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  1. I liked the idea of having a space to just babble about my tanks. I do have an Instagram, but I always felt like I need to post glamour shots to that, and not more mundane things. So here it is, a place to talk about how duck weed is taking over my house (seriously I find it on our doorknobs). I guess I'll start off by introducing my favorite fish, and therefore my favorite tank. Pooka is a synodontis eupterus who has an incredibly sweet temperament. She's hand tame, and often follows my hand around while I work on the tank. She's currently in a 40 breeder, and I MAY put her in the 75 eventually, but honestly I'm worried to put her in with my bichirs; Dragon (who I will introduce in another post), once took a bite out of a catfish like it was an apple. She seems to have enough room for now, and really isn't that active - her swimming style is doing calm moseys around the tank between long upside down naps. I once drew her as a Pookamon Pokemon.
  2. I currently have two threads for both of my aquariums, but I've been thinking that its time to merge the two threads together My current tanks are my Community tank (40 Gallons): Home to: Angelfish, Cardinal Tetras x5, Bristlenose Pleco, Upside down Catfish x2, Zebra Danios x6. Its Planted with: Anubias Nanna, Crypt Wendetii Red, Red Twist Sword, Hygrophiliia Siamensis 53B, My second tank is my Betta Tank (5 Gallons): Its home to: Hugo the Betta, 5 Neon Tetras, and a new addition (more on that below!) Its planted with: Hygrophillia Compact, Hygrophillia Siamensis, Two Species of Anubias, Buce, Red Melon Sword, Little Side Note: Hugo had gone through some Finrot Treatments, his fins are still growing back. I'm also working on a new tank to go below the community tank, hoping to get some supplies for it and to get it up and running! Today I went driving and drove past a petstore, so naturally I had to stop. I picked up a Nirite Snail for the Betta Tank. I want names for this little guy so comment some suggestions! Also just a quick questions. Does this look like a baby nirite? It seems unlikely due to the fact that they only breed in brackish, but what elese could it be? It moves and has the antennas like a snail too. I picked up the snail to add it in so I'm not sure how it could have come into the tank. Unless it came in in one of my plants, but the last time I added a plant was maybe three weeks, and I'm only noticing it now. So maybe we'll need two names, thats exciting! The baby will probably end up in a different tank soon, 5 gallons is probably too small for two snails.
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to start a journal that was centered around my journey in all my aquariums. I figured this would be a great time to start this as I will be changing 3 of my 5 aquariums. For starters, I will begin this by providing an update on my 40 Gallon Breeder organic soil aquarium. The build and journal for this aquarium is here: I will start with the bad news, I was never able to get the crypts to fully bloom. The flowers would grow up between 8-12 inches tall and then lose their shape. I am not sure if I would have to lower the water line to get them to bloom. I had around 10 total flowers. The other bad news is that my sterbai cory fry all developed sort of a bloated belly and did not make it. The good news is that I have been feeding heavily still and have another 20 plus cory fry. These fry do not appear to have the bloated belly issue so far. I added gravel to the breeder box as I did notice that the shrimp would pick at the fry from underneath. The other good news is that the aquarium is thriving. The plants continue to grow well and I am loving the overall jungle it has become. I even had to drape the pothos over the light as it was in the way. Like Cory mentioned in the recent Aquarium Co-Op video, all aquariums are an experiment and I have been learning a lot from this aquarium. I will attach some pictures below.
  4. I posted about my new flowerhorn, Nanaue, in the "What did you do to your tank today?" thread and decided I wanted to make a thread of his own instead of cluttering up that one. Nanaue is living in a standard 40 breeder (for now), and is only about 4" long at the moment. At the store he came from, he was the most active (and aggressive) flowerhorn they had. He was trying to bite me through the glass, following my finger around, and was generally making a fool of himself - I don't usually buy fish for their aggressiveness, but in this case, I think him being so feisty was a good thing! I always keep my flowerhorns solo (besides the occasional pleco, if they allow it), so I'm not too worried about aggression. The tank is filtered with a large Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter (powered by a USB air pump) for biological filtration and an AquaClear 30 so that I have a place for filter floss. I don't typically run any chemical media, although I have been known to keep little pieces of sponge or pot scrubbies in my water polishers for extra biological media for QT tanks. I'm actually only using a 50W Aqueon heater, and it's keeping the tank between 75-80. The tank is near my dehumidifier and a long way from my AC, though, so it natural runs a few degrees warmer than room temp anyway. Nothing special for lighting - just a 36" Marineland LED fixture that I got for $20 from a friend. I wouldn't pay $20 for it again, honestly - it's incredibly dim. If was going to be doing many plants, I think I'd honestly be better off with 2-3 5000K E26 LED bulbs from Lowes, The color is decent, I guess. But it has a terrible spread front-to-back, especially considering it came with an 18" deep tank! I have to keep the light pulled forward unless I want nearly complete darkness in the front 6" of tank space or so. At first, I had the tank completely bare with just a little substrate. He got very skittish, and seemed to be favoring the dark corners of the tank. I went to Lowe's and picked up a couple cheap plastic pots, and pulled some silk plants out of my brackish tank, and that seemed to help him feel a little more comfortable. He's still behaving far more skittishly than I expected him to, but I think he's just settling in. This is his favorite pot - he seems to like the darker one more than the lighter one, so I may go get a bigger size gray one whenever I get the chance. He'll outgrow these small ones pretty quickly! I had a little java moss and a baby Crypt stuck to my sponge filter, so I planted the Crypt into the substrate. I've never had a flowerhorn allow me to grow live plants in tanks, so we'll see what he does to this one. I noticed today (these are older pics) that the Crypt is missing an entire leaf, but it's not been uprooted, so I'm thinking it may have fallen off on it's own since it's not the healthiest plant in the world. We'll see! There is a teeny-tiny new leaf growing in. The biggest issues I've had with him so far has been him jumping at the glass lid and running into the tank walls when he gets scared. He's got a couple bruises on his nuchal hump from bumping into stuff, so I'm trying to get him to chill. If he behaves like this when he's 10", he could seriously injure himself - I had a large flowerhorn break a glass lid by jumping into it once. No injuries, but not a fun mess to clean up. To help him chill, I've been sitting in front of the tank a lot with my camera and lights, trying to get him to get used to my presence, as well as new objects outside the tank. It's been mildly successful so far! Excuse the camera work - it was an impromptu shoot! There's not a ton I really want to change about this tank right now - I'd like to replace the substrate I'm using (aragonite) with something a little darker and coarser. I think a nice brown substrate would be nice, but the main thing I want to steer clear of is the cloudiness from the aragonite. Every time he stirs up the substrate the tank turns white for a couple hours! My fault for not planning ahead, I guess. I'd also like to put a background on the tank, probably a dark blue. I'd considered painting the back like I usually do, but I'm not a fan of blue backgrounds for any other setups, so I figured I'd do something a little easier to clean off since he'll be outgrowing this tank at some point anyway. I'd like to get a new light, but since it's not an urgent need, I think I may just DIY some pendant bulbs above the tank so I could grow some Pothos/other emersed plants out of the top to help with filtration. Thanks for the read!
  5. I am currently running a new tank. 1st day filled 40 gallon breeder tank, with my tap water used dechorinator. Added a brand new sponge filter with an air stone. I tested water parameters to see what baseline would be. Ph 8.0, KH 12 degrees, GH 13 Degrees. Rechecked at 48 hours to check parameters after gassing off. ph 8.2, KH 1 degree, GH 13 degree. I added some fish food until I have 2.0 ammonia, added fritz zyme 7 (16 oz) for the 40 gallon tank. I will be keeping Axolotls in this tank in the future. waiting for my hob tidal 55 to get here to help run the tank. i will be modifying the filter to meet the axolotls slower flow needs. I noticed over the week the ammonia hasn't increased or decreased. steady at 2.0. I added some plants java fern and java moss,and hornwort. I have concerns with my kh being so low as i have read that kh acts as your stability to ph as an on going system, I also need to bring my ph down some for the axolotls to be happy, down to at least 7.6. what are the best ways short and long term to help fix my water situation? I dont have a local knowledgable fish store to assist me. I guess I need to lower ph and then raise my kh without increasing my ph. Any and all suggestions are welcomed, then throughly research those ideas before implementing. Thank you all in advanced! Have a beautiful day!
  6. Treated this 40 gal breeder with API Fungus Cure. Water looks like engine coolant. Electric Blue Acaras could care less, and chose to spawn on a big shell. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to try to pull the eggs . . .
  7. This picture is a month or two old, but this is my first Walstad and its doing pretty well. The only issue I've had is trying to keep the green hair algae under control. Stock List 5x Pearl Gourami 5x Assorted Platy 5x Amano Shrimp 3x SAE 3x Otto 1x Bristlenose Pleco 2x Nerite Snails Infinity pond snails
  8. I have two new 40 breeders and plan on planting them with low to medium light plants. My first question is are the Finnex Stingray a good light for that or is there another comparable light near the same price point? I have always used HOB filters in the past how many gallons per hour am I going to need circulating for a 40 gallon? Also any suggestion on model of HOB? Last of all will a 200w heater be sufficient? Appreciate any input and look forward to being a part of this forum. Cheers !
  9. I want to build a fresh water sump for my 40b (is this weird?) but what size tank should I use for it or
  10. I'll start this off by simply stating I have no idea what I'm doing. I have packed a two bedroom apartment with more aquariums that most people would consider reasonable. The story of how this all came to be may eventually get unpacked little by little going forward but the rundown is this: I left a job and lifestyle that kept me away from home for prolonged periods of time, I found myself with an unfamiliar amount of free time, and I moved in with a girlfriend who has no problem with fish tanks completely taking over every room. From there, things just kept going farther and farther down the fish keeping rabbithole. One tank turned into two, two into four, and four into concrete blocks and 2x4 racks across two walls of a bedroom. Its been insane. I decided the next evolution in this hobby would be to actually interact with other fish keepers. Aside from the occasional YouTube comment, I do not engage with any other hobbyists. This is my first foray and hopefully when things in the world are a big less complicated with social interaction I would be up for driving a few hours a month to join a local club, but for now, this will do. So, what is this Journal? Basically I am going to go around the apartment and feature a tank at a time. Talk about that tank, its story, what I've learned from it, its inhabitants and any other thing that comes to mind. Like I said in the beginning, I have no idea what I'm doing. This is going to a real life look into whats going on with these aquariums. I am going to likely have some things people think are good ideas, and I imagine some folks with look at a tank and wonder what was I thinking. Cool. I want to get better at this. Eventually, someday, maybe, we can ditch the apartment and find a house and really get crazy about this stuff. There is alot out there I want to keep. Endless projects I want to pursue. Lets see how this goes.
  11. Just ordered it from Aquariumcoop with another of the easy planter where should I put it towards the front or back ? How is it with taking nutrients from the water column ? Or is it better to use root tabs on the rock wool ?
  12. What’s the best heater for it ? And would two sicce shark ADV 800 be enough filtration for 5 placidochromis jalo reef
  13. Twice now I’ve had the Panda Cory’s in my 40 breeder heavily planted community tank hatch out fry. I see them for about a day and then they disappear. I don’t know if the Golden WCMMs eat them or if they starve. Either way I’d like to get them into the breeder box to save them. I have everything in place for next time except one part… I have no idea how to catch them. They are tiny, move fast and have lots of hiding places. Would a turkey baster or small gravel vac hurt them? I don’t think I could net them.
  14. First, 48gallons, yes really. Weird size around here, but I found it used. (EDIT: I am not so smart: Do not trust a craislist seller's measurments--it is a 40 breeder) It is going to take me a week or two to get it set up and cycled. Plan is black sand and gravel substrate, rocks/caves, Valisneria, Tiger lotus, epiphytes like java fern and anubias, all secured to/by rocks. IMPORTANT POINT: this is a low wide tank, footprint is 36X18 inches, 17" deep (nope, 16"). It is actually bigger than the standard foot print of 55g: 48x13. I am set on at least one electric blue acara (EBA), which is the purpose of this tank. Stocking options are as follows: 1. 1 EBA + 1 feather fin squeaker (Synodontis Eupterus) 2. Breeding pair of EBA + 1 feather fin squeaker (Synodontis Eupterus) 3. Breeding pair of EBA My understaning is that the EBA will be about 6" when grown, and the Synodontis will be 8-10", so I am concerned that any amount of Synodontis might be too big in this tank. I don't WANT a pleco, but I realize that is a better option. Looking for opinions on these options from people who have kept both fish, or other very similar species. Thanks!
  15. I setup a few tanks with fish in them. Its been a riot so far. Except, I am going to post about my Java moss which is turning brown. Here is a picture of my 40 breeder. Right now it has a pair of super red BN plecos, 8 Limia Perugia and fry from both of them. I cannot get the photo to attach right side up. Hope everyone had a good weekend, Vince
  16. I am wanting to set up a 40 gallon breeder on the top of my cinder block and 2x4 rack. It is going to hang over about 2 inches. Can I get some extra wood and allow it to hang over like the pictures show. Or could I buy 2x6s? Thanks.
  17. Was wondering if I had to get a HOB filter or could I sponge filters only? I planned of stocking the tank with real plants and maybe some driftwood? Let me know what works best for your tank! Any and all recommendations are helpful!
  18. Hey everyone, I was thinking of adding either german blue rams or possibly apistogramma agassizii to my 40 gal breeder community tank and was wondering through your fish keeping observations which ones did better in community tanks? I read multiple articles that said both breeds individually should do fine in a community tank given they have big enough space. Currently my tank has rummynose tetras, black neon tetras, serbai tetras, cory cats, and otto cats. Its is also heavily planted tank. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Greetings! I bought my first aquarium (20 gallons) on February, my second (10 gallons) in august and planning for my « dream » tank for next year. This one will be planted, I want julii corydoras for sure, probably black or green neon tetra and a couple of centerpiece fish I have yet to decide (something along the lines of aposto or bolivian rams). I live in a small apartment so I am limited for space. Even now, still wondering where I will put the new addition. I would like your opinions/toughts on a 40 breeder vs a 32.5 fluval flex, aside from the obvious size. The pro for the fluval is that it’s easy to find here (I live in Québec.) including the stand. The con is I am not so sure about the curved glass. Can you still see the fish very well? Does it weakens the glass? The con for the 40 breeder is the size (vs my free space available) but most importantly the stand. It seems almost impossible to find a store that carries stand (no petsmart or petco here) and I couldn’t build one even if my life depended on it!
  20. Planning out the next tank. Which always seems to be the case. lol. I'm thinking a heavily planted with mostly crypts. With a large school of both coryadoras hasbrosus and chili rasboras. Maybe some amino shrimp and a pair of bolivian rams. I'm looking for thoughts on how much trouble I will be in if the rams decide to spawn. Is it a case of enough hiding spots it would likely be okay, must move the rams out when they breed or is this just very likely to not work out? I have other tanks so there is always a backup plan but I try to avoid creating problems if I do not need to. Here goes the unanswerable question as I know the answer is depends on how much upkeep you want to do but if it were you setting this up what size schools of the cory's and rasboras would you shoot for?
  21. 40 gallon Kribs I like how this tank is maturing.
  22. Good early morning from San Antonio, Texas, My name is Anthony. Started fish keeping back in 99 but I was hacking my through it as a 20 something year old just living for the weekends. My life blasted off in 2000 when I became a flight attendant for Continental Airlines (now United Airlines). Everything with life on the ground had to be left behind in a sense. Being new to the industry I had to sacrifice pet keeping. 20 years later this past April I found myself grounded and furloughed due to covid19. Currently in the process of redefining myself while I am on the ground these days more than ever. The silver lining is I rediscovered my passion for fish keeping while setting up a 2.5g for my son's new beta this past Christmas. I found Mr. Cory on YT in Jan. of this year, because I knew that 2.5g for Shiney Blue(my boy's name for his beta) wasn't going to last. In short, Shiney Blue is in a planted 20L with 7 black mollys and four golden algae eaters. That tank is in our front room which has become a basic fish room with 4 active tanks out of a total of 12. Wife thinks I have lost my mind lol! I have plenty of room to grow in the hobby with the empty tanks on standby, and I am in no hurry. They consist of two 40 breeders, a 55, three 20Ls, three 10g and the 40g container pond (activated) on the back patio. It's pretty much been Aquarium CO-op tv here. I've got the empty tanks in a holding pattern for now and focusing on enjoying the ones I have stocked. Been busy learning about all the fish I keep (mostly beginner fish), growing, and even trying my hand at breeding for fun. Much love for this place, and Cory for all that he has done for the hobby. I proudly ware two of the Co-op's T-shirts as I cycle through my jeans and t-shirt wardrobe, and proud to say that I support his business, all my sponges are Aquarium Co-op! Anthony Curiale
  23. Here is my 40 gallon breeder display tank. I guess you could say it's a Dutch style aquascape is you had to put a name on it. Tank has been up for 4 months. I run injected co2 at about 1.5 bubbles per second. Lighting is a 36" fluval plant 3.0. Substrate is fluval stratum. Filtration is handled by a fluval 307 canistar, filled with sponge, seachem matrix and chemipure green. I also run a airstone and a marineland 300 watt heater to keep things nice and warm. Hardscape consisted of some mopani wood, spider wood, a few river rocks and some dragon stone. Livestock 2 Sunset Gourami (used to get tank cycled) 6 Harlequin Rasabora 15 Neon Tetra 6 Panda Corydora 7 Otocinclus (1 is in quarentine with some sort of bacterial or fungal infection) 1 Bristlenose Pleco 3 Apistogramma agazizzi (1 male 2 female) 4 Young Angelfish 1 German Black Ram (also in quarentine with the otto with same infection) Plants Temple Plants, Amazon Sword, Scalet Temples, Rotala Rotundifolia, Cardinal Plant, Wisteria, Bacopa Caroliniana, Crypt Parva, Golden Creeping Jenny. I started the tank dosing dry ferts using the PPS Pro system and flourish exel. Nutrients got a bit to high and was dealing with some algae so I stopped dosing lowered the light intensity and shortened the photo period to allow the tank to stabilize and the plants to establish a bit longer. The lights have been slowly brought back up to moderately intense with a longer photo period. I still have some algae on the wood hardscape but I look at is as food for the pleco and Otto's. I also kinda like the look of it. I will begin dosing ferts again this week based on my water parameters which I have posted below. Any input, comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome. I hope you enjoy.
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