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  1. I was recently home visiting family and of course had to visit the LFS! It reminded me that I’d taken lots of pictures back in August (last time I was visiting) but I’d never shared them here. So here are some pictures from warmer, sunnier times at Aquarium Adventure in Columbus, OH! (Okay it’s really in Hilliard but it services the Columbus area.) This place is huge! Tall warehouse ceilings make it feel even bigger. When you walk in, the welcoming committee is eager to greet you. Lots of tanks for sale: Many products as well… And a great selection of hard scape! They sell rigid aquarium tubing 😍😭 The fish are in the back in an area with a lower ceiling. A fun little tide pool setup: Their saltwater display tank had a breeding pair of something in it. They were working hard to protect their eggs from everyone! (The eggs are the pink things on the blue tree.) Beautiful freshwater display tank with discus: And a giant stingray because why not? Little arrowanas: What in the world?? Lots of pretty gold gouramis: A very wiggly corner: Lots and lots of plants! (Frags too but I’m a freshwater girl 😉) And finally… the grumpiest looking goldfish ever!!! I ended up bringing home two assassin snails. I couldn’t leave totally empty handed. 😄 I think anyone on this side of Columbus is lucky to have such an awesome fish store. 😊
  2. I knew I had to visit Ocean Aquarium while I was in San Francisco on vacation. Did not disappoint! I bought some of their süsswassertang too! I got to meet the store owners and had a nice discussion. I told them I had seen their store in a video on the internet and they asked: “Was it Cory?” These were their words of wisdom to me: Maintain an ecosystem, and disrupt it as little as possible by just topping off, having deep sand beds, and keeping the pH at 6.8. Hopefully I can hit up the Co-Op soon. Does anyone have any other suggestions for fish stores in Northern California?
  3. Maybe this or something similar is in stores I haven’t seen or heard of it… in this day and age I don’t believe big box stores (so hard to have knowledgeable 16 year olds) don’t use some kind of kiosk with a laptop or tablet of some sort with a listing of all fish they have available. A more detailed description than a 2” sticker, actual reference pics of mid grown and full grown, suggested foods, habitat types, temperature parameters, tank size, recommended tank mates ( even a drop down “is this fish safe with xxxx?) ect… could be as detailed as they wanted as long as it was user friendly. LFS that I’ve visited seem to have a much higher standard on who is hired and probably more intensive training so maybe not for them. But the box stores??? Could be they don’t mind uneducated customers so they have to come back and buy meds, bigger tanks, and be up sold easily. Random thought… @Odd Duck we were discussing obsessive behavior in another thread, I’ve only been thinking on this for 4-5 hours 🥴
  4. I’m going to make a day trip to this store in Portland. I need a few more Panda Corydoras and Rummy Nose Tetras but I’d like to get a few interesting fish to fill out my current tanks. I currently have lightly stocked 75 gallon and 11 gallon tanks, a 7 gal betta and frog tank, a 3 gal snail tank and an Empty 3gal. What should I consider buying?
  5. I am fortunate enough to have three small fish stores and one big box store within city limits, Outside city limits a small pet store with some fish and another big box store. I have visited each store and everyone concerned has been helpful and courteous. However, one local fish store, has been helpful but the store appearance is a bit disheveled. I suspect because it is short of help resulting in the lack of maintenance in the fish room. The fish room is unsettling. For instance, one day I visited, only one associate was there, who was in the middle of cleaning one tank, stopped to take care of some customers. Looking at one tank I observed a dead fish while another fish was eating the remains. Ok, I thought, it's only one tank. They'll get to it. Then, the larger tank had no less then 5 dead fish floating around (that I saw) with one very dead - decomposing type dead. As a result, unless things change, I would not buy fish there. Some of the hardware items, ok, but definitely no fish. It is such a shame because, it look so unstaffed and they are quite helpful
  6. I’m in Orlando for a week or so. Any tips on what to see? Happy to drive a bit.
  7. How far is the closest decent LFS to you? I haven't found anything less than 2 hours from me and we live in a relatively populated area.
  8. If bored drive behind Petco or PetSmart I found this 125 perfect condition missing lights by dumpster last night. No scratches or chips but there always tossing aquariums out. they can’t take them it’s against company policy and they be fired guy told me. And insurance will pay them for it. My wife doesn’t like me spending money on them but free she’s happy so if on budget check any big name brand pet store after they close.
  9. We drove through a town after delivering some fish yesterday. There’s an old fish store there, designed the way I like... kind of an old dark funhouse with stacks of tanks. Not wanting to irritate the staff, I snapped these shots really quickly... Lots of stock. I didn’t take particular tank photos.... trying to be a “low-bother” customer. Interesting to see large, wild-caught discus for sale. Their Agasissii pair looked sketchy. They had large cichlids too. There was one that looked sort of like an electric blue Jack Dempsey, but was something else. They’ve carried Starry Night Cichlids before (paratilapia pollenii). They had some rare pair of Pelvicachromis (not typical kribs). Red-Koi Angels were excellent quality. Of course, tons and tons of lives, tetras, corydoras, etc. We bought plants and food!
  10. I recently put in an application for a local pet store. I love animals and have had dogs,cats,birds, and snakes. So I am looking for information about fish. So what temperature should their water be? How often should the water be changed? What should I do if fish get sick? What are the best fish for beginners? What should happen if all the fish in the tank die?
  11. Hi everyone! So... I went to my LFS, for some red root floaters annnnddd... I may have gotten some... Other stuff. I first of all got this beautiful piece of rock it's an about 3 pound bit of ohko/dragon stone with really good texture, and some darker colours that I personally think would go really well with a lush mass of plants. I also was passing by the tank with dwarf aquarium lily bulbs, and couldn't resist this really vibrant lily. I know these get really big, for a 5.5 gallon, but I just couldn't pass the opportunity up. I'll probably have to do a lot of trimming to keep it from shading other plants, although if it keeps even a fraction of the red it currently has I'll be more than happy for that tradeoff.
  12. I've seen fish with ich in nearly every pet/aquarium store I've been to, even a highly recommended one in the Portland area. Should I avoid buying livestock from those places or is that a normal part of the hobby? Shouldn't those fish be pulled from the sales floor and treated? Is that generally too expensive for most stores? I usually don't see signs on infected tanks that would indicate they aren't for sale or that they are being treated. The Co-op doesn't have some of the fish I want or I would just buy from them every time.
  13. I went to the LFS today and picked up a angelfish. Now usually I would have skipped pass the tank. But today they had angelfish the size of a dime, there sooo cute! So I picked one up, he will be growing out in my 10 gallon unitl he's big enough for the bigger angel in the community tank. This guy needs a name, he is very cute. Any name suggestions? The picture is a little small, you may have to zoom in to get a better look.
  14. In your opinion when you walk into a fish store for the first time whats your big no, no that makes this a bad LFS or the big thing that makes it your go to LFS of course every LFS needs a toilet but other then that here are my things i look out for -How they treat their fish, employees, and customers (this is the biggest for me) -How healthy are the fish? Do they come with a warranty? (If petsmart can offer a warranty so can you, sell healthy fish) - Clean Tanks? Clean store? -is there a "hello how are you, what can I help you with" the second i walk in the store or is there no staff anywhere to be seen? -how do they keep their bettas? In cups? Or are they in real aquariums? (I have an LFS that keeps them with all the other fish) - do they QT fish? -Fish selection, drygoods selection, plant selection. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM NAMING SPECIFIC STORES, AS THAT WOULD BE AGAINST THE COMMUNITY GUIDLINES!!!
  15. Hello everyone, I'm going to be in New Orleans in a couple of weeks and hoped to visit a fish store or two while I am there. Does anybody have recommendations? Thanks!
  16. I live on Long Island and haven;t been able to find a really good fish store in the area. Any suggestions?
  17. Sold some long cuttings of stem plants to our LFS today: Wisteria, Anacharis, Ludwigia Repens. Sold for $23. Went in to sell fish (had a list of available species). But with the storm, and shipping all backed up, next week is going to flood the system with fish orders. But plants? Well! They had none... so I offered. 🌱 🪴
  18. “Hey, you got any more of those angelfish?” 🤑
  19. Has anyone seen this? I was at the LFS and the only fish in the shop that had a limit was the oto's, they had a "limit 3" written next to them. I found this especially odd since you're supposed to have 6+ right?
  20. So, this would be a first.. i understand you dont get retail, but there is some value from a tank breed fish over a huge farm correct whats a fair value for fish store for endlers.. i was thinking like $1.50, is that to high. And blue neocaridena like $1.75... anyone have their experience??
  21. Hi everyone! Essentially, what it says on the tin. I'm interested in hearing other people's experiences. I've watched the breeding fish for profit series, and I'd like to hear what breeders and hobbyists encountered when selling their fish. Currently I'm saving up to get some ricefish to breed. Did you have a prior relationship with store employees/managers prior to selling them? Do you sell to multiple stores? How did you approach them? Did you ever end up not selling to a LFS and went to craigslist, aquabid, or getgills? Thanks!
  22. In the most recent live stream, Cory talked a lot about how we don’t know the medical history of our fish. I think that if we’re going to be breeding fish and bringing them to our LFS, it’s a good idea to give them that medical history (and other background info) when we drop our fish off. (Cory talks about that too in his breeding for profit series.) I thought I’d share the sheet I used when I dropped off my first batch of baby honeys in case it’s helpful to anyone else as a template. Fish Delivery template - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Date of dropoff My Name My phone number myemail@gmail.com Delivery to: _Local Fish Store Name_ Town, State Item 1: Honey Gouramis (3) Date of birth: 8/30/20 Genders: 2 male, 1 female (best guess) Foods: BBS... I’m not sure how much of it they owner read or really needed but at least it was there if he wanted it.
  23. Do you guys know what most pet stores call peppered cories I was planing on getting a group of them for my 29 gallon aquarium. I was going to call them tommorow to see if they had any but I know for a fact that they don’t call them peppered cories.
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