope they give you a little idea of how *not* being a member is not the end of a Nerm's world. 😉 In the immortal words of Gloria: "I...I will survive..." 😆
  7. Ah, well that makes sense. I think...just from following the ACO videos for a while, Cory changes up the big tanks quite regularly. That tiger barb tank was changed as he wanted to use the big tank for something else. I think right now, all the big tanks are being moved from one house to the other. We sure are glad you're going to stick around!!! 😁
  8. I have 2 guppies right now with the same condition. I agree with @Brandy - it seems to be a genetic thing. But like yours, they seem healthy and happy. Mine have a funny little wiggle to their swim, too, and it cracks me up when they are in a hurry to get to the food. They just wiggle-wiggle-wiggle as fast as they can, and get to the food along with all the others. Gotta love guppies and they spunky attitudes! ❤️
  9. Yeah, @KimM, I think @Schwack is exactly right - you are seeing the cycling begin. One thing dies off as the other grows, and there are lulls in between. Be patient. You should soon see a lovely "0" for your nitrites, too. As your plants start to grow you will see different fluctuations too. It's all very interesting to watch! You could always drop in a snail or two and see how they do.
  10. I think @madmark285 and I just discussed this last week: If you are this interested in Tiger Barbs, then by all means, purchase some and see for yourself how they do. I will tell you I've had 2 guppies get their tail bitten off. But the one regrew and the other was just last week, but both fish are doing fine and have to damage on their bodies. And I totally agree that having a large group is the key to minimizing the in-fighting and aggression. I hope that helps you decide. And honestly, who cares what they say on other forums? If you believe them, stay there and learn what else they have to say. If you don't agree, then stay here and enjoy the wisdom and comradery. It really is unhelpful to try to pit one forum against another. 😉
  11. The tank was already beautiful, but with the addition of the gourami, it is just breathtakingly gorgeous - so serene! Congrats @Mansoboy!
  12. Any idea what the long strands are, @Aubrey? And those seed shrimp are just like little energizer bunnies...but they are directionally impaired! LoL. Even when I can see them, they just go round and round in circles, it seems. They crack me up! Thanks for the cool vids!
  13. 😆😆😆 We had a busy day with the tanks today. I trimmed a little hornwort, then Doug replanted that floating crinum. Then I worked on the java moss: Do y'all clean your java moss? Don't worry - I do swirl it a bit in the tank, so I don't lose allll the biofilm, but I have to check mine for BBA. I start with a bucket of conditioned water, put the moss in there, move it around a bit so the shrimp, fish and seed shrimp hop off, then I take out a little at a time and check it over. It goes pretty quickly. After that, I had to see exactly WHO had dropped off that java moss. Check this out!!! Isn't it amazing how tiiiiiiiny they are!!! Next Doug trimmed up the sword and I trimmed the pothos that we've got growing out of the top. And last...Doug ADDED the ALBINO CHERRY BARBS! 12 in all, along with the lone female Cherry Barb who survived the trip from Aqua Huna. They've been in quarantine for a good 3+ weeks, and seem to be doing really well. It was a good day! Many hands make light work! So glad we could tag-team and get the work done. 🙂 Alesha
  14. Can somebody tell me the exact product you buy for your snail shells? I did order some from Walmart, but I just noticed they are peppermint flavored!! And had some sort of artificial sweetener in them! That is no bueno! Can you help me out? Thank you so much!
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