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  1. I received my latest order from Aquarium Co-op. My shrimp have been loving their Xtreme Shrimpee Sticks. My duck weed happily joined in to welcome the new test strips. And this bad boy was put on the fish journal! Yep...pretty good day!!! 😄 Alesha
  2. I'm excited about all these ideas!!! Since my garden is finally in, maybe you'll be seeing more of me here on the forum leading up to Nerm Day. It sounds like so much fun!!!
  3. Oh wow! This is looking great! Especially the plants! That dwarf sag is amazing, isn't it?!
  4. I wondered about the name too, @StephenP2003! Because yeah, it's growing MUCH taller than other plants. I don't think I've had it long enough to have any die-back yet. Hopefully it'll still look great. It's sending out runners everywhere, too! Definitely a happy plant right now.
  5. Very cool idea! I think I'll just let it be for now. 😄
  6. ORD = "Out of Forum reactions for the Day" 😉😁
  7. The substrate is crushed coral & white aquarium gravel. No nutrients...I forget even to add Easy Green.😳
  8. ... now it looks like a teen who gave in to peer pressure & let her friend trim her bangs at a slumber party!
  9. Very cool! Thanks for sharing the info!
  10. Ok, yep, I can remember him saying something about root beer! That's so interesting. Thanks for the info! One of our local friends just collected their honey last week. Their bees gave them orange blosson this year. They were excited. I guess they got something else last year. Interesting how it changes.
  11. My dad always talked about his grandmother making sassafras tea from the plant. She was part Cherokee. I always wondered what it tasted like. Do your bees give sassafras honey? Do you like the flavor?
  12. Oh my word! That's even funnier! I'm reading a book just now with a horse who was a twin foal and wasn't getting enough food, so had to be hand-fed. They named him "Second Best." 😂😂😂 At least our dogs can't understand the insult. My pup's name is LexaBelle (After Alexander Graham Bell. Our first dog was Newton and our second is Kepler. We've got a name-thing going because our son is "Isaac". We're weird, I know.) Half the time, I call her "Lexa-Ding-Dong" cause she's SUCH a spaz!!! But if I say it sweetly, she responds just the same. 😉
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