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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm going to be in New Orleans in a couple of weeks and hoped to visit a fish store or two while I am there. Does anybody have recommendations? Thanks!
  2. I live on Long Island and haven;t been able to find a really good fish store in the area. Any suggestions?
  3. Sold some long cuttings of stem plants to our LFS today: Wisteria, Anacharis, Ludwigia Repens. Sold for $23. Went in to sell fish (had a list of available species). But with the storm, and shipping all backed up, next week is going to flood the system with fish orders. But plants? Well! They had none... so I offered. 🌱 🪴
  4. “Hey, you got any more of those angelfish?” 🤑
  5. Has anyone seen this? I was at the LFS and the only fish in the shop that had a limit was the oto's, they had a "limit 3" written next to them. I found this especially odd since you're supposed to have 6+ right?
  6. So, this would be a first.. i understand you dont get retail, but there is some value from a tank breed fish over a huge farm correct whats a fair value for fish store for endlers.. i was thinking like $1.50, is that to high. And blue neocaridena like $1.75... anyone have their experience??
  7. Hi everyone! Essentially, what it says on the tin. I'm interested in hearing other people's experiences. I've watched the breeding fish for profit series, and I'd like to hear what breeders and hobbyists encountered when selling their fish. Currently I'm saving up to get some ricefish to breed. Did you have a prior relationship with store employees/managers prior to selling them? Do you sell to multiple stores? How did you approach them? Did you ever end up not selling to a LFS and went to craigslist, aquabid, or getgills? Thanks!
  8. In the most recent live stream, Cory talked a lot about how we don’t know the medical history of our fish. I think that if we’re going to be breeding fish and bringing them to our LFS, it’s a good idea to give them that medical history (and other background info) when we drop our fish off. (Cory talks about that too in his breeding for profit series.) I thought I’d share the sheet I used when I dropped off my first batch of baby honeys in case it’s helpful to anyone else as a template. Fish Delivery template - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Date of dropoff My Name My phone number myemail@gmail.com Delivery to: _Local Fish Store Name_ Town, State Item 1: Honey Gouramis (3) Date of birth: 8/30/20 Genders: 2 male, 1 female (best guess) Foods: BBS... I’m not sure how much of it they owner read or really needed but at least it was there if he wanted it.
  9. Do you guys know what most pet stores call peppered cories I was planing on getting a group of them for my 29 gallon aquarium. I was going to call them tommorow to see if they had any but I know for a fact that they don’t call them peppered cories.
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