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  1. Shoot I posted this in the wrong place and cannot figure out how to move it sorry!!
  2. I'm looking to purchase a Spotted Congo Puffer (Tetraodon Schoutedeni) and in doing some research I've seen some discrepancy in the water parameters that would be best for them. My home water is right around 7.5 pH and is moderately hard. In your experience would this work, or what parameters did you keep them in? Thank you!
  3. I'm thinking of adding a school of Panda Cory's to the tank as well. With the school of Cory's the Oto's sound like they would work.
  4. I have a 20H with a pair of Nanacara Anomala and I am starting get a brown diatom algae issue. I like otto's but I am not sure if they will get picked on. Anyone have experience with this combo, or have other suggestions for an algae eating fish other that a Bristlenose that will work?
  5. I’m trying to breed my Bolivian Rams but not sure how I should set up their tank. They are in a planted 20H.
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